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Submitted by Shok 935d ago | news

78.2 Million Xbox 360s Sold


'Microsoft's current-generation system reaches new sales milestone since launch in 2005.

Microsoft sold 1 million Xbox 360s during the past three months, helping push worldwide life-to-date sales to 78.2 million, the company has revealed as part of its latest earnings report.' (Xbox 360)

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Hatsune-Miku  +   935d ago
the ps3 has sold more units than the xbox 360 with ps3 coming out a year and 4 months later and always priced higher
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faysal  +   935d ago
on the article he mentioned how MS has said they sold 7.8 million but vgchart has them on 77million.. but the forgets to mention sony has said they sold 80miilion ps3 but vg has them on 7.8..
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faysal  +   935d ago | Well said
you see every companny uses shipped number no matter what!... companny dont LEND shops console or products to sell... shop dont go to compannys and say give us some console and if we can sell it we will pay you and if we cant you take back the stock.. thats not how it works. shops have to buy stocks from compannys and so on, thus shop can afford to give us DEALS! and BUNDLES! maybe you should take a business lesson... and have you got anything to back up the statement MS uses SOLD number? where did MS say that?.
at the end of the day i love gaming... but when i see stupidity in gaming journalism i have to step in...
RDF  +   935d ago

You are correct on that. Retailers need topurchase the stock before hand. They may get a bulk discount but still have to pay for it. As for the article,without the MS report attached we will just have to keep guessing.
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trafalger  +   935d ago
Sony never identified how many ps3 were sold or shipped. they add ps2 sales with it.

it also took them 4 years to turn a profit and the xbox360 is only a $100 cheaper than when it was released 8 years ago while the ps3 dropped in price by 50%.
dedicatedtogamers  +   935d ago
I wish there was a way to check "installed base", which is a significantly more meaningful number in light of the number of people who bought 2, 3, or more 360s from the store to replace their broken system (either due to being out of warranty, or before the warranty, or "just in case", etc)

When I worked at Gamestop years ago, I had a customer come in and buy two Arcade 360s in one transaction "just in case mine dies". Anecdotal, I know, but there were a lot of customers who came in to buy Arcades instead of waiting a month for their old system to be sent back by Microsoft.
YNWA96  +   935d ago
Zachriel, you are exactly right about it being so incredibly petty about sales figures. Its like life is not worth living if either has sold more than each other. I have never understood people who gloat over these figures. I wonder if they get on rooftop and shout it out all over the place. Even having this discussion is embarrassing....
DragonKnight  +   935d ago
@Zachriel: "Besides while Microsoft tend to work in consoles "Sold", Sony tend to work in consoles "Shipped" which is where your 80 million figure comes from."

False: All 3 companies report shipped numbers as sold because they are bought by retailers.

@trafalger: "Sony never identified how many ps3 were sold or shipped. they add ps2 sales with it."

Common sense dictates that that is a recent trend as the PS3's numbers would have surpassed the 360's a LONG time ago if they were ALWAYS combining numbers. If you look through the sales reports, I'm sure one can find when this started and still end up with the same result of Sony outselling the 360. It's not hard to imagine given that the PS3 has outsold the 360 every year (with some arguing about 2011) since it launched.

"it also took them 4 years to turn a profit and the xbox360 is only a $100 cheaper than when it was released 8 years ago while the ps3 dropped in price by 50%."

And Microsoft ended last gen with a $4 Billion dollar loss and added another $3 Billion in spending for RROD this gen. This is also Microsoft's second console and, as of this moment, they still haven't come out on top while Nintendo and Sony have both had leading consoles.
HammadTheBeast  +   935d ago

Did you forget that PS3's always been more expensive?
loulou  +   935d ago
same idiotic sony fanboys in here i see.

how about congratulating m$ on selling over 3x more 360s than original xboxs? you can do that, because then you would have to admit that sony sold ALOT LESS ps3s than ps2s... and that sort of stuff is not nice to admit to is it. infact i should imagine that it hurst quite a few of the f#king fanturds on here

@dragonknight. and how much cash did sony lose on the ps3 as well?? i have read anything between 3 to 6 billion or all the profit that they made on the ps2.
trafalger  +   935d ago
"Did you forget that PS3's always been more expensive?"

so is ferrari when compared to corvette zr1. would ferrari drop the price by 50% in order to compete against the zr1? no but sony knows its closest rival has been the xbox360 and they were forced to continue to drop the price to remain competitive. m$ didn't have as many price drops and was making money on the hardware much sooner. now m$ faces the same challenge with the xbone compared to the ps4.

