Rockstar’s Agent Might Not Be Dead, Take-Two Interactive Files New Trademarks

First revealed in 2009, Agent was announced as a PlayStation 3 exclusive from Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games. Agent was described as an espionage game set during the Cold War. After the initial announcement, Rockstar and Take-Two haven’t said much about the title, but confirmed it was in development two years ago.

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Geezus1676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

if this is truly indicative of an Agent release after all this time i would be surprised if it wasn't a multiplat or a next gen title

iamnsuperman1676d ago

For some reason I can just see Rockstar hiring out an empty office space and putting a sign on the door saying "Agent development team" but not using it. This is just part of the ruse

Nah I don't know about this game. I think they could be registering the trademark so no-one else does just incase.

zeee1676d ago

Not gonna hold my breath for this one.

Salooh1676d ago

I for one think they hold this game for the same reason they hold mirror edge 2 / the last gaurdian and FF15 because their visions can't be done on this generation. Which is great.

Mr_Nuts1676d ago

Well if it is multi platform then the question is how are they going to repay Sony for funding L.A Noires development. Have they been given the money back or not?

Jaces1675d ago

Have not given up on AGENT since it was announced. I was rewarded with FFXV, and KH3, so I'm more than hopeful that AGENT is still around and planning a release on PS4.

QuantumWake1676d ago

I would assume Rockstar North split the teams up so one could work on GTA V and the other on Agent. If not, maybe Agent was handed to another studio in Rockstar's other divisions.

With the PS4 coming out very soon, I'd probably bet they moved development from the PS3 to PS4. We'll see soon enough. Hopefully it hasn't been canceled.

MYSTERIO3601676d ago (Edited 1676d ago )

I really hope we see a next gen release of this game if it is indeed in the works, im sure rockstar would do a tremendous job with the technology available to them. With what they've been able to do with GTAV, im sure they could do bigger sand-boxs with all the RAM available to them. The prospect would be amazing

Deceiver_Of_The_Gods1676d ago

This game will propably be released in 2014 , it might be cross-platform or as they said ps3 exclusive...

True_Samurai1676d ago

We all know this is going multiplatform :-)

latincooker2141675d ago

yep that will make FAKE ninja happy:) lol

josephayal1675d ago

i cannot w8 for the xbox 1 version in blu-ray

True_Samurai1675d ago

Um the x1 does have blu ray 0_o

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