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What Are Sony's First Party Studios And Partners Working On For PS4?

At E3 2013, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for SCE announced 20 first party PS4 titles will arrive in console's first year and out of these 20 titles 12 are brand new IP.

Most of these games weren’t touched on at E3 2013, but it is expected that we'll hear about them at other events soon, such as Gamescom 2013 in August. (inFamous: Second Son, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4, The Order: 1886)

iamnsuperman  +   806d ago
I am really interested what Media Molecule are working on
elhebbo16  +   806d ago
the conference demo where they showed off how you can sculpt a whole 3-D world was really cool.
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mewhy32  +   805d ago
Sony has the best 1st party developers in the world. I can't wait to see what they can do with all the power afforded to them through the PS4. Not being held back by the "lowest common denominator xbone" frees them up to take full advantage of the PS4's superior memory and GPU. This is a great time to be a Playstation gamer.
boneso82  +   806d ago
c'mon NaughtyDog, blow us away with something new and amazing at Gamescom, PUUHHLLLLEEEEZZZ!
ksa-sh8sh8b8  +   806d ago
i think NaughtyDog will be in VGA not Gamescom gamescom for european developers such as MM , Guerrilla Games and Evolution Studios
christrules0041  +   806d ago
Well since Evolution Studios already has Drive Club out there I wouldn't be surprised to see others. Sony has only showed 5 out of 20 exclusives to come year 1 so say they announced another 5 they would still have another 10 for VGA so I wouldn't be surprised if they announce even more stuff then that. They could also do 5, 5 and then have 5 for next years E3 but by then hopefully there will be the other 10 exclusives coming around. It's a possibility.

I mean they probably want a majority of there exclusives to be known before the consoles release and VGA is usually in december so I wwould expect a lot to be shown at Gamescom
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morganfell  +   806d ago
I would normally agree ksa as the VGAs have been theoir pattern. However this is a launch year for the PS4 and so we may see a break rokm the past two title announcements.

Either way the trailer for U4 will come in the launch window.
Destrania  +   805d ago
We have TGS to look forward too as well.
eezo  +   806d ago
naughty dog team #2.. just let us know what you guys are upto for playstation 4...
elhebbo16  +   806d ago
Jak and Daxter 4. please for the love of God ND do it.
abzdine  +   806d ago
the link is broken..

but i'm looking forward to what European studios are up to.
xDev and Supermassive Games. I'd like a killer Move game from one of these guys. I like Move controls and there are some decent games using the tech very well.
I also hope Studio Liverpool is still alive cause i want a new WipEout on PS4.
Last time the WipEout 2048 teased some kind of new project on FB. Let's hope they give us a WipEout.

EDIT: link fixed! That's a great list right there!!! Sony is the king of gaming
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MorfiTM  +   806d ago
Studio Liverpool was disbanded nearly a year ago ( http://www.shacknews.com/ar...
People from SL created a new studio - Sawfly Studios, which created Men's Room Mayhem for PS VITA.
Sevir  +   805d ago
Studio Liverpool's staff 90% of them work at Evolution studios, The top executives and studio founder 4-5 guys I think left Sony and formed Sawfly studios!
ramtah  +   806d ago
hmm didnt Insomniac Games go multiplatform?
Jeff257  +   806d ago
They are independent just like they always have been. They are still making a PS3 exclusive with the new R&C game coming out this fall. I expect we will see a PS4 exclusive from them sometime as well. They do have two studios now to make games.
showtimefolks  +   806d ago
i think they have like 3 or 4 different development teams, one was ratchet other was resistance than the opened a new development house
ramtah  +   806d ago
Cool thanks for clarifying it.
MASTER_RAIDEN  +   806d ago
Cannot freaking wait to see what media molecule has in store. need a strong platformer on the console along with knack.
GribbleGrunger  +   806d ago
Remove the second 'are' from that headline, it's driving me nuts.
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showtimefolks  +   806d ago
media molecule at gamescom hopefully

i think we will see sony announce atleast 2 new games at gamescom for ps4, than 2-3 more at TGS

with so many games in development sony could show like 5-10 titles in development, what i want to see is some gameplay for The Order 1886
itBourne  +   806d ago
The Order 1886 is a game I am extremely interested in. I want game play as well, I am excited though, because Ready At Dawn have made fantastic games this far. Glad they are getting a chance to make their own game.
MorfiTM  +   806d ago
Games and game dev are the only reason for me to feel attachment to my country therefore I'm interested in what they will do.
In August I will try The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt from CDProjekt RED during Gamescom, which i hold high regards to.
Then I guess that maybe Bloober Team will show us something from Basement Crawl. Also I wish to know if Medium will finally come out or if it will stay as ghostware.
SynestheticRoar  +   806d ago
Let me hear Uncharted 4, and i'm good.
first1NFANTRY  +   806d ago
I really wanna know what GG new IP will be.
brew  +   805d ago
I heard it was going to be an action rpg , but who knows.
Sevir  +   805d ago
GG's New Ip has been in development since mid 2011 after they shipped Killzone 3 that feb! With Shadow Fall being a launch title this new Ip has got to be a Fiscal year 2014/15 title. At the earliest I expect this game to launch Fall 2014 or January/Feb 2015.
Adolph Fitler  +   806d ago
Sony need to assemble some awesome new development studios to continue the Socom & Wipeout franchises.....they also need to make sure we get a new Twisted Metal, as the PS3 one was one of the most awesome, underated games of this gen., along with Starhawk, speaking of which, the Lightbox guys need to be brought to PS4, instead of being delegated to mobile crap....I mean, these guys ain't Angry Bird low brow caliber...they made Warhawk & Starhawk for gods sake. And shame on most PS3 owners for ignoring these truly best of gen. gems.

