Volition on Red Faction sequel: “maybe we could keep the dream alive at some point”

Saints Row dev Volition may no longer own the rights to the Red Faction franchise, but Volition’s associate producer Kate Nelson dreams of doing a sequel one day.

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Snookies121706d ago (Edited 1706d ago )

Armageddon was ruined the moment they decided to put the game underground.... -_- Such a bad idea...

If they were going to do that, they NEEDED terrain Geomod back, like in Red Faction 1.

Murad1706d ago

Whoever disagreed with Snookies has never played Red Faction before. Personally, I agree, I feel like they should have made it like Red Faction Guerilla and have more breakable stuff than ever before because that's what made the game enjoyable.

Derekvinyard131706d ago

Hands down the best destructible environments in gaming, it's so fun to destroy a whole wall with that sledgehammer

Kurt Russell1705d ago

Armageddon wasn't great, but it was still a lot of fun. The co-op was hilariously insane.

mep691705d ago

It was worth playing just for the physics and the guns.

CaptainYesterday1706d ago

Oh come let's make this happen, I would really love a new Red Faction :)

ironfist921706d ago

You killed the dream when you didnt make Armageddon like Guerrilla.

I want Guerrilla 2

snipab8t1706d ago

Yes. That game was amazing!

Kurt Russell1705d ago

I loved Guerillas MP with all the jet packs.

snipab8t1706d ago

I would also settle for SR 4 with fully destructible environments.

teraflops1705d ago

Make an FPS Red Faction (like RF1 and RF2) in an open world (like RF3)and you would be standing on the best Red Faction game ever made.


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