"Common sense dictates that that is a recent trend as the PS3's numbers would have surpassed the 360's a LONG time ago if they were ALWAYS combining numbers. If you look through the sales reports, I'm sure one can find when this started and still end up with the same result of Sony outselling the 360. It's not hard to imagine given that the PS3 has outsold the 360 every year (with some arguing about 2011) since it launched"

common sense would lead everyone to believe sony would be the first to announce its takeover of overall sales of the xbox360. that announcemewnt from sony has yet happen and at this point in time who really cares other than fanboys?

the success of the xbox360 compared to the first one lies in many areas. one is developer support, namely japanese. two is breaking into such a cut throat market as sony sees in the handheld area. becoming a one of three main player where we didn't have the ps3 dominate like the ps2 did also shows signs of the xbox growth, while capitalizing on its previous entry on the original xbox and having it still be competitive 8 years later. sony on the other hand gave up some of that market share due to bluray. the system was delayed because of it and cost more money having it. all because sony needed to make sure it won the next format after other entries of failures like umd and betamax. the value of the playstation brand remains strong but the ps3 certainly tarnished its value. meanwhile the xbox brand has increased in value this generation. that could slip with the xbone.

"And Microsoft ended last gen with a $4 Billion dollar loss and added another $3 Billion in spending for RROD this gen. This is also Microsoft's second console and, as of this moment, they still haven't come out on top while Nintendo and Sony have both had leading consoles.'

one has shown the division profiting in the latter half while the other bled money while using previous resources to keep itself afloat. sony needs the ps4 to be a success and cannot afford it to be a failure or even stagnant like the vita has been. luckily all signs are showing the ps4 to be on the right track.

the market not only forced sony to keep dropping the price of the ps3 but it also forced sony to reevaluate how they make hardware. the ps4 will finally be a developer friendly console after all the backlash of inferior 3rd party games and difficulties to work with and poor development tools offered by sony early on.

so why are some people denouncing the success of the xbox360?

the market doesn't care about yesterday and companies like nintendo will soon find that out the hard way. so it doesn't matter if nintendo had the best selling system back in the eithties. sony has been making good headway since midway of the ps3. that is all because of the competitive market and like it or not the xbox360 was highly competitive and so will the xbone.

a loyal fanbase can only carry a system so far as we have seen with the vita and to some degree the wii u. it isn't how well the ps4 or xbone sell right away, it's how they sell 2 years from now and after. that's why the xbox360 needs to be credited for being relevant for over 8 years. something many probably thought impossible back in 2005.
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YNWA96  +   935d ago
@ Trafalger, I fell asleep after 'did you forg' What is your point?
gaffyh  +   934d ago
Good for MS, I wonder if it will pass 100 million ever. Can't see it happening because of the new consoles, but would be interesting to see how long PS3 and 360s legs stretch.
inveni0  +   934d ago
Should we divide the 360 numbers by 3 in order to determine how many households have a 360? In other words, make a RROD adjustment? It's kind of like when I go to buy my kids' backpacks for school. They are made to only last a single year. That way, we have to buy again the next year. It's a good way to move product.

MariaHelFutura  +   935d ago
Vgcharts has slanted numbers towards the 360 since this generation began. The 360 ended up in 3rd, deal with it. Even w/ all the propaganda (like vgcharts and the ps3 doom and gloom) it's still outsold the 360 and that hurts some peoples feelings.... alot.
creatchee  +   935d ago
And the Wii ended up in 1st. Shall we deal with that also?
badz149  +   934d ago
yeah, we should. but the Wii is pretty much dead sales-wise worldwide while the PS3 is still selling strong and the 360 too especially in the US. the PS2 took almost 12 years to sell 150mil and the PS3 is already at more than half of that after 6 years. Nintendo has already abandoned the Wii and it's pretty much clear the Wii will never catch on to the PS2 but chances are greater for the PS3 to outsell the Wii in its lifetime.
Anon1974  +   934d ago
I've pointed this out before, but I find it interesting that when looking at the sales this past 7 years, it's completely ignored that the PS2 was still selling up until recently.

Sony was the only company offering not one, but two home videogame consoles during this period and when you look at the figures, which are readily available, it's clear that Nintendo didn't rule the living room these past seven years, combined PS2 and PS3 sales did (not counting the PS2 sales that came before the PS3's launch, of course).

