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Opinion: Why I Will Not Be Buying An Xbox One

HUGG Writes: have come to a conclusion. After much deliberation and a few arguments with myself, I have decided that I will not be purchasing an Xbox One, at least for the next 2 years. For a budding games journalist, this is a hard thing to admit. Not owning one of the next-gen machines means having one less set of exclusive games to write about and review, limiting what I can do in the future. I am not writing this to add to the already tedious rhetoric that Microsoft is having to endure around the Xbox One, but to try to explain why I intend on voting with my wallet and keeping it closed to the Xbox One. (Xbox One)

EZMickey  +   676d ago
I like the author's attitude and I have a suspicion a lot of people are going to follow suit, waiting rather for Microsoft to prove themselves when the Xbox One lands, rather than take it on faith and promises.

Personally, I never buy launch. That's when the machine will be at its highest price and so will all of the games. I intend to support my Xbox 360 and 3DS for a while longer and make the crossover to next gen sometime after a year.

Also on the RRoD, this guys paying courier fees and spending lots of time waiting. I think that might actually be relative to wherever you're living as I've had one Red Ringed Xbox and that took my local supplier 10 days to swap. No charge as I was still within my in warranty. Our local Nintendo and Apple suppliers also manage a quick 10-15 day turnaround.
iamnsuperman  +   675d ago
I think the RROD situation will put a lot of core games off (especially with those rumours about issues circulating) but to the mass market I would expect them to have forgotten about it especially with the slim solving the issue.

I tend not to buy at launch either for that hardware issue risk.

@B-radical Oh well then it makes my point even more valid since the elite came out awhile ago
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B-radical  +   675d ago
I thought they fixed the problem with elites? My elite is still running like a champ lol
Aery  +   675d ago
I will not buy an X1 because MS.

They try hard to turn me in a stupid/brainless consumer and I will not forget this so easily.

They lied, they make joke of us, no other company is so much arrogant and they want to be the only device in your room.

I'm already forced to use Windows ...

Anyway, I can change my mind, but a lot of thing must be fixed (spycam), otherwise I can easily skip the next forza and halo (yes, everything else will come on Ps4 and PC).
slampunk  +   675d ago

I'm with you but don't be blinded by Sony.... They haven't been asked the hard questions yet due to MS and their terrible unveiling of XB1....lets also not forget Sony's start to the current gen which was awful.....

I applaud Sony so far but still have some questions about their gaikai rollout and online infrastructure upgrades before i claim they are king....They have already fix the hardware price, controller and made a developer friendly console which is 3 big ticks though...
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Aery  +   675d ago
I agree with you but let me say this:

Sony (so far) has only amazed my with the PS4. I don't recall being so excited about a console like I'm now for the PS4.

No, I will not let that blind me about any company and any consoles. I almost own all consoles and I'm a PC gamer too, I choose the games, not the brand and I choose to enjoy them regardless any platform.
bintarok  +   675d ago
It's annoyingly funny we still have to read these "Why I will not buy console A because console B is better" kind of opinions from strangers on the internet.

These self-obsessed narcissists might have some kind of hidden agenda to scare gamers into things that are no longer happening. Most of us already know how politics work in the fanboys world. Speaking of console wars, one side will expect the other to fail in sales and popularity.
abzdine  +   675d ago
the reasons why i'm not buying it are as follows:

- Sony 1st party games
- less powerful
- NSA and Kinect
- too big and ugly as hell
- expensive
- No hardcore support after first year
- DRM drama might be back at anytime
- Microsoft not clear about their console

@iamnsuperman: let's talk about that subject in a few months. MS said in the beginning that X1 was designed with DRM in mind, do you really think all that development time will be wasted? Wait until they get enough sheep on board and you will see what will happen.

The butt hurt fanboys disagreeing? is it because it's maybe more powerful than PS4? Or is it smaller?
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iamnsuperman  +   675d ago
I can safely say the DRM thing will not be back. The way you interact with the One will change drastically. It isn't like the usual add/remove a feature. They could do it with the next console but this one it is safe to say it will not return
Crazay  +   675d ago
I don't agree with you here on the DRM issue. It's going to be back in time but will look much different than how it was originally portrayed. I think that it's coming back in phases and not universal. By that I mean that I see the games that people buy online week have a form of DRM but those titles will be available on your "family sharing". Also I see the push to go all digital content distribution via a few potential avenues. Cheaper prices for day one game buyers online and perhaps through subscription based subsidy with ISPs (at least here in Canada since our internet is so heavily capped). Further to that I think they may look to creating an online storefront of sorts for trading in the licenses for credit to new titles.
Funantic1  +   675d ago
5 out of your 8 reasons are stupid lies. Smh
No_Limit  +   675d ago

What a dumb list, full of lies. Get this fanboy cr@p out of here.
abzdine  +   675d ago
isn't PS4 more powerful, smaller, better looking and cheaper?

