Are the PS4 and Xbox One as powerful as we're led to believe?

Punching Beta: "SONY held a great E3 conference. Putting the competition to the dirt, SONY showed gamers that they’re on our side and are focusing on games. Using the Xbox One’s DRM and sharing policies as leverage, they managed to cement themselves in pole position for the upcoming console generation."

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Kingthrash3601796d ago

I was interested untill they said the compaired watch dogs of all games.......watchdogs? the same game that is coming out on 4 consoles and pc?...c'mon man they are working on alot of different systems so colour me not surprised if ps4 a new console btw dosnt look as good or play as smooth as on pc....smh. while you also admit that you dont know if its an early build or not you still felt the need to report it good or bad news hows about we report things we know are facts....other wise it isnt news, its trash.

devwan1796d ago

The whole premise of the article is based on some very flimsy "evidence". Porting PC games at this stage of the next gen consoles' life isn't going to be something that results in maximum use of the ps4 and xbox one. I've no doubt some devs will be quite lazy and do little more than that - a matter of simply getting it running and saying "job done", for the first year or so at least.

But to say this is the way it's always going to be and next gen consoles are already way behind is utter nonsense.

FortKnight1796d ago

Except that the article, as evinced by the question mark in the title, is conjectural. As for "flimsy evidence", the PS4 runs on PC architecture, and has been said to allow for very fast ports of games. We see how the PC version is running - significantly better than on the PS4. This /would not/ be if the graphical capabilities at launch are already below what AAA devs are striving for.

devwan1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

@FortKnight No, it runs on custom PC architecture and doesn't have all of the same bottlenecks traditional PC architecture has, both at the hardware level and OS - not having windows and all that comes with that and its services for a start.

As for your "This /would not/" stuff, do you have any idea how a game is created and how one is ported? Your comments seem to suggest not.

FortKnight1796d ago


It's custom PC architecture. That is PC architecture, but modified. When on the Cell processor on PS3, there was a pretty big gap, that was due to massively different architecture. And yet, with the PS4, that gap still exists in similar form. Regardless of OS and bottlenecks from mem. distribution, the PS4 should be much easier to port to. So why is there no AA? Or as many dynamic effects? For a company as large as Ubisoft, you wouldn't expect the game's quality to be at that level when demoing it unless they couldn't go any higher without seriously pushing for it.

And I do have a basic understanding of game development and porting code. Not terribly much, honestly, but enough to know what I'm saying mostly.

nukeitall1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


"No, it runs on custom PC architecture and doesn't have all of the same bottlenecks traditional PC architecture has, both at the hardware level and OS - not having windows and all that comes with that and its services for a start."

Doesn't seem much of a bottleneck for PC, when every single PC game is superior with a $200 graphics card.

Consoles are a low cost and value targeted device. Price to power is key here, not "power" on it's own merit. Another key benefit are features (such as Kinect) and ease of use.

Arguably those are the consoles real power!

wishingW3L1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

let's quote a real developer that knows more than all of you guys. Timothy Lottes, Nvidia developer and creator of FXAA:

"The real reason to get excited about a PS4 is what Sony as a company does with the OS and system libraries as a platform, and what this enables 1st party studios to do, when they make PS4-only games. If PS4 has a real-time OS, with a libGCM style low level access to the GPU, then the PS4 1st party games will be years ahead of the PC simply because it opens up what is possible on the GPU. Note this won't happen right away on launch, but once developers tool up for the platform, this will be the case. As a PC guy who knows hardware to the metal, I spend most of my days in frustration knowing damn well what I could do with the hardware, but what I cannot do because Microsoft and IHVs wont provide low-level GPU access in PC APIs."

HammadTheBeast1796d ago

I rest my case.

Show me a game running on a PC for $400-$600 with the same visual fidelity. We can compare the Second Son and Shadowfall gameplay videos as well.

livininsin1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )


Sorry to break it to you but the screenshot you have there isn't from a PS4. Only a high priced PC could generate a game with that fidelity at a resolution of 5,760×3,240.

Here's gematsu's real (fake) screenshots.

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MariaHelFutura1796d ago

Through Playstations secret Evaporation technology the Ps4 will be able to summon all the moisture available on your street to help keep your PS4 cool and supercharge it so it can render an unlimited amount of data. So yeah, the Ps4 has unlimited power. Specs mean nothing, it all about how well you can manipulate moistures.

arianabiscuit1796d ago

Hence will not be sold in desert countries without free bottle of water.

fermcr1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

"Are the PS4 and Xbox One as powerful as we're led to believe?"