Really, did the Wii end up first these past few years? Was the PS2 not still offering it competition in the living room up until recently? So why when looking at the battle for the living room for the past seven years do people always ignore that there was a 4th console out there pretty much this entire time?
ZeroX9876  +   935d ago
well the 360 was released 1 year prior to PS3 release....
1 year advance is a lot of time
Cmk0121  +   935d ago
well gamespots article says MS has passed them and the lead between either is negligible. lots of people bought ps3 because it was the cheapest blu ray player on market on top of the whole ASIAN market basically boycotting the xbox 360. in the end its a wash and the wii won last gen so no chest beating for either ps3 or xbox 360. MS cleaned up with 3rd party sales taking hold on their consoles as basically every multiplat major sporting or fps title outsold nearly 2-1 on xbox 360 over ps3. IE madden, 2k, cod, bf series etc
DragonKnight  +   935d ago
"well gamespots article says MS has passed them."

Gamespot doesn't know jack. They say flat out what MS sold and then say Sony sold an estimated 77 million. That's funny because that means that Sony hasn't sold any PS3's in months then because it's been at 77 million for at least 2 months.

"lots of people bought ps3 because it was the cheapest blu ray player on market."

Incorrect. The people who bought a $600 PS3 were gamers and bought it for games. The misconception that it was bought for a Blu-Ray player stems only from MS fanboys.

Edited for a misunderstanding.
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Ace Killa 08  +   935d ago

"Incorrect. The people who bought a $600 PS3 were gamers and bought it for games. The misconception that it was bought for a Blu-Ray player stems only from MS fanboys. "

No YOU are Incorrect.
Average price of a Blu-ray player back on 06 $1000 - $1,200. It was cheaper to buy a Ps3 than the blu-ray player at the time.

So there you go, it was a cheap blu-ray player for people to enjoy, at the same time it played games. You have the misconception of assuming that only gamers bought the cheap bluray player, I mean PS3. You have no evidence to prove it, however other media sites and Sony did use it a selling point to persuade buyers to get a Ps3 instead of an expensive bluray player.
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rainslacker  +   934d ago
Generally I think any console that sells over 50 million is worth congratulating. After that the only reason to compare them is for fan boy pride. After 50 million they will likely get plenty of support.

What I take from the article is that console gaming is stronger than ever, and is not on the way out, like many would hope or claim.
DragonKnight  +   934d ago
@Ace Killa 08: So an opinion article from endgaget is proof that people didn't buy a PS3 for games and instead bought it for the Blu-Ray? GTFO with that B.S.

I can't believe the lengths people will go to to still bash the PS3.
Benchm4rk  +   934d ago
@dragonknight. Sorry mate but I in fact did buy a ps3 as my primary blu ray player because at the time blu ray players were around the same price. Also I knew that it would only require a firmware update to be able to play 3d blurays where if I had only bought a blu ray player then I would of had to rebuy a 3d bluray player when they came out. So it is least on my part some people did only purchase a ps3 for the bluray player

Edit.. I am in Noway trying to bash Sony or take anything away from there success in sales. Out of the nearly 80million consoles they have sold it may very well only be a very small percentage that didn't buy one for the games. I am just stating my reason for buying a ps3 was not for the games but as a blu ray player. With that aside I have played a few games on it but not for a long time
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Death  +   934d ago
The first Blu-ray players were indeed over $1000. The 20 gig PS3 was half the price and a better player. We have no idea how many were sold for Blu-ray use alone, but it did indeed happen. At this point in the hardware cycle it's probably a neglible amount.
Godz Kastro  +   935d ago
Hatsune... Stay on subject. If you dont like that theyve sold so many consoles dont jump in and read.
AngelicIceDiamond  +   935d ago
@Miku Really, what are Sony's numbers?
CrossingEden  +   935d ago
evaryrthang is a contast on ne4g, seriously, STOP mentioning ps3/ps4 on EVERY single article about xbox or xbox 1, grow up people!
DragonKnight  +   935d ago
The article itself mentions PS3.

