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Xbox One or Sony PS4: Which One is Right For You?

The next generation Xbox and Playstation are just around the corner now, with November quickly sneaking up on us. This leaves us to wonder, which is the right system for you? (PS4, Xbox One)

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Thepharaoh  +   855d ago
PS4. Kameo 2 herself would have to be released for me to even consider purchasing the xbox one
abzdine  +   854d ago
starts with P ends with 4. Do you need more clues?
mewhy32  +   854d ago
Already got the PS4/Killzone bundle pre-ordered.
gamesR4fun  +   854d ago
Insomnia_84  +   854d ago
PlayStation 4!
PlayStation Four!
PlayStation Cuatro!
PlayStation IV

Patrick  +   854d ago
Greatness Awaits and U R NOT(red)E

PS4 preordered and for the first launch ever I will be there at Midnight to wait for my console. Assuming my Gamestop will have a midnight launch. Otherwise I will be there when they open. My kids and I are very excited. It feels like the excitement of the PS2 days are back.
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-Superman-  +   854d ago
If i had more money, then both consoles, but because my choice is limited, then PS4
Well, Xbox One is not that bad, some Kinect games looks good(dont hate, i playing controller and controller free games, also on PC) but Microsoft screwed with price, and kinda stuff.
TrevorPhillips  +   855d ago
JunioRS101  +   854d ago
My body is ready.

Greatness Awaits.
Insomnia_84  +   854d ago
Sold to PS4!!
Intentions  +   855d ago
iamnsuperman  +   855d ago
Don't be a wimp. You must choose. GOD DAM IT CHOOOOOOSSSSEEEE /s
vikingland1  +   854d ago
Both for me.
flappersack  +   854d ago
PS4 day one. XBone later on.
ZodTheRipper  +   854d ago
PS4 day 1, WiiU probably later on for me primary for Zelda and Smash Bros.
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MorfiTM  +   854d ago
If my financial situation will allow it i will choose both. There are and will be some PlayStation exclusives I would like to play and this situation is also true with Xbox.
I'm just sick and tired of these articles which want to gain a few free hits using the controversial topic of "console wars". You want PS4? I feel you bro. You would want a X1? I also understand your decission. But stop these childish wars and remember why we buy those consoles - to have a fun time playing games.
Patrick  +   854d ago
Oh come on. I honestly think its good for the industry to have this competition .. yeah we root for our chosen team much as sports fans do, but in the end we all want whats best for Gaming in general. If we are hard on one console over another is because of the business tactics used by said console maker that we fear could set dangerous standards for the gaming industry as a whole if they succeed.

I love my original xbox and still play it even though I dont and didnt care for MS when I bought it. I am playing a wait and see for Xbone due to the decisions MS has made so far this next gen, but I am not counting it out just yet.

I am a gamer, and will spend my gaming money as a vote of confidence in whichever console I have confidence in, and right now that isn't Xbone. But that could always change. Its just that so far I do not feel Sony has let me down on anything of major importance. I am a bit paranoid of MS as they tend to have a major control freak issue and seem to want more and more control to monopolize and charge for any and everything they possibly can. I am a fan of choice and options. MS doesnt like choice and options. They tend to want to be the only option even when its bad for the industry and it is ALWAYS bad for the industry to have only one option.
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izumo_lee  +   854d ago
I am a big fan of very niche Japanese JRPGs. Playstation platforms over the years has always delivered these games to the fans of these types. Since the news of the PhyreEngine will be continued to be used for the PS4 there is a good chance i will be able to play more of these games on the system.

The XBone will be a popular system no doubt & those who choose it good on them. For me Sony is all about variety of experiences ever since they began in this industry & it will be no different with the PS4. That is why it will be the system for me.
ramtah  +   854d ago
Jeff257  +   854d ago
For me PS4 only in my house. Sony just has proven time and time again that they can keep bringing the exclusive titles I want and of course the third parties will bring awesome multiplats. Much like the 360 I don't think the XBOX One will have any exclusives that will be a must have for me.
Sarobi  +   854d ago
Both seem right for me. I just don't have the money to drop on two consoles and games for each device.. PS4 is a day one for me.
Geezus  +   854d ago
xbox1 at launch more than likely.
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B-radical  +   854d ago
Yusm got my day one pre ordered
imt558  +   854d ago
PS4 FTW! I just want to record 15 min. of gameplay.:)
outsider1624  +   854d ago
my avatar....
WarThunder  +   854d ago
PS4 = Exclusives (first party studios)
PC = Multiplatform.
MasterCornholio  +   854d ago
PS4 for me.

Motorola RAZR i
XisThatKid  +   854d ago
To answer this question i have to say PS4 without a doubt. I have 2plus years of plus left, franchises i love and care about with dynamic and interesting characters I've grown with and love. Not to mention I'm very interested with the DS4 new features. I personally prefere the DS over the Xbox controller. Glad they didn't change the lay out. Besidee, if the sticks were asymmetric how would you get to the touch pad without convenience? Oh If possible I'd like never buy AA batteries again.

The line up is great for launch window. I have time invested in th Killzone, Infamous, Uncharted, Gran Turismo, Jak, LBP, and variouse other exclusive franchises.

That all bings me to my next point, I have great faith that Sony will pull through on making tons of new and awesome franchises and IP's Indy and eclectic styles. Variety is key this time around.

Free games, game streaming and recording, Blu ray playing online interaction, Swapable HDD, Movie bonuses, and more for 400$. Nothing forced down my throat. My gaming world revolves around much more than bro-shooters and FPS games. I know there's others out there on X1 but what's the most tslked about especially outa their exclusives. I also have my friends to consider, it appears A LOT of people will have the PS4 out of the gate along with majority of the world and most of my personal friends.

