Gran Turismo and Forza series comparison

As this generation closes out, it's safe to say there is enough evidence to support both the Forza and Gran Turismo series as the top console racing simulations. Both have a large fan base who have been at a bitter war for years. Having spent considerable amount of time with titles from both series, different aspects of each title sometimes shine more than the rival.

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CoryHG1702d ago

b/c of metacritic opinion. have you actually played both games? both are great.

BadboyCivic1702d ago

Both are great. GT series wins this one

Colzer011702d ago

Yes I have. Gran Turismo 1 and 3 were all great, but for current generation, Forza series bested them all

Hatsune-Miku1702d ago (Edited 1702d ago )

when this argument comes up about forza or gran turismo and which is a better sim it normally exposes people who dont understand the meaning of being a real life simulator. people can argue which is the better game but it all depends on what you are looking for. if its an arcade racer then forza most likely for you but if you want real life car simulator then gran turismo is for you.

forza has had a lot of better reviews over gran turismo and when you actually understand the context of how most "game reviewers" reviews the title you come to an understanding that they rate forza higher scores because its much easily accessible to the more casual crowd. theyll even talk about the menu system of forza and how they like it better because its more suited to them.

its quite simple, forza is an arcade racer while gran turismo strives to be as real as driving certain cars in real life. forza devs have said they widen tracks to make them easier for people to drive on. most forza enthusiasts arent petrolheads to know the et. of certain high profile cars on certain real life tracks. the ets. in forza the times of the cars are way off a lot from the real life cars around certain tracks while gran turismo is such a good simulator that its getting tracked basically the same times like the cars in real life.

forza has had the better reviews because its reviewed by gamers who arent petrolheads so the ease of use is a plus to them. look on any reputable car simulation review site and they always choose gran turismo as the better game for petrolheads. these forza fanboys should know that everytime they take a car around a track that its physics and behaviour isnt like the real life car so cornering, braking, accelerating and times are wrong when compared to the real life versions. that is ok because some people arent petrolheads but they should know the truth about the games.

ShinMaster1700d ago

Colzer01 didn't read the article at least.

MysticStrummer1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Forza is a great racing game but for console racing sims, GT is King.

"Gran Turismo edges out Forza in the categories that matter"

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GamersRulz1702d ago

They are day and light difference. GT is another league of accuracy and simulation.

HurtfulTimez1702d ago

Speaking of day and night.. being able to blast down the nurgbergring on a rainy morning for the weather to then change to a sunny afternoon and then change back to rain later on in the pitch black of the night is amazing!! just being able to do this alone beats forza hands down,

hennessey861700d ago

" forza devs have said they widen tracks to make them easier for people to drive on"

errm no they don't, the only track that's to wide is the ring and that's because they are using the ring data from project gotham, lazy yes but that's the only track that's been widened. As for the rest of your comment, I'm sick of trying to explain to fanboys about gts flaws, its a waist of time.

shikamaroooo1700d ago

You're letting journalists choose with their scores over let's say motoring enthusiasts? Gt5 sold more than all forza games combined.

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Godmars2901702d ago

As long as MS is willing to sacrifice features and game quality, make Turn 10 rush versions out which focus on arcade rather than sim racing effects, GT will always win out.

KillrateOmega1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Gran Turismo is simply a superior racing simulator.

Forza is less about realism and more about accessibility and in my eyes, that makes it inferior as a simulator. It's more arcade-like.

TheKayle11700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

sure you are an engineers and know realistically how this two games react at physics or u just putting out air from your mouth like 99% of ppl that talk about simulations?

KillrateOmega1700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

Find a motorhead or any forum containing such people (or just some gamers with car experience), put both games in from of them for comparison, ask which is the more realistic simulator, and watch them pick Gran Turismo.

Heck, even the devs at one point said that they modified tracks just to make it easier on people :P

TheKayle11700d ago (Edited 1700d ago )

most of ppl that talk about simulation dont have an idea of how a real car simulation look like...

bot of them r pretty much arcade....and forza is just better done than gt end of the story...(also gt5 toke 6 years to come out)

ShinMaster1700d ago

"also gt5 toke 6 years to come out"


hennessey861700d ago

How is GT a simulator when it doesn't simulate vital things a car does like lift off over steer in a front wheel drive car, it doesn't simulate tire temps realsticly or tire width. you put a set of sports hard tires on a mini and a gtr and they will achieve the same levels of g force. It doesn't simulate a clutch properly, the ABS system is a joke, it doesn't simulate engine breaking and yet the supposed ARCADE racer simulates all of these things which can be seen in real time. I have played both games extensively using my Fanatec rig and I bno most of you people have only ever played forza with a pad. Try it with a 900 degree wheel with sim steering and tell me its arcade.

LordNikon1700d ago

No one said it was the PERFECT driving simulator though. Its still a driving simulator even if its missing some things or even if it doesn't perfectly simulate real life.

hennessey861700d ago

The problem is a lot of GT fans claim that very thing, saying its the ultimate simulator etc, when in reality it's not even close to the best which is iracing.

CoryHG1700d ago

I don't think a lot of people understand. this is a CONSOLE simulator. Go do rfactor if you want, but this is a console simulator

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