In the immortal words of Boondocks.
devwan  +   934d ago
@DragonKnight What, you don't expect him to actually bother reading the articles do you? Not when there are Sony fanboys to be shouted at!!11one
Dan_scruggs  +   935d ago
And yet they have still lost billions every year. It's a hollow victory. One day people will realize that it's not about sales it's about profit. If Sony sells more systems but sells them at a huge loss they still lose.
zebramocha  +   935d ago
That sounds like damage control as you don't lose money without getting something in return,people state Sony would neve pass Ms they have.
kneon  +   935d ago
They both did poorly as far as profit goes. Microsoft is still in the red by several billion dollars overall, that's why we get investors telling them to dump the xbox business.
devwan  +   934d ago
@kneon Actually it's probably several more billion now after $1billion spending on game creation/paid exclusives and their share of the processor design costs with AMD.
Death  +   934d ago
I don't think many really thought PS3 would never pass the Xbox 360 in sales overall. The PS3 has been steadily outselling the Xbox360 worldwide on an annual basis since maybe 2007 or 2008. It took almost 7 years to pass the 360 which is quite the feat for Microsoft since the popular belief was Sony would do it very quickly.

If you compare the performance of each console like Sony and Microsoft, the Xbox 360 has sold more than 3 times as many units as the Xbox while Sony has sold half as many PS3's as PS2's. From a profit perspective, the Xbox brand has been making a profit for quite some time while the Playstation brand has just started posting profits.

Sony outselling Microsoft is a hollow victory since last time around Sony dominated in sales with over 150 million PS2's to 25 million Xbox's. Today the PS3 and Xbox360 sit around 80 million each.
D-riders  +   935d ago
how and why do people disagree with facts?????
iMixMasTer872   935d ago | Spam
XboxFun  +   935d ago
It also had to drop its price MULTIPLE times and go under revisions many, many times just to compete!

Yup, good job PS3.
MariaHelFutura  +   935d ago
Microsoft required a handicap to even be competitive, not to mention rrod padding numbers.

THAT deserves an applause.

They haven't even sold as much as the PS1 in 2 generations.
XboxFun  +   935d ago
Hahaha, suuuure they padded RRoD numbers. Just like Sony hardly if ever released officials sales data during it's first couple of years of PS3 release.

That deserves a standing ovation.

The 360 stole Sony's thunder and they are about to do it again.
dcj0524  +   935d ago
It only got revised once. And dropped the price twice. You make it seem like several.
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BlaqMagiq24  +   934d ago

Being in third place this gen is stealing Sony's thunder? Yeah okay whatever you say.
Death  +   934d ago

The Wii pretty much ran off with everybodys thunder. The PS3 and Xbox360 are fighting for second place. Kind of neat when Sony outclassed Nintendo and Microsoft last gen.
IcicleTrepan  +   935d ago
who cares? Does it make your video games on your PS3 any more enjoyable? quit being a mega fanboy. It's not like they have an overwhelming win here. You're splitting hairs over nearly identical numbers in the grand scheme of things.
HumanAfterAll  +   935d ago
Still losing to the Wii.

A casual game system.


Plus why do you fanboys act like it's been outselling it the whole time? It JUST out-sold it in December. SEVEN years after being behind.

Time to get over yourselves..
Hicken  +   934d ago
Um, that's because it HAS been outselling it since launch. The yearly totals have been in the PS3's favor every year.

Amazing how some of your brains work. With at least a year more on the market that gave it an approximate 10 million unit lead, you'd think the 360 would have created an insurmountable lead. Instead, it was outsold years ago by the Wii, and early this year or late last year by the PS3.

They had the whole market to themselves, and turned it into a third place finish.

Tell me: does it not occur to you that the ONLY reason the 360 didn't get outsold year one was because it had a year lead? That, had the two systems launched at the same time, the PS3 would have put the 360 behind it after the first year?

If you don't think that makes sense, then I suggest you take up something other than thinking. Cuz that's such a no-brainer that it should be impossible to miss.
HumanAfterAll  +   934d ago

Wow. try and call me stupid just because you're a fanboy.

Grow up a little.

YOU STILL LOST TO A CASUAL CONSOLE. you gonna cry me a river?
Hicken  +   933d ago
Well, since I'm not Sony, I didn't lose to anything, so there's that.

Second, I didn't call you stupid. A little daft, maybe. Intentionally ignorant, most likely. But I didn't say you were stupid.

Third, it's hard- nearly impossible- for someone to take your "Grow up" line seriously when you've just blindly called someone a fanboy for stating facts?

Fourth, the PS3- and 360, to an extent- are still selling quite well. I believe the PS3 is on pace for about 9 million this year. The Wii, on the other hand... MAYBE two. I'm sure you've read this before- and chose to pretend you didn't, for the sake of your horribly flawed argument- but the PS3 could well find itself in first before it's done being supported. It's just about half the age of the PS2, and sitting at roughly 80 million sales. Not to mention it STILL hasn't hit $199.

