Final Fantasy VII Speed Runner narrowly missed out on World Record

A Final Fantasy VII speed runner this morning missed out on the world record by only a few minutes. After a few random attacks cost him minutes during his run, he finally died in one of the final boss battles and he was forced to give up. It had taken him only a little over eight hours to get there.

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MultiConsoleGamer1702d ago

Second place is just the first loser.

Better luck next time.

On a side note, speed runs in RPGs? Really?

Tsuru1702d ago

Speed runs of RPGs are common.

paradigmfellow1702d ago

Has anyone sat down and thought about the phrase "second place is the first loser"? Just think about it. Wouldn't the first loser be the first one to loose? If anything, second place is the last loser.

xHeavYx1702d ago

Well, if you are the second, you are the first one to know you lost

paradigmfellow1702d ago

@xHeavYx No, the first person to loose is the first one to know they lost.

xHeavYx1702d ago

Ok, first of all, lose*
Second, if you are second on a race and see the other dude win, you know you are second, therefore you know you lost to him

GameSpawn1702d ago


The point they're making is if it an asynchronous race. In which case the person in second is NOT always the first to lose.

Say a person sets the fastest laptime on a race course and someone immediately after them beats their time. Technically they didn't loose until they got knocked down.

The phrase is meant to look at a race as a whole, but also makes the assumption that everyone is placing at the same time. The phrase breaks down with an asynchronous race where times are logged individually and posted concurrently as times come in or all at once when every competitor has set a time.

3-4-51702d ago

@ heavy - Uhh no.

If I quit mid race....I know I lost, well before the guy who came up about a foot short after giving it his all.

I can't believe people's logic sometimes.

spok221702d ago

lmfao are you guys really arguing over this?

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Stsonic1702d ago

8 hours! The game is huge.. This is the art of dodge and weave. he must know absolutely everything about the game.

Kevlar0091702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

Speed runners play the game hundreds, if not thousands of times, strats are always changing and it includes tons of repetition and even failure

I watch a streamer do 1:50:00 speed runs (different game), can hardly imagine an 8 hour, especially with so much RNG and luck involved

FateoftheGame1702d ago

VII has a lot of stuff to find, but it doesn't take that long to beat compared to, say, VI.

vazurahan1702d ago

So they speed run a game that's based entirely on random encounters?

Luck will play a major role in this.

die_fiend1702d ago

Yeah, it's strange that you'd want to do a speed run where luck is such a big factor. Some people are weird

matgrowcott1702d ago

That adds to the fun though. Taking things that should be based on luck and mixing things in such a way that they're basically a sure thing.

I mean, he was playing for 8 hours and only had like 3 major mistakes. That's a hell of an achievement in itself in a game, as you say, based on luck.

die_fiend1702d ago

He failed to get a world record. So playing a really old (but amazing) game through loads of times..what exactly has he achieved here?

Seems like a complete waste of another 8 hours to me

Tsuru1702d ago

@die how many countless hours before this do you think he spent perfecting his runs? This can all be chalked up to be just another practice run in the end. Speed runs can be seen as a hobby, just like any other. Think about your hobbies and think about how much time you "wasted" doing them.

matgrowcott1702d ago


All gaming is a waste of time, by definition. As is anything else that means anything other than your survival.

If someone does something REALLY well in whatever they want to waste their time with, good for them.

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wishingW3L1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

there is no luck with speed-runners. These guys know the mechanics of the games they play to the core and that includes glitches and stuff. They know exactly how many enemies will fight them while trying to go from point A to B, etc.

Just watch a speed-run of Zelda OOT which is much more shorter and you'll think you're seeing a machine playing. They don't even run with link, they beat the entire game by jumping backward and going through walls! That's why people enjoy watching speed-runners, because they know every glitch and trick about the game that must people never even heard of.

GameSpawn1702d ago

I watched something similar with a "glitch" speed run of Super Metroid on the SNES. I've also watched a "non-glitch" run of the same game and it is stupid how much time they shave off by exploiting glitches.

Today I'd consider the use of glitches in a speed run cheating because many of the exploits used for speed runs now get patched out (ala Demon Souls and Dark Souls; both had glitches that could have been exploited for faster runs that got patched).

However, I'm more lenient to older cartridge based games and PS1 and PS2 era games because the glitch was there to stay and if you found out how to do it it was fair game, albeit less "purist" and sort of a grey area. Just break the scores into two categories - glitch and non-glitch; the latter holding more of the praise.

Chaos_Raiden1702d ago

He should be commended for his effort in speed running in an RPG game.

Sketchy_Galore1702d ago

It's his own fault for playing the Mog house arcade game multiple times. I know it's cute and all but, prioritise, man.

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