Castlevania dev's next title will be a new IP

MercurySteam's next project will be a new IP, Konami producer Dave Cox has revealed, stating that the publisher has "enormous faith in them as a developer".

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vishmarx1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

sadly ill have to muster up the courage to preorder a lot of games
los2 come to mind
coz they all release after gta v
itll be like skyrim all over again
ill stop losing track of stuff

Smashbro291796d ago

Thank god. Get away from my Castlevania.

Dark111796d ago

Yeah don't worry Castlevania will return to be dead again.

Smashbro291796d ago

I'd rather have it dead than be god of war.

baldulf1796d ago

Castlevania would be back to its old self after this.

To suck a lot, thats it.

Inception1796d ago

I thought David Cox said that he interested with Contra and want to reboot it.

Smashbro291796d ago

Don't let him do it. It'll be a gears clone or something.

AzureskyZ1796d ago

Good! Now IGA can go back to making masterpieces instead of mercury making travesties.

MWH1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

give it a rest. I'm a veteran and an avid Castelvania gamer and even though I resented LoS at first, when I played it I realized it was a great game on its own.

no doubt I would love to have a proper 2D HD Castlevania but Mercury Steam's work is still commendable in comparison to many other games in the genre this generation.

AzureskyZ1796d ago

Gameplay wasnt bad-- but i hated the story and the characters--- the music from yamane was sorely missing-- i cant in good conscience call it a castlevania when its clearly lost of what it defines to be a castlevania. Call it something else and im fine by it-- casltevania means much much more to me.

Baka-akaB1796d ago

Personally i dont want a return to 2d . What's double helix is doing with Strider is an annoying trend to me . I dont need more of the same in hd and possibly inferior .

Iga was doing an excellent job with Curse of Darkness to transition Castlevania into 3d and new stuff with the scraps he was given .

We need that kind of stuff , but with the support and funding that Team mercury received with LoS .

Sevir1796d ago

Curse of Darkness was Crap! The story wasn't good at all. Iga left the franchise because he couldn't transition well into 3d... Curse of Darkness came off as a POOR Devil May Cry clone with a myriad of bland dungeon environments and weak combat.

MercurySteam Saved this franchise and brought it into relevance... It's an excellent title and one of the most memorable experience in a while.
It's a shame they didn't do this but expanded the story of Alucard and the Belmont family... I'd Love to See Soma Cruz make his 3d debut.

Baka-akaB1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

When did i ever said LoS wasnt excellent ? I'm not even going to bother with the rest of your post and just agree to disagree .

Iga had tons of excellent ideas for Curse of Darkness . It was actually good unlike his first ps2 forray , but also vastly underfunded .

Sevir1796d ago

Travesties? LOS was the Best CV game in years... The ones Iga made on PS2 that were 3d were Utter Crap... Castlevania's saving grace in being relevant was all thanks to mercury steam and David Cox, David Cox was project lead after Kojima on MGS4

So The franchise got new life.
I really hate how people cling to the old when the old declines and doesn't transition well into the modern, and they complain about the series becoming stagnant and not changing and then it does and is actually good but they complain it's not like the old... Whiners. Classic case.

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