So... yeah... pretty much all your arguments are invalid, and your insults do more harm to your own image than mine.

Good job, there.
StoutBEER  +   934d ago
Can't believe Zachriel got so many dislikes. N4G must be filled with either children or VERY immature adults. Im 24 and I thought I was immature for watching cartoons, but this? This is just ridiculous.
Flames76  +   934d ago
They both have shipped 78.2 million units.The only difference is PS3 has lost over 5 billion while the Xbox division has done billions in profit since september 2007.In the past 3 quarters alone the Xbox division has done 2.1 billion profit.Plus Xbox owns the U.S where 60% of the gaming market is you have to be number 1 here bottom line.Xbox has been number 1 in the states for 30 months straight a record that will never be touched.Xbox 360 will finish this gen number 1 here after it overtakes the Wii by years end.Not only that but the 360 will pass the PS2 which holds the record for the most units sold in the U.S with 50 million.
avengers1978  +   934d ago
World wide sales matter, not just US sales.
avengers1978  +   934d ago
At this point I think it's fair to say its a tie.
solidt12  +   934d ago
Good for Xbox 360. Especially with the whole red ring of death issue. They could of failed.
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Bluemaster77  +   934d ago
Dude who gives a damn about any of this.
zeal0us  +   935d ago
These sales figures only help to stroke the fanboys from both sides egos.
Donnieboi  +   935d ago
Why do people even still care? Next gen is finally about to begin.
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LogicStomper  +   935d ago
Why should we even care at all? We're the consumers not the employees.
trafalger  +   935d ago
they both did well but some want to feel like a winner.
rainslacker  +   934d ago
I feel like a winner because I've played a lot of great games this gen.:)

Console preference is moot to that fact.
safsaan  +   935d ago
people want to justify their purchase so thats why they care. Everyone likes to be on the winning side, that's basic human nature, but the immaturity has no excuse.
TheLyonKing  +   935d ago
Well considering when the ps3 was launch the 360 was already creeping to 10mil and no it's behind shows how well Sony did.

Wait for official numbers from Sony since ms have released theirs already.
from the beach  +   935d ago
Alternatively, you could consider the PS2 and say how well MS did.

..meanwhile Wii has about 100m sales, lol.
MysticStrummer  +   935d ago
Previous generation sales and market share mean almost nothing. It's been proven more than once.
GrandTheftZamboni  +   935d ago
You mean how many each console sold in its 2nd iteration?
Minato-Namikaze  +   935d ago
But then you're comparing 12 (ps2) years if sales vs 7 1/2 years (ps3)
YodaCracker  +   935d ago

Previous generation sales mean nothing? Absolute nonsense. The PlayStation brand has a very strong legacy and the PlayStation name alone will sell millions upon millions of consoles. The PS2 absolutely dominated the competition last gen which gave the PS3 the biggest advantage or "head start" it could possibly have. The PS3 could have performed just as well as the PS2 (or better) if not for Sony's arrogance and many mistakes in the first few years of the console's life.

Despite Sony's blunders, Microsoft still had to fight tooth and nail to compete with the brand power of PlayStation. What happened was Xbox went from being outsold 6 to 1 by PlayStation last gen, to a virtual tie this gen. I see no other way to describe this than as a massive success for Microsoft and a wake-up call for Sony.

Now going into next gen, Xbox is just as strong a brand as PlayStation and both consoles are launching in the same window. Only difference is Xbox is $100 more expensive. This is the real fight. No excuses. Let's see what happens!
iamnsuperman  +   935d ago
Shouldn't we wait for official numbers?
Rhaigun  +   935d ago
I don't think we'll actually ever get any. Reports are always skewed the way they want you to see them. And, there will be multiple conflicting reports.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   935d ago
Passed it. Sources friendly to Sony will say otherwise.

