What Are Sony's First Party Studios And Partners Working On For PS4?

At E3 2013, Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony's Worldwide Studios for SCE announced 20 first party PS4 titles will arrive in console's first year and out of these 20 titles 12 are brand new IP.

Most of these games weren’t touched on at E3 2013, but it is expected that we'll hear about them at other events soon, such as Gamescom 2013 in August.

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iamnsuperman1164d ago

I am really interested what Media Molecule are working on

elhebbo161164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

the conference demo where they showed off how you can sculpt a whole 3-D world was really cool.

mewhy321163d ago

Sony has the best 1st party developers in the world. I can't wait to see what they can do with all the power afforded to them through the PS4. Not being held back by the "lowest common denominator xbone" frees them up to take full advantage of the PS4's superior memory and GPU. This is a great time to be a Playstation gamer.

boneso821164d ago

c'mon NaughtyDog, blow us away with something new and amazing at Gamescom, PUUHHLLLLEEEEZZZ!

ksa-sh8sh8b81164d ago

i think NaughtyDog will be in VGA not Gamescom gamescom for european developers such as MM , Guerrilla Games and Evolution Studios

christrules00411164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

Well since Evolution Studios already has Drive Club out there I wouldn't be surprised to see others. Sony has only showed 5 out of 20 exclusives to come year 1 so say they announced another 5 they would still have another 10 for VGA so I wouldn't be surprised if they announce even more stuff then that. They could also do 5, 5 and then have 5 for next years E3 but by then hopefully there will be the other 10 exclusives coming around. It's a possibility.

I mean they probably want a majority of there exclusives to be known before the consoles release and VGA is usually in december so I wwould expect a lot to be shown at Gamescom

morganfell1164d ago

I would normally agree ksa as the VGAs have been theoir pattern. However this is a launch year for the PS4 and so we may see a break rokm the past two title announcements.

Either way the trailer for U4 will come in the launch window.

Destrania1163d ago

We have TGS to look forward too as well.

eezo1164d ago

naughty dog team #2.. just let us know what you guys are upto for playstation 4...

elhebbo161164d ago

Jak and Daxter 4. please for the love of God ND do it.

abzdine1164d ago (Edited 1164d ago )

the link is broken..

but i'm looking forward to what European studios are up to.
xDev and Supermassive Games. I'd like a killer Move game from one of these guys. I like Move controls and there are some decent games using the tech very well.
I also hope Studio Liverpool is still alive cause i want a new WipEout on PS4.
Last time the WipEout 2048 teased some kind of new project on FB. Let's hope they give us a WipEout.

EDIT: link fixed! That's a great list right there!!! Sony is the king of gaming

MorfiTM1164d ago

Studio Liverpool was disbanded nearly a year ago (
People from SL created a new studio - Sawfly Studios, which created Men's Room Mayhem for PS VITA.

Sevir1163d ago

Studio Liverpool's staff 90% of them work at Evolution studios, The top executives and studio founder 4-5 guys I think left Sony and formed Sawfly studios!

ramtah1164d ago

hmm didnt Insomniac Games go multiplatform?

Jeff2571164d ago

They are independent just like they always have been. They are still making a PS3 exclusive with the new R&C game coming out this fall. I expect we will see a PS4 exclusive from them sometime as well. They do have two studios now to make games.

showtimefolks1164d ago

i think they have like 3 or 4 different development teams, one was ratchet other was resistance than the opened a new development house

ramtah1164d ago

Cool thanks for clarifying it.

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