Mario Kart Arcade GP DX Slowly Arrives in Japan

The latest arcade game is already showing up in shops throughout Japan.

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windblowsagain1703d ago

By Far my fav game on Nintendo systems.

Starbucks_Fan1702d ago

the series I assume? this game is arcade only

maniacmayhem1702d ago

Why they never port these games to the Nintendo system is beyond me. They should have a special course that has all the arcade tracks in it.

hduce1702d ago

I miss the arcade scene here in the U.S. Those were the good old days.

NiteX1702d ago

After seeing Mario Kart 8 this doesn't look all that impressive. It does look nice though, but the track in the video is so bare bones simple.

YamiHoshi1699d ago

I would like to see any Mario Kart Arcade game at all, here in Europe, at least once.