Didn't we learn that MS gave access to many files to the NSA? and why is that kinect so mandatory? can you tell me?

And how about the games, isn't Sony's 1st party studios the best in the world? And MS changing policy and opinion everyday, doesn't it mean that they aren't sure about what they are doing?

Easy to say full of lies, now if you can't give strong arguments against what im saying you better shut up
Septic  +   675d ago
How on earth have you still got 5 bubbles?

"The butt hurt fanboys disagreeing? is it because it's maybe more powerful than PS4? Or is it smaller? "

SMH.....so all the people disagreeing on XBox One articles that talk favourably about games like Killer Instinct or Forza are what, glorious righteous gamers? The legions of haters on here who have, for years, down-voted any positive comments regarding non-sony games aren't butt hurt gamers?

Your list was woeful.

1) Sony first party games....er...what?
2) Fair play
3) Tin foil hat off. You don't have a mobile/laptop etc? You're either completely oblivious to the world you live in or you're just jumping on this point to serve your agenda (I'm very confident its the latter)
4) Too big and ugly? Lol what? I loved how fanboys were saying how it didn't matter what the console looked like after Sony refused to show what the console looked at the February reveal.
5) No hardcore support after first year? Let me borrow your time machine
6) Again, complete conjecture
7) MS not clear about their console? You know how much it costs, what it can do, what it comes with. Yes, they were unclear about their policies which no longer exist but what relevance does that have now?

Its laughable that you, of all people, call others butt hurt fanboys. How about this for a proposition; you stick to Sony articles seeing as you love them so much and avoid Xbox One articles as you despise them so much. The vast majority of your posts are pure fanboy rants. So can you do that?

The last thing N4G needs is people like you adding fire to the flames with your poorly constructed rants. Show some maturity for once.
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abzdine  +   675d ago
listen to yourself talking before you criticize others. read your post a few times if one isn't enough, there are too many inconstistencies in there.

What's wrong with the 1st party thing? xbox is all about milking dying franchises.
and the big and ugly, when did you hear me say anything about PS4 before they showed it? and even if i said that, things are so PS4 is looking better whether you admit it or not.

5) No hardcore support after first year? Let me borrow your time machine.. again history will repeat itself. Kinect is there for crappy experiences with TV and social games. give me one Kinect game that works well on 360. and have you checked the comparison of exclusives since 2010? or you need me to refresh your memory?

you are trying to play the wise guy but trust me it doesn't succeed. i speak of facts, i dont invent anything and i respect other's opinions. future facts and previsions are based on past facts and 99% of the time predictions turn out to be pretty accurate.
Now if no one is allowed to give an opinion then forums like this shouldnt exist at first place.
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Septic  +   675d ago
Sigh..here we go again.

"What's wrong with the 1st party thing? xbox is all about milking dying franchises."

Halo is a dying franchise? Forza is a dying franchise? Look at the quality of those games. Killer Instinct is a dying franchise?

Yes the PS4 is better looking; is that a reason not to purchase a games console?

"No hardcore support after first year" Oh yeah and then you say "i speak of facts, i dont invent anything". What fact is that? You want to talk about facts? How about the FACT that MS has invested $1 billion on exclusive content. How about the FACT that MS has invested more money and is working on more exclusive content than it EVER has for the Xbox brand?

"ou are trying to play the wise guy but trust me it doesn't succeed"

How? How am I doing that? Why are you so obsessed about the Xbox brand that you despise so much? How many bubbles did you have before the bubble reset?

"Now if no one is allowed to give an opinion then forums like this shouldnt exist at first place. "

Oh opinions matter now do they? So when people disagreed with your opinion, you responded with:

"The butt hurt fanboys disagreeing?"

Educate yourself and learn to construct your arguments in a more mature manner. There is such a thing as constructive opinion as opposed to going on full fanboy rants. Go check your comment history. You hardly sound like a gamer at all.

