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Submitted by vector415 932d ago | news

Petition To Bring GTA V To PC Passes 200,000 Signatures

The petition calling on Rockstar Games to release GTA V on the PC has surpassed 200,000 signatures. (Culture, Grand Theft Auto V, PC)

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M-M  +   932d ago
Pointless petition, it's not like Rockstar isn't going to release it for PCs anyways.
vector415  +   932d ago
Wouldn't be so sure about that. A while ago Rockstar posted this job listing on their site before taking it down: "Rockstar Leeds are currently looking for a talented graphics programmer to help bring our latest titles to the PC platform. Working together with the other Rockstar studios, you will be responsible for maintaining the studio’s uncompromising quality bar, delivering the highest quality PC experience possible."

Now of course this doesn't mean they are talking about GTA V, but it's possible, isn't it?
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vishmarx  +   932d ago
they did that with mp3 and sales failed
also IF they announce a nex gen version ever
that prolly is the only time you can expect a pc port
not like r* would need it then
besides less than 2 months left
and when we know ps360 version will sell like water anyways
r* neednt worry about the sales and work on something else ,id rather
infct theyre better of clarifying theyve got no nex gen version
abzdine  +   932d ago
no reason to panic, it will come to PC sooner or later just like GTA4.
MestreRothN4G  +   932d ago
Red Dead Redemption is possible as well.



Nafon  +   932d ago
maybe they took the listing down because they found someone for the job?
cynthia12fidler   932d ago | Spam
Shadowsteal  +   932d ago
All those PC gamers shit on consoles on this site. And now 200,000 of them are crying for GTA5.
steve30x  +   932d ago
Not all PC gamers shit on consoles. I have a high end gaming PC , PS3 and Xbox360.
starchild   932d ago | Personal attack | show
kingduqc  +   932d ago
You are just jelly pc gamer get the better version of all the games you play and like.
Shadowsteal  +   931d ago

Crysis 3 with better graphics on PC doesnt make it "next-gen" compared to Consoles. If PC is truly capable of next gen for over 3 years now then why didn't they make games like the Division, Destiny, and MGS5 then? Why continue making linear games? Oh that's right because the majority have "average" PC's and consoles so they inhibit the next-gen traits of games so everyone can play.
Blaze929  +   932d ago
even if they weren't going to release it on PC (which they obviously will), what is a petition going to do about it?

Lol I swear people. Petitions have their reasons. A game not being on a platform you want, is not one of them.
cyril sneer  +   932d ago
Well petition's got dark soul's on pc and now it's lead platform for dark soul's 2.
Kalebninja  +   932d ago
they got us pandoras tower.xenoblade.last story why not gta v
Funnymonkey013  +   932d ago
Guys we know it will come to PC just like GTA4 but if it somehow doesn't well I think we all know y.
hennessey86  +   931d ago
I just hope it's a better port this time, GTA 4 was a crappy port.
FlyingFoxy  +   932d ago
It will come if Rockstar has any sense, if it has 64+ player online, with player created game modes like SA-MP, this game will sell bucket loads and be much better than the console versions.
ATi_Elite  +   932d ago
Grand Theft Auto started on the PC and has ALWAYS had a PC release.

I keep telling you MORONS that R* is somehow under contract to NOT talk about a PC version until after the console release.

just go play GTAIV PC and notice the large community still playing it because of the MODS.

Do you think Sony/MS who will help foot the bill in advertising GTAV want R* talking about a PC version?

Do you think Microsoft who will have Timed Exclusive