Also, Cambridge Studios needs to be reformed to continue Sir Dan's next Medievil quest.
We also need a Syphon Filter for PS4, that takes the game back to that PS1 spirit & essence. These games have been out of action for long enough, so it's time they came back.
Would also REALLY love another Destruction Derby that harkens back to what made them great on PS1, being the graphics, deformation & damage, physics of the vehicle handing & collisions & all the other list of positives this game donned, & with online....it would be deliscio.
8 Days re-commencement would be great too.

These & another 8-10 exclusives in the form of new IP's would be fricken ballistic for mine.
Sevir  +   805d ago
Lightbox isn't own by Sony, They went mobile after Starhawk under perform.

Liverpool studios resolved and all the staff got absorbed into Evolution, the Wipeout IP will be developed by Evolution . Evolution is now a 3 team studio.

Cambridge studio is now GG Cambridge, and they are hard work on Killzone Mercenary!

Bend Studio is working on 2 new games one for Vita and one for PS4.
DigitalRaptor  +   805d ago
H-Hour is the spiritual successor to Socom II and is coming to PS4 early 2015, so I wouldn't agree that Socom needs to continue as a franchise.

WipEout definitely deserves a sequel though. I can cannot begin to imagine how good a new connected WipEout game could be on new hardware.

Sony Bend with a new Syphon Filter could be something to look out for.

I'm thinking of Media Molecule, Santa Monica, Naughty Dog's 1st team, Japan Studio, San Diego, Sanzaru Games and what they're doing. And besides that, we know that all first party studios have PS4 games in the works.
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_FantasmA_  +   806d ago
Syphon Filter please.
Darth Stewie  +   806d ago
I can't wait to see all the titles Sony's 1st party are working on my anticipated unannounced games I want to hear more about are Naughty Dogs next game and Santa Monica's rumored Scifi game being written by the Battlestar writer. I wonder if the scifi game is being done by Stig's team.

JunioRS101  +   806d ago
I am so upset that MGS5 isn't a PS4 exclusive :'(

MGS4 was rated a 10/10 'Masterpiece' for a reason.

They dedicated its development to the most capable console hardware at the time, got the most out of it that they could, and for THAT, it was an incredible game.

But if you think a CROSS GEN, MULTIPLATFORM Metal Gear Solid is a good idea, you're out of your mind, and don't understand how game development works.

The fact that MGS5 will be able to run on an Xbox 360 is pathetic, considering MGS4 couldn't even fit on Xbox 360, and I think a lot of people forgot about that.

Hideo Kojima really sold out with this upcoming MGS, and even though you newbies to the MGS franchise say "oh but the E3 demo looked good", it still isn't going to be the MOST that it could be.

Hideo Kojima, you broke my heart. You broke Platstation's heart.
andibandit  +   806d ago
"But if you think a CROSS GEN, MULTIPLATFORM Metal Gear Solid is a good idea, you're out of your mind, and don't understand how game development works."

I think everyone here knows that, you should ask yourself if you understand how money works.
JunioRS101  +   805d ago
Of course I understand how money works silly goose, that's why I chose the words "Hideo Kojima really sold out"

Because 'selling out' means going with whatever benefits HIM more than what benefits US.

I totally get that he's trying to maximize profits, but for that, this will probably (sad to say, hard to admit) be the worst MGS yet.

It'll still be fun, don't get me wrong. And I'll absolutely support the franchise, because it's one of my favorite game franchises ever. But I will always wonder how much bigger or better it could/should have been as a PS4 exclusive, or at least a NEXT GEN exclusive.

I mean, think about the shear difference of Xbox 360 vs PS4... It's mind boggling. It makes me wonder, where is all the extra PS4 power getting used? Because it won't be used for a bigger map, or for denser buildings, that would make it a completely different game. So are they just making more dense foliage, more characters on screen, better textures, what? It's like, this is supposed to be the SUCCESSOR to a 10/10!!!

I just don't see how this game could possibly be more ambitious than its predecessor if it'll be running on Xbox 360.

Idk, man. I'm kind of devastated that he isn't trying to make this the biggest, best MGS yet. It isn't like him OR the studio. They've ALWAYS released as a PS exclusive. ALWAYS. Idk what's gotten into Konami.
reef1017  +   805d ago
Housemarque team 2 is working on dead nation 2 for ps4. I follow them on Facebook and they do some teasing.
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Chrisgamerguy  +   805d ago
I wanna know what new ip gg is making
Xtremist  +   805d ago
Sony screwed up big time with their third party exclusives this gen and the biggest example is MGS5.
At least show us some gameplay from TheOrder1886 and the new GG's ip.
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friedricr  +   800d ago
Moneytalks man... i'm hardcore MGS fan .. have all PS mgS games still in shrink wrap ..... sucks MGS5 is MP ... Felt like the raw power on the PS4 could've made MGS5 10x a Masterpiece.... The difference will show...along with the sales ... just like Rizing/MGSHD all sold 10x better on PS then Xbox

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