Now how many of those units actually work is a different story.
Roper316  +   935d ago
with a years & 10 million head start to even be tied is a loss for MS. That means that world wide the PS3 has been out selling the 360 by over a million consoles a year to erase the 10 million lead and surpass it.
YodaCracker  +   935d ago
So tying their competitor who outsold them 6 to 1 the previous gen is a loss? Very strange logic. All that happened this gen was the Xbox brand gained a ton of ground, while the PlayStation brand lost a ton of market share. Microsoft was the complete underdog but in these 7 years, the name Xbox has become just as synonymous with gaming as PlayStation. You would be foolish to believe this gen has been anything but a massive success for Microsoft's gaming division.
devwan  +   934d ago
Sony didn't lose as much market share as you suggest as they were still selling ps2 and doing well with it until very recently. Not sure if they can do the same with ps3, but ms themselves believe they can shift another 20m units before they quit with the 360, I'd guess with ps+ being such a big draw recently that Sony could at least achieve that themselves... then we'll be left with a 3-way tie around 100 million units for Wii, 360 and ps3.
#6.1.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
IcicleTrepan  +   935d ago
Why do you care anyway?
Shok  +   935d ago
The title and link to the article were completely changed. Here's what it was suppose to link to:
#7 (Edited 935d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
RDF  +   935d ago
On top of that,if anyone remembers. Microsoft banned 1 million XBOXs several years ago due to out of controll modding. You can say that the final figure is artificially inflated by 1 million due to that. Those ppls must of bought new xboxs to replace their banned ones.
Minato-Namikaze  +   935d ago
They banned alot of consoles more than once.
LogicStomper  +   935d ago
Funny how you managed to turn the banning into a negative thing.

Those people that got banned, they deserve it. It was their fault for modding with FULL knowledge that it was against the Terms of Service. This already shows Microsoft's commitment towards keeping Xbox Live clean.

For those people who bought another Xbox after being banned, why do you think they bought another one? Is it because they don't like Xbox? Well clearly, it shows they ENJOY their Xbox.

I seriously don't see why you people are so pessimistic towards Microsoft yet optimistic towards Sony.
rainslacker  +   934d ago
I don't think he turned it into a negative thing. Just speculated that those 1 million padded the numbers by replacing their banned Xbox. No different than the speculation around RROD replacements padding the Xbox sold numbers. No definite numbers available so we can only assume.

In the end, install base is more important than number sold. The two numbers are corollary, but number sold doesn't mean how many are being used. Wii is a good example I think, since many people stopped buying software and playing after the novelty wore off. Only publishers, developers, and console makers have access to those numbers, and I'm sure they're NDA's highly. These numbers are nothing more than marketing for all the big 3.
CoLD FiRE  +   934d ago
Still doesn't change the fact these were already sold. If I go buy an x360 and throw it off a bridge and then buy a new one does that make the sales "artificially inflated"?
avengers1978  +   934d ago
Not the sales numbers but it certainly effects the instal base.
IF( and yes that's a big if ) every person bought 2 360's and they sold 80 million that means they have an install base of 40 million( I am not reporting facts just a point made)
tiffac008  +   935d ago
Why is Gamespot comparing the current 360 numbers that ended at June 2013 to the PS3 2012 numbers?

Edit: They are also using the Wii numbers that ends March 2013 for comparison. Gamespot should have waited for updated numbers from Sony and Ninty before comparing numbers.
#9 (Edited 935d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
avengers1978  +   934d ago
Yes they should have but then they wouldn't be able to spin the s!#t the way they wanted
Loki86  +   935d ago
22 million last gen to over 78 million so far this gen, congrats MS on significantly expanding your player base. Definitely the biggest leap forward this gen.
devwan  +   934d ago
Depends how you look at it. Some would say they dropped the OG xbox far too quickly in order to force the issue with the next generation and their 360.

Basically you can prove anything with statistics. A 3 or 4 fold increase in user base is to be applauded but claiming it as "Definitely the biggest leap forward this gen." is merely reinforcing how poorly the OG xbox sold in comparison (ie not much more than even the gamecube).

If ms were to increase their user base by 3 or 4 times again from the current gen then we'd have something worth talking about. As it is, with such a high price tag and no year or more head start over the competition, that seems highly unlikely.
rainslacker  +   934d ago
Despite some of their problems this gen, I congratulate them on a console war well fought. I never would have guessed it when the 360 was first revealed given the prior generation. It's been a couple gens since Sony had any real competition, and no one can reasonably deny that MS provided that in abundance.

Even to the naysayers trying to lower the number through deductive reasoning, I say anything over 50 million is impressive. I do believe they'd be hard pressed to get it below 60 million with those discounts.

So kudos for them for expanding their market share and mind share and making the Xbox brand into something for more than the niche gamer.