Oh, and I have a Vita, so can't wait to see what I can do. Plus it be like sacrilege to vote Xbox while posting with my Vita (lol jk) not really) PlayStations fans future looks too bright to even have a blind eye too it. PS 4 me PLZ.
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n4rc  +   854d ago
Holy crap.. A logical and lengthy write up on your preference without feeling the need to bash Xbox..

Good for you.. Lol.. +bubbles
PimpDaddy  +   854d ago
The correct answer is whichever console gives you the best value. Value=Subjective. I will own the PS4/WiiU/XB1 eventually.

If I could only choose one console right now then it would be the XB1. I just prefer the exclusives on XB1. The controller. And XBox Live service.

But again I'm only stating my preference!!!
Thegamer41  +   854d ago
I can understand someone liking Xbox Ones launch line up more but to say you prefer the controller and the Live service is just not justifiable.
New controllers and improvements to both online services (None of which we know of) that im sure not many have tested out, so you cannot say you prefer one over the other in those departments.
PimpDaddy  +   854d ago
And why can't I??? I'm going on current gen console experience. I own both a 360 and PS3 so I'm pretty sure I am experienced enough to make up my own mind. Who are you to tell me what I can and can't prefer?

I already know I will like the XB1 controller more than the DS4 for the pure fact that I prefer the analog stick placement and the triggers on the current 360 controller over the DS3. Are you going to tell me that I can't prefer the XB1 because it is using a refined 360 controller?

Probably the only unknown is the online gaming service. But I do know I prefer how XBL looks and feels over PSN. So again I will ask. Who are you to tell me what I can and cannot prefer???
Thegamer41  +   854d ago
you can keep saying what you like, but the fact is you don't know how they "Look and feel". Only ignorant and naive people will say the stuff you are saying, and no its not opinion until you try both. You cannot compare these things to last gen consoles because they are simply not the same... (other than the analog placements which has also been tweaked)but keep spewing BS and claiming its "opinion".
LoveOfTheGame  +   854d ago
It's now ignorant to make an educated decision based on past experience/data collection.

Better call every research university and tell them they are doing it wrong.

Go back under your bridge.
elda  +   854d ago
Tax time it will definitely be a PS4 still have to finish playing..now & upcoming games on the PS3,I will be saying the same thing about the PS4 when the PS5 comes out because Sony always supports their console with exclusive games till the end.Playstation 4 me!
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mkotechno  +   854d ago
PS4 unless you are a Texas redneck that likes to watch handegg matches yelling to the TV, then the new Dreamc... I mean the new Xbox.
ZodTheRipper  +   854d ago
lol bubblez
LoveOfTheGame  +   854d ago
It's called a football, but handegg made me laugh for some odd reason lol.
rigbybot127  +   854d ago
Xbox One at launch, and a PS4 within the next two years. The Xbox One's tech fascinates me more, and it has some pretty interesting games coming out on and around launch day, not the least of which is Titanfall. The PS4, unfortunately, only has one launch title that fascinates me, and that is Knack. Will wait till a Ratchet or Naughty Dog game is announced, and then I'll get a PS4.
SynestheticRoar  +   854d ago
I'm a straight baller. I already have a killer PC. Now I want only the best exclusives. PS4 for me, and maybe a WiiU for the family.
Mikelarry  +   854d ago
still ps4 for me nothing has changed
TimeSkipLuffy  +   854d ago
PS4 because 400€ is the limit I want to spend for a next gen console. And I get a free game. I won't buy any games at start. Too expensive for me or I just want to spent so much money to play it right away. Still got plenty of games to play anyway... and social life and such XD...
And since I already have a PS3 and a Vita and PS+ it only makes sense to invest in the PS4.
XB1 will be bought once it's cheaper and the line of real exclusive games that I like to play keeps piling up. In this gen most of the games I were able to play on my PC :3 though I own a XBOX360 as well XD
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Funantic1  +   854d ago
X1 first. Then I'll buy a PS4 when they release a new Uncharted.
Galletto3  +   854d ago
Man I wish I could get both, but just like this generation, I probably will never get around to or have the funds for it.

I know I'll get disagrees, but prob the X1 for me. I know that makes me stupid/evil or whatever, but I am going to have fun with it, and thats what matters.

And I hope other people enjoy their console no matter their choice.
XisThatKid  +   854d ago
Your decision doesn't make you evil or whetever. It may give you disagree's but all thay means is that stangers didn't agree with what you said. P utting a disclaimer on it won't make them any less. Either way you just appear self conscious in a virtual room about an opinion based question with a bunch of opinionated and passionate gamers with internet access.

All in all....best keep your comments untimely fate to the community.

BTW I won't get an X1 most likely but I do agree with what you said about the fun thing and what matters.
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Galletto3  +   854d ago
Nah more like annoyed than self conscious.

Like the user up top who said hes getting an X1 and has a ton of disagrees. Like did strangers not agree that's the console hes going to get? XD
bellome  +   854d ago
The 4.
leogets  +   854d ago
more people seem to be heading towards ps4 on an american site.. interesting...
XisThatKid  +   854d ago
Where have you been?
tubers  +   854d ago

I'm already invested in the Sony platform with the PSP, PSV and PS+.

I'm likely to get an X1 late into its life cycle as I feel confident that Kinect 2.0 will have some interesting or even practical features for more "core gaming" much later on.
Sub-Zero85  +   854d ago
PS4 of course !
mrmancs  +   854d ago
Ps4 pre ordered.
first1NFANTRY  +   854d ago
PS4...variety is Sony's middle name.
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