Zone of the Enders HD remasters available separately from US PlayStation Store today

El33tonline writes:

"Last week Konami released a significant patch for the PS3 version of Zone of the Enders HD Collection which improved both ZOE: HD Edition and ZOE: The 2nd Runner’s frame rate and further enhanced the graphics with post processing anti-aliasing and particle effects being rendered at full resolution."

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Kingthrash3601739d ago

shuddup and release a vita version like you teased us kojima......-_-

Sketchy_Galore1738d ago

I definitely felt let down by the fact that we never got that Vita version. I was really looking forward to playing this on the Vita, it just felt like it'd fit better on there than on a home TV. I still might pick up ZOE2 for the PS3 at some point but I would've picked up the collection for the Vita day one.

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MegaMohsi1738d ago

The patch for the PSN version is now available as well, last week only the disk based patch was released in NA.

despair1738d ago

how much of an improvement is there, want to get the games but was worried about the complaints about framerate and graphics.

Zermeno_901738d ago

From what i played when the patch came. It is a huge improvement, solid frame rate and next to nothing slowdowns.

MegaMohsi1738d ago

huge improvement, the game (ZOE2) runs at a rock solid 60 FPS, they've also added some anti aliasing and the game just has a cleaner look to it. The patch addressed ZOE2, ZOE appears to be untouched.

Information Minister1738d ago

There's a tremendous improvement! The games looks sharper, runs smoother and the controls are more responsive. The patch is a perfect example of what simple software optimization can achieve when handled by a capable developer, in this case HexaDrive. It also represents a considerable humiliation for the original developer, High Voltage Software.

PirateThom1738d ago

If what I have heard is true, the PS3 ZoE2 is the definitive version now.

despair1738d ago

Nice gonna get it this weekend.Thanks guys.

Knushwood Butt1738d ago

Eh, I thought it was ZoE that had issues and was the one that needed patching, while ZoE2 didn't suffer much?

So, are they both pretty much 'fixed' now?

I've never played either, so wanted to start with the DL version of ZoE.

PirateThom1738d ago

@Knushwood Butt

ZoE2 had a much worse framerate than the PS2 version. ZoE1 wasn't just as bad as that. The second game needed the fixes more.

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