And I say this as someone who doesn't really like MS right now, and admittedly prefers Sony any day.
#10.2 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Blu Ray3  +   935d ago
nice gain MS nice comeback SONY the end
iistuii  +   935d ago
What is up with you people. What's so upsetting that the Xbox has hit a milestone in their history. Whatever people say they have gained a massive slice of the gaming pie.
JonnyBigBoss  +   935d ago
Good game MS. It was fun.
#13 (Edited 935d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
allyc4t  +   935d ago
You guys should be happy that we have two healthy consoles that compete against eachoter. Who cares if one sold more than the other? That doesn't effect the gamers one iota. What does effect the gamer is the quality of games and hardware we get, which is pretty high because of competition.
tiffac008  +   935d ago
Sadly, sales numbers seems to be more important these days. Even the author of this article is using old numbers in comparison to the latest ones, for God knows what reason?

He couldn't even wait for the updated shipment figures from the competition before doing a proper comparison and even questioning that seems to be bad these days too.
TRGMatt  +   934d ago
"Sadly, sales numbers seems to be more important these days."

Exactly right. With "Google Trends" and "Twitter Trends" dominating AMERICA'S attention, being involved in those trends will dramatically impact sales. If one console can be universally accepted as the console to go with, Americans (who heavily fuel the gaming industry) will flock to that system. THey did it for the 360 despite receiving a poorer machine with generally poorer first party titles and games selection. A "trend" that I, personally, expect to change next-gen if only because most 360 owners missed out on a TON of great games while PS3 owners missed a few.

We'll see though. The fact remains that with over a year shorter life cycle, PS3 is neck and neck in sales with the 360.
_FantasmA_  +   935d ago
PS3 was more expensive, came out later and had American journalists trashing it (probably because they were jealous and saw it as a threat as well as the anti immigration movement). And yet it still came out on top in terms of games, support, and value. Impressive.
DonnieDarko  +   935d ago
To the ps3 fan boys - please explain how the wii was able to outsell the 360 inside a year despite 360 having a year headstart? Ms took a gamble releasing early without hdmi and bluray yes the rrod was a massive stumble however to squeeze 8 years out of the 360 is a great achievement for them and next gen it really is game on. Day one for both.
wishingW3L  +   934d ago
Wii sold more because of its explosion in popularity with grandparents and casuals in general? =/

But then again again:

X360 78.2/8 = 9.78 millions per year average

PS3 77/7 = 11 millions per year average

Even though the Wii didn't reach PS2 sales it became the fastest selling console in the history of Video Games.
#16.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   935d ago
360 has passed the PS3.

VGchartz and most NeoGAF numbers are fictional.
#17 (Edited 935d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
TRGMatt  +   934d ago
This isn't true. VGChartz contacts the proper companies for their own released estimates for ALL consoles and games. It's still not COMPLETELY accurate but its about as accurate as you're gonna get.

On top of that, even IF 360 has a slight edge over PS3 right now, what were their "sales" numbers like 16 months ago, when it would have been on the market for as long as PS3 is now? Food for thought. I'm sure someone has the answer and it doesn't bode well for the 360 fanboys.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   934d ago
VGchartz doesn't contact anyone and the companies in question do not sharer their coveted and highly secretive sales data with a fanboy trolling website. I have no idea where you would hear such a crock of bullshit.
TRGMatt  +   934d ago
Edited for proper reply thread.
#17.1.2 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
TRGMatt  +   934d ago
I've been in a position on a website where I contacted companies for their sales information. They don't HAVE to give it up, but they generally do and don't usually lie TOO much.

Unless gaming is COMPLETELY different than the industries I covered, companies will handle those requests much the same way. I highly doubt there's a discrepancy in how PR is handled in gaming. As a matter of fact, though I don't CURRENTLY deal in the financials of gaming, I do write and contact PR in this industry and they have treated me in much the same way as those other industries I covered before.

I could be wrong about VGChartz. I was almost positive that they at least did that rudimentary footwork required to publicize numbers like that with any sort of credibility. An assumption on my part and I concede, you may be right. you KNOW that VGChartz doesn't contact companies? Judging by the tone of your comment above, I am less inclined to believe you :p
#17.2 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
MultiConsoleGamer  +   934d ago
Retail sales data and the secrecy that surrounds that important information is the stuff of business legend. It is closely guarded information that is rarely given to the public and its usually only seen in quarterly and yearly reports. It's presentation to the public is usually done in a very controlled manner and the data is only released after it has passed through a PR filter.

NPD subscriptions, for example, literally cost thousands of dollars and the penalty for sharing the data is severe. And that expensive data still only covers 60% of the market in the United States.