NO. For 400$ console nobody expects a top of the line PC (yes, PS4 and X1 are PC's). The PS4 and X1 are like a average PC, unfortunately a couple of years from now they will be low end PC's... but developers can extract more from the consoles then an average PC, because they can optimize the software (games) for a specific constant (next 6-7 years) hardware.

AgentSmithPS41796d ago

It has been shown that the PS4 is more powerful than 80% of PCs, that is a lot better than average. The ps4 is good enough but if you want more than a console can give you will pay a lot more, and not only in cash.

When I used to pc game I remember many games with griefers, cheaters, etc. Battlefield 2 had griefers that would rain down hundreds of trucks from the sky and it would make it so laggy you couldn't do anything, this went on for a month or more with no fix (companies don't have to pay to patch games on ps4 right?). Then I think it was call of duty that had cheats where you could see people through ANYTHING so there was no point in being sneaky. Midnight club 2 PC had an INFINITE nitro cheat that was NEVER fixed as far as I know. BF also had disadvantages for people with average PCs, the draw distance was shorter and you couldn't see people in windows farther away but they could see you. I played many hours of bf3 on the 360 and I barely recall any games being destroyed by cheaters or glitchers.

I just hope ps4 multiplayer games aren't tainted by cross platform games like warframe(?) that allow pc players to play with ps4 players.

B-radical1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

So far ps4 hasn't proven to be more powerful then xbox one....(no hate on the ps4 gents) But i think we need to see more 1st party games and When it comes to frames per second i reckon developer will have the hardware down packed and will be able to use it better as they did with this gen


I did notice AA on pc did make watchdogs look alot smoother

ChrisW1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Both consoles are going to have their perks... But its mostly going to come down to how devs utilize them. Especially multi-plat games.

Nonetheless, many are hoping for a distinctive difference between the two consoles. Especially PS4 fanboys. However, we'll see when the consoles are released. For right now, it's only speculation and less than stellar 720p YouTube videos we have to rely on.

dennett3161796d ago

Both consoles have the same CPU, but the PS4 has a beefier GPU to the tune of 50%. On a spec level, the PS4 is the more capable flat out is more powerful. That's the price of Kinect and the focus on Live TV pass through.
Xbox One games won't be ugly by any means, but the PS4 has a definite advantage in terms of grunt. It all comes down to games and features.
For me, Sony has shown a greater commitment to indie devs, exclusive first party titles and a focus primarily on games.
MS is hampered by their insistence on Kinect, their reduced focus on games, and the fact that their exclusives are not as interesting to me. Kinect is the main killer though...I object to paying for something I'll barely use, something that really only potentially benefits advertisers and marketers, and something which has consiistently proven to be next to useless for all but the most basic of games.

hennessey861796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

It isn't 50 percent more powerful, the xbox one is said to be using a 7790 and the PS4 a 7850 and there sint a 50% difference between those 2 cards

B-radical1796d ago

I was just saying we haven't got to see the advantage yet

Elit3Nick1796d ago

@hennessey86 well they don't use those actual cards, but they have comparable performance to them :)

LocutusEstBorg1796d ago

They're not even half as powerful as decent gaming laptops which have GTX680Ms.

ChrisW1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

Of course the PC version is going to be better. That's never going to be a surprise.

Still waiting for a PS4 vs Xbox One comparison...

chrissx1796d ago

Ask this question 5years later,then we will know for sure

B-radical1796d ago

Yus but 5 years would be pointless cause it would be a fact pc's are alot powerful

givemeshelter1796d ago

Right now high end PC's are a lot more powerful... Imagine in two years from now...

dennett3161796d ago

@givemeshelter, and a lot more expensive. Build a PC that can offer anything close to the same capability of a PS4 for the same price....I dare you to try.
You jam two Titans in a PC with a top end i7 CPU and 16 gigs of Ram, then of course it'll show you amazing results....but it's not even close to a fair comparison.
Further to that, the law of diminishing returns comes into effect at a certain point. People often spend hundreds to achieve a 5-10fps improvement in a game, which to pretty much everyone, is barely noticeable. You'd need to have PS4 and High end PC running side by side to see any differences, and even then, most would have to look REALLY close to do so. If PC owners think the improvement is worth it, that's cool, and I'm glad they enjoy it...but for the majority of games, the improvement is minor, and not really worth the premium it cost to achieve it.

tubers1796d ago

5 years from now, higher end PCs will run 4K games at 60 fps with better than console details.

dennett3161796d ago

And only a tiny minority of PC gamers will care. Everyone else will have heavier wallets and be enjoying their games at 1080p.

Wikkid6661796d ago

Not sure he human eye can even detect that resolution on such a small screen that is so close.

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