I Love Bethesda and All it Took was One Game

Kaleb writes, "We’ve all had those rare and special games that have come along at just the right moments in our lives that have touched and impacted us in some incredible and profound way. A game that redefines your favorite genre, publisher, and who you are as a gamer."

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Bigpappy1768d ago

I agree with about 90%. Morrowind on the Xbox changed what I expected from an RPG going forward. Before that My favorite series was Y's 1 and 2. But, where I differ most with the author, is that Morrowind is still my favorite game of all time even though I played and enjoyed Skyrim.
Skyrim borrowed some aspects of Morrowind, but is no where near as complex. Everything is simplified and that kills me a little inside. Because Skyrim was very close. Get rid of the auto leveling, and more factions I could join and make money more important (a true economy, then Skyrim would have a chance of being considered in the same league.

snipab8t1767d ago

Very true. I feel like Skyrim was way oversimplified compared even to the Fallout series let alone Morrowind. Bethesda are my 2nd favorite developers behind Rockstar. Hopefully they will announce Fallout 4!

R_aVe_N1767d ago

I am actually the on the other end of that spectrum. I really hate Bethesda and their extremely shotty programming. I did however enjoy Morrowind it was a decent game. Fallout would have been so much better if it was riddled with bugs/glitches. It is like these people don't QA the games at all.

rdgneoz31767d ago

I know the feeling. Couldn't finish the main story of New Vegas for a while due to a bug where I could not enter into the city without my system freezing. The water bug with Skyrim (freezing the system) was annoying for a while too.

brodychet1767d ago

decided to start a new skyrim game last night, and I was like "neat, i'm going swimming!" then bugthesda said no and my console died.

SlapHappyJesus1767d ago (Edited 1767d ago )

Morrowind was my first proper roleplaying experience, going back to me playing it on the original Xbox. Hell of a first go at the genre, it really cemented my love for RPGs. No game has really topped it for me and I constantly go back to play it.
The game has never stopped feeling fresh to me, despite having easily topped one thousand hours on the game. Hell, I haven't even modded the game yet. Soon to try that insane graphics overhaul though, now that I have a proper gaming rig.
That said, my love for Bethesda began and died there. Neither of the following ES releases holds a candle (and this is all opinion) to what Morrowind offered me. They replaced my dark, interesting and just alien-enough world for less interesting ones housed far more in reality and, well, were a lot more boring to me.
They also simplified the series to the point where it just doesn't satisfy me anymore. Especially when you consider that that places the combat much more in the spotlight, and that is not a good thing. Bethesda were always weak in the combat department, but at least Morrowind's crutch was that it was essentially an old-school rpg being played in real time. As far as that goes, it worked. For the newer titles, games like Zeno Clash, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic and Condemned all serve to show just how weak ES's first-person melee combat actually is.
The only game I can say I truly enjoyed from Bethesda since was Fallout 3. Though even that one is at fault for many of the same issues that seem to plague ES games nowadays - static worlds, level/loot-scaling and a lack of strong writing and player choice. The game still plays second fiddle to New Vegas, which I thought handled everything a bit better, especially in the writing and choice department. Bethesda games, as far as I am concerned, have devolved to little more than giant sandboxes for people to play in. As far as the games themselves, I know they are adored by the large majority but I just don't see it. I don't think they are interesting or even all that entertaining.

Mr-SellJack1767d ago

I adore Bethesda a lot,am trying to platinum fallout 3 goty edition now

titans99991767d ago

Bethesdat makes amazing games. Thank god for this developer! I have had little issues with bugs, they have NEVER ruined my gaming experience with Skyrim or the Fallout series. I hoe tet ontinue to put out more single player titles...way to go Bethesda!