I say again with complete certainty that VGchartz is utterly full of shit. People who follow that site have wasted their lives and should be ashamed of themselves for being so gullible and stupid.
avengers1978  +   934d ago
Vgcharts was known for under tracking PS3 sales, and was the end all be all for Xbox fans to say see we are winning now vgcharts has ps3 ahead, and there numbers are lies,
Ps3 was reported at 78 million sold while Xbox was at 77 million, since that time 360 has not outsold the PS3 in any month for world wide sales, making it impossible for the 360 to have reclaimed there sales lead over PS3.
It's important to note that the author of the article uses upto date 360 sales, but 2012 sales figures for PS3.

PS3 is outselling the 360. That does not mean you have to enjoy your 360 any less
MultiConsoleGamer  +   934d ago
For the past three years Sony was combining ps2 and ps3 shipment numbers to make it appear as if the ps3 had passed the Xbox 360. It hasn't. This was a desperate move by a desperate company. A company that has lost billions on the unprofitable ps3. (It sells for a profit but its far from recouping its losses making it unprofitable.)

The 360 has a solid lead on the ps3 and there is nothing Sony or its fanboys can do about it. 360 has lead ps3 in the US for 30 months straight.

BTW, your comment sounds more like fanboy cheerleading than an honest discussion of the facts. And bringing up vgchartz proves how much you really know about this subject.

Implying that I only own a 360, or that my enjoyment of any console hangs on my concerns about its sales proves what kind of person you really are. It's also a childish insult. You should probably put me on your ignore list because my truthful words are often too much for the hostile fanboys to bear.

Now if you want to talk just about working consoles I am certain the PS3 is far ahead of the Xbox 360. That's just common sense.
#17.3.1 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report
LAZL0-Panaflex  +   935d ago
Oh well. Your luck will pick up Microsoft. Maybe...?
Clarence  +   935d ago
M$ is the one that counts shipped. Sony and Nintendo count sold.
TRGMatt  +   934d ago
They all count shipped, really. Sometimes they use the word "sold" but that is misdirection. THis isn't isolated to the gaming industry, this is how ALL companies present their "sales" numbers so that investors are led a little astray. Modern capitalism. Make it sound better than it is so you look better on paper. Same story with the concept of inventory overhead.
rainslacker  +   934d ago
They all count shipped as sold. Shipped means sold to the manufacturer, and that's the only number the regarding how it's selling the shareholder cares about.

A long while back when print media was still king, Sony even said they counted shipped as sold for this very reason. They stated it was very hard to track sold to customers. Of course this was before the advent of the internet where those numbers are more readily available.
d_dogg2007  +   934d ago
Xbox + Xbox 360 numbers still less than PS1 lauched over 15 yrs ago! And MS is the big player in the industry?? Keep it up do MS at this point you'll just vanish and nobody will even notice which will be great for gamers!
testsubject  +   934d ago
Why do people care which company sold more consoles,just be happy with the one(s) you got and shut up.
#21 (Edited 934d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
wishingW3L  +   934d ago
because the one that sells the most gets the most support from 3rd party devs. So unless you only care about 1st party games then console sales are important.

Just take a look at the poor Vita and its lack of 3rd party support compared to the 3DS because is not selling as good.
medman  +   934d ago
Easy to sell alot of consoles when most of your consumer base has to purchase at least two of the units due to red ring of death. I've purchased two, and had many more shipped to me under warranty. I've had five individual 360 units as a result. Some of my friends have bought more than 3 xbox 360's due to failures. All this counts as new sales, even though you're not growing the customer base. Kind of pointless.
xReDeMpTiOnx  +   934d ago
Congrats to micro
Bigkurz85   934d ago | Trolling | show
Psychog  +   934d ago
One question? Where's ps3 worldwide vs 360?....... Ok than
MuchoHombre   934d ago | Spam
lh_swe  +   934d ago
strangely arbitrary number to report as some sort of a milestone. 1,1 million in three months is impressive, but a report on the total sales reaching say 100 million would be worth reporting, but since no such thing has happened this seems like a strange bit of info.

I expected the revenue to be higher, but a high number nonetheless...hoping this means more investments in next-gen games rather than the peripheries
modesign  +   934d ago
is this including the 1.5 million replacement 360's microsoft used during its RROD fiasco, if so then the real number is 76.5 million.
Funky Town_TX  +   934d ago
Congrats to m $. Its good to have competition. Before the 360 launched it was called the Dreamcast and now 77 mil units.
AutoCad  +   934d ago
very impressive for ms to sell these many 360s after the dominant ps2 era.this solidifies their position in the industry.On to the NEXT ONE.
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