PS Vita Might Measure Your Heart Rate Thanks to a New Technology Developed by Sony

Today the Game Tools and Middleware Forum 2013 was held in Tokyo and Sony Computer Entertainment Senior Vice President of the Technology Platform Teiji Yutaka held a presentation during which he introduced an interesting technology to monitor the player’s heart rate by using the PS Vita’s camera.

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CaptainYesterday1675d ago

Very interesting, I would really love to see some survival horror games take advantage of this tech :)

justastranger101675d ago

It's too bad no one owns a Vita where I live. Handheld is dead here.

dcj05241675d ago

Where do you live. In my city mostly kids and some teenager play handhelds. Adults don't bother.

sonicjam1675d ago

there about 90 people where i live plays the vita.

jujubee881674d ago

That's strange. Near always shows an average of over 100 people playing VITA near me (everyday).

^That there is when I clicked refresh on Near to give me more player info, like, 4 minuets ago.

It's probably safe to assume VITA's alive and healthy where I live if I can bump into at least one VITA user per every block. ^^

iamnsuperman1675d ago

"Since the front camera of the PS Vita is placed near the buttons on the right, the player can place his finger on top of it and the console can measure his heart rate from the change of light passing through his skin"

I may be wrong but I swear there are apps like this for are phones. No idea how well it works because when i see them I think they are probably rubbish

Abriael1675d ago

Never heard of that, to be honest but it's very possible.

Galaxy_Legend1675d ago

Yea lots of apps like that measure heart rate using camera and flash.

Abriael1675d ago

Eh, I honestly doubt it'll be better than kinect, the PS Vita camera isn't exactly much compared with Kinect 2's resolution :D

DarkHeroZX1675d ago

Yeah but the kinect doesn't have a quadcore CPU and a quad core GPU. Resolution doesn't mean much besides having a better picture.

nix1675d ago

i need it now... as i'm playing TLOF...

Funantic11675d ago

These things are barely selling...failure.

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The story is too old to be commented.