Xbox One or Sony PS4: Which One is Right For You?

The next generation Xbox and Playstation are just around the corner now, with November quickly sneaking up on us. This leaves us to wonder, which is the right system for you?

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Thepharaoh1792d ago

PS4. Kameo 2 herself would have to be released for me to even consider purchasing the xbox one

abzdine1792d ago

starts with P ends with 4. Do you need more clues?

mewhy321792d ago

Already got the PS4/Killzone bundle pre-ordered.

Insomnia_841792d ago

PlayStation 4!
PlayStation Four!
PlayStation Cuatro!
PlayStation IV


Patrick1792d ago

Greatness Awaits and U R NOT(red)E

PS4 preordered and for the first launch ever I will be there at Midnight to wait for my console. Assuming my Gamestop will have a midnight launch. Otherwise I will be there when they open. My kids and I are very excited. It feels like the excitement of the PS2 days are back.

TomShoe1792d ago Show
-Superman-1792d ago

If i had more money, then both consoles, but because my choice is limited, then PS4
Well, Xbox One is not that bad, some Kinect games looks good(dont hate, i playing controller and controller free games, also on PC) but Microsoft screwed with price, and kinda stuff.

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iamnsuperman1792d ago

Don't be a wimp. You must choose. GOD DAM IT CHOOOOOOSSSSEEEE /s

flappersack1792d ago

PS4 day one. XBone later on.

ZodTheRipper1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

PS4 day 1, WiiU probably later on for me primary for Zelda and Smash Bros.

MorfiTM1792d ago

If my financial situation will allow it i will choose both. There are and will be some PlayStation exclusives I would like to play and this situation is also true with Xbox.
I'm just sick and tired of these articles which want to gain a few free hits using the controversial topic of "console wars". You want PS4? I feel you bro. You would want a X1? I also understand your decission. But stop these childish wars and remember why we buy those consoles - to have a fun time playing games.

Patrick1792d ago (Edited 1792d ago )

Oh come on. I honestly think its good for the industry to have this competition .. yeah we root for our chosen team much as sports fans do, but in the end we all want whats best for Gaming in general. If we are hard on one console over another is because of the business tactics used by said console maker that we fear could set dangerous standards for the gaming industry as a whole if they succeed.

I love my original xbox and still play it even though I dont and didnt care for MS when I bought it. I am playing a wait and see for Xbone due to the decisions MS has made so far this next gen, but I am not counting it out just yet.

I am a gamer, and will spend my gaming money as a vote of confidence in whichever console I have confidence in, and right now that isn't Xbone. But that could always change. Its just that so far I do not feel Sony has let me down on anything of major importance. I am a bit paranoid of MS as they tend to have a major control freak issue and seem to want more and more control to monopolize and charge for any and everything they possibly can. I am a fan of choice and options. MS doesnt like choice and options. They tend to want to be the only option even when its bad for the industry and it is ALWAYS bad for the industry to have only one option.