Sony Pushing Blu-ray Aspects Of PlayStation 3 Starter Packs

Assembling bundles for consoles isn't something incredibly new to Sony, but on its latest selection of six PlayStation 3 starter packs, half of 'em are aimed squarely at the home theater crowd. The Fantasy, Adventure and Thriller packages all ditch extra controllers or AAA game releases to include a different Blu-ray movie, the PS3 remote and a paltry $10 savings. Given the sudden surge in attractiveness, we wouldn't be surprised one iota to see Sony continue to market the movie-playing aspects as Blu-ray awareness picks up.

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HighDefinition3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

"PS3 is a movie player only" speeches.

This is a smart move....

-They already have "AAA" Game/System bundles.
-HD-DVD is now gone....They won.
-Blu-ray awareness is rising.

So, it really is the right thing to do at this point. Alot of people are starting to buy HDTV with again, this is how this makes sense.

Fishy Fingers3909d ago

The PS3 IS a movies player, a HD movie player. I don't know why people see that as a downfall? When in reality, it's probably going to be it's advantage.

Genesis53909d ago

Yeah a lot of companies in Canada like Best Buy and Future Shop are recommending buying a PS3 to customers who are purchasing HD TV's

pharmd3909d ago

right on... why not sell all of ur major hitting points... they took the time and money to make a GREAT machine, now advertise it as an all purpose entertainment system.... go sony

HighDefinition3909d ago


Almost every flyer I see, has a HDTV with a PS3 combo/bundle.

MorganX3909d ago

Pushin' Bluray is absolutely the right thing to do. After all, it's the biggest advantage it has. Users now know about Bluray and know it's the HD format. No more confusion. With Bluray player costs rising a bit, the PS3 is looking awfully good. Get one of the better Bluray players for $399 and a Next Gen game console with built-in wireless for free.

But they do need to keep working on the online experience and online content. Based on hardware alone, this isn't a contest.

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niall773909d ago

for a gamer thats a important diffrece from the 360 and should be advertised more IMO

MorganX3909d ago

Let them finish the upgraded store then start pimpin'. The playstation store was one of the worst first experiences for me when I got a PS3. They taking the web out of it. After the overhaul, then start boastin' about it.

I still think content is quite thin, but that's improving too. I expect by Christmas all that will be thin is movie downloads.

Premonition3909d ago

I knew it was coming, sony has pretty much 2 ways to advertise this system, and have 2 markets to advertise to inorder to sell the system either way, the causals which include people that are some what into gaming and watching movies, and the hardcore crowd, so either way they can sell it.

FirstknighT3909d ago

I think it's safe to say that the majority of ps3 owners bought it for its bluray ability. I know 3 people in my family that bought a ps3 and use it just for the bluray. I'm looking for a ps3 for my gf who wants bluray with full BC for all the rugrats that bring their ps2 games. The Bestbuys near my house don't even stack the ps3's in the gaming area. You can find them stacked in the home theater area.

Sony's diabolical plan on hogging up all the movie studio support for bluray's inevitable victory is the main reason why the ps3 is selling well. Unfortunately for us consumers, bluray wasn't made with the consumers in mind since it's more expensive than hd-dvd.

Obama3909d ago

lol the consumer chose blu-ray over hd-dvd. Stop spreading fudge.

The Killer3909d ago

ironic how people change!

just as soon as they see they lost the bet they start being nicer to the other side, i remember u were saying ps3 is dying and blue ray was wrong and no body want it and it has no games and it lost the war and the 360 is the new ps2!

well if u gonna change then dont act like how u were before when ps4 launches!

PirateThom3909d ago (Edited 3909d ago )

Who cares where the PS3s are stacked?

The fact is, the PS3, unlike the Wii or 360, is not just a gaming console, it is a high end electronic device it plays games with free online, it's wireless, it's compatible with numerous file formats and disc types, it plays/streams music, it plays/streams movies, it has internet, it's compatible with many other standard devices, it has an HD format all as standard.

The fact some shops don't stock it beside things like the 360 and Wii makes sense, because it surpasses both in terms of what it offers, Sony have taken their console to the place Microsoft were most afraid of, their sole reason for releasing the XBox in the first place - Sony have a multimedia hub in millions of living room running an Open Source Operating System and now Microsoft is playing catch up because 360 offers no where near the level of media capabilities as the PS3. Microsoft and Nintendo made consoles, Sony made an all in one media hub.

Even the Sony centre here stocks it, and they never stocked the PS2.

FirstknighT3909d ago

The consumer had no choice but to choose bluray. Like I said, Sony owns most of the movie studios so it was an easy win. Hd-dvd is cheaper to produce and has equal picture quality of bluray and in some cases is better but none of that matters when Sony owns almost every major studio.

And I never said anything bad about bluray. All I said is that bluray will never be the beat out standard dvd. And I also said if you are interested in a cheap bluray player than a ps3 is a no brainer. It's the gaming aspect of the ps3 that is still lacking and that is what most of my arguments come from.

Bolts3909d ago

Bluray will never beat out DVD? Thats rich, considering the fact that it is the only HD format on the market.

Bubble Buddy3908d ago

FirstknighT: Not hard to lie on the internet. However, I know one kid who can only buy either Xbox live for one year or GTA4, sucks for him, I got free online...

jke823908d ago (Edited 3908d ago )

dont have kids for the love of god dont have kids and if you already do kill them so you insanity doesnt infect the rest of the world, secondly, reason for the prices so high was because of the war since all that hddvd crap is over prices will drop...just like 360 dropped in price after it was out a while and same with the ps3 and ps2 and everything else new that was evermade in this dimension if you want to worship microsoft and everything they do more power to ya but no sense in spreading fud

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