EDIT- you know what. Regardless of the way you conduct yourself, I apologise. I apologise because its Ramadan and I should better control myself. All I will say is that your comment history speaks for itself and I'm surprised that you aren't on one bubble already.
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CerebralAssassin  +   675d ago
I disagree because I dont much care for most sony 1st party games, I have no problem with the kinect, I like the way the system looks, I dont see drm returning full swing, ps4 is expensive as well, nsa wont be spying on you anymore then they already are. Idc if they spy on me or not I have nothing to hide. I dont have to agree with you. Just because I dont doesnt make me a fanboy. Grow up
n4rc  +   675d ago
No.. People disagree because they feel you are wrong. As do I

You listed like 2 personal opinions and about 5 assumptions.. Not one fact in the bunch.. So be prepared for people not agreeing with you
Funantic1  +   675d ago
I didn't even read his fanboy opinion because it's no more valuable than mine.
Omac_brother  +   675d ago
Thanks, but I am not a fanboy. Wouldnt a fan boy be talking up his/her respective choice? I took care not to mention any other next-gen console to avoid just that. The point I was trying to make was that Microsoft need to change before I will be willing to spend even its detrimental to my future as a games writer. But thanks for not reading and adding any value to the conversation.
Funantic1  +   675d ago
The title said it all.
iceman06  +   675d ago
I think that you did an admirable job of explaining your personal opinion. I actually applaud your decision because it seems like the best thing for you as a gamer first. However, I think that N4G has been inundated with "Why I Will or Won't Buy X System" articles and there is some fatigue to this point. That being said, I would have the same reservations as you do if I had gone through that. There is only so much you can take from a company before you have to decide if it's truly worth it all.
seedaripper1973  +   675d ago
I thought it was a well reasoned article, good job.
P.s it certainly helped with you being a Stokie as well ;-)
x713hitsquad  +   675d ago
Lmao... really? Your bio says that you are a self confessed Sony fanboy.
n4rc  +   675d ago
Your a pretty piss poor gaming journalist then.. Better look for a new line of work.. Or get on staff at a PS fan site.

And yeah.. Your only a fanboy if you talk up your console.. It isn't for bashing competition needlessly right?
metoo2   675d ago | Spam
edonus  +   675d ago
I'm gonna have to call bullshots on this one. First thing to give it away is he says his launch 360 RRod with in 1 month after getting it. The truth about RRod is that the real problem was that it wore over time. Thats why it was so hard to pinpoint the issue and it took a few years before it went critical. If your system died that quick means you were doing something wrong.

But lets just say for instance this was the case, the guy is now basing his purchase of a new console off the tragedy of another console... with out even factoring in 2 major things. 1) being MS took care of its consumers when the issue hit critical mass thus you can be assured that they would do it again if something like that were to happen.
2) he totally leaves out the fact that they did a system redesign that is extremely sold and has had no issues what so ever. They have demonstrated they could make a solid console but he wants to cling on to the issues of the original. Its like only remembering the interception your quarterback throws and ignoring his 100s of touchdowns. Convenient.

But you can tell he has drunk the Kool aid. He then goes on trying justify his stupidity with rumors of the system being underclocked ignoring the rumors of the system actually being overclocked. The always useful hide behind your opinion makes an appearance when he is talking about how few games interest him and he is apparently the only person I have heard of to actually hint to he is buying next gen consoles to play indie games.
$400-$500 to play indie games? Need I say more?
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iceman06  +   675d ago
Actually, he said his first system suffered "hard drive" issues. They had no idea about the RROD at the time. He went through 6 consoles in a year. That would be enough for anyone to at least think about not supporting the console anymore regardless of the "generosity" of MS to fix them. Oh, and his original Xbox crapped out on him too.
According to HIS history, that's 0-2 in terms of console design.
Whether I or YOU agree with him doesn't really matter because it is HIS decision. Based on HIS experience. You seem to have a great experience with MS and Xbox, so that is YOUR experience. I understand the skepticism because of the climate of N4G, but his points seem completely rational.
By the way, this is NOT a new argument from some of the Xbox "faithful" that have decided against getting the Xbox One.
edonus  +   675d ago
I know what he said.... and as I stated 1 month after he got a replacement console which would have still have been new since this is launch we art talking he is saying it RRod.
Actually just saying that brings up more suspicion because the 360 was sold out and hard to get for like 4-5 months from launch.

Anyway RRod if you dont just blindly listen to BS was not rampant until like a year and a half to about 2 years in to the systems cycle. if 360s were really clunking out day one things would have turned out a whole lot different. The 360 was pretty established when the RRod really kicked in.

And his points dont seem rational they seem dumb as all F***... to base one thing off of another completely different thing with out even factoring full history and growth. Thats like basing your Ps3 purchase off of your ps2 purchase when it experienced all those dvd drive issues.

I dont care about what choices people make but dont give some BS reasoning. I would say the same thing if someone said I am not getting a Ps4 because the Ps3 got hacked. Or I am not getting a Ps4 because sony removed linux support from Ps3 and I dont know what they may take away from the Ps4. See.... those examples are dumb and what we said falls in to that category. And all because its not a new argument doesnt mean its not stupid.

I would respect people more if they just said I enjoyed my Ps3 so I'll be getting a Ps4. You can tell the shills because they have to try and discredit the other guys instead of just liking their system of choice. I rarely say anything bad about the Sony or the Ps4, there are things I dont like but me keeping it real know they have a solid system, I personally enjoyed my 360 and will continue with them and I like the ONEs feature set more. I dont have to bash sony to justify my purchase so why do the legions of sony diehards.
n4rc  +   675d ago
Why indeed..

And hey.. I had 7 ps3s fail on me and my ps2 did as well..

See how easy that is? Don't need facts or proof getting in the way.. Lol

Blatant fanboy posing as a unbiased journalist.. That's MY opinion
DigitalRaptor  +   675d ago
"You can tell the shills because they have to try and discredit the other guys instead of just liking their system of choice."

Ridiculous. you have bashed the PS4 for little logical reasoning and everything about you comment screams "Microsoft shill" about as much as the faction of gamers you love to hate. I've not seen you praise any other section of the gaming industry not powered by Microsoft.

Kettle, pot. You get the idea.

At least when I express disdain for a certain company I can provide tangible reasoning to support my disdain. It's not just about what you think are interchangeable issues. Going forward, why would I put my trust in a company that knowingly shipped out a console with large scale performance issues, which they told the customer was not their problem until it became an issue for them juridically? A company that puts paid services and free applications behind a paywall? A company that charges its consumers for basic online connectivity powered by P2P technology?

The company have used their products as ways to spy in on their consumers and provide the government with my personal interactions.

What do we have here? http://en.wikipedia.org/wik...

The latest in a long line, is the Kinect being a requirement to even use the console. What if it breaks? Why should I be REQUIRED to have a camera connected to a gaming console? You get the score. This is paired with the fact that Kinect is going to be used to personalize advertisements and make them a part of the experience to increase their ad revenue - at the expense of the customer. The gamer. http://www.youtube.com/watc...

These are all genuine reasons, that i dislike and are tangible. The anti-consumer DRM and always-online requirements that they removed only went to show that they built their console around gaining complete control and making more money at the expense of consumer freedom and ownership rights. Again, should i support a company that puts their desire for success before the best interests of their consumers?

So, if you want to call me a fanboy for accumulating these reasons why I don't want to support Microsoft and buy an Xbox one then go ahead. It makes it no less valid, but does prove your reactionary tendencies to shelter and apologise for a company.
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iceman06  +   675d ago
Obviously you are dubious of his intent on this article. I don't really see an agenda. You don't see anything rational about his choosing another console. I can understand that IF he has gone through this, it makes a lot of sense.
To your point "to base one thing off of another completely different thing with out even factoring full history and growth." Believing him, his full history is rife with issues. Therefore, in his opinion he doesn't see things changing. At the end of the day, he just isn't willing to take the same leap of faith that others are.
Guess that we just simply have to agree to disagree on this one.
savaroth  +   675d ago
I myself am not the biggest Xbox fan. I've bought both a 360 and a ps3. The Xbox360 was purchased in 2008. ( so it was not an early release console ) It never had any hardware problems. While I haven't used it regularly , family members have. It is safe to say that it has been used on a dialy basis.

In other words: Not everyone has had problems with having to return their system.

Playstation will still be my nr1 system ( yes I even prefer it over the PC ) This however is a personal prefence based on what type of games I play ( Japan stuff mostly )
crazyeightz  +   675d ago
Reading the author's bio states that he is a self proclaimed Sony fanboy. I call bullsh*t on the whole 6 red rings with a wait total of 8 weeks each. Thats a whole year. I had the red ring once and it took 10 days and that was after 6 months of using it. MS sent me the slim version and I never had a red ring again.

Whatever, I am not a MS fanboy and already have my PS4 reserved. I am keeping away from the One simply because i do not like the fact that a broken Kinect will render my console a brick. I dont want to keep buying kinects if it breaks just to play video games.
_LarZen_  +   675d ago
I have no clue on how serious that website is but if he is working as a reviewer then his personal opinions about some hardware is not a topic up for discussion.

His job is to review the games and stay natural to the system the games is on.

And regards to the problems MS had with the RROD that is something that can happen to every hardware company. Having a grudge for years is not only childish but just plain dumb.
chrissx  +   675d ago
Those who buy an xbone must have been mentally prepared to buy the second best console only to the Ps4
Supermax  +   675d ago
Where's the article saying why I'm getting both consoles day one!
DARK WITNESS  +   675d ago
if you are getting them then you can start the trend..

Reading it I take it no differently to all those articles saying why they are getting the xbbone. They are all just trying to justify their purchase.

I already know what i am getting and why, don't need to justify why to anyone.
jackdaddy  +   675d ago
PS4 is better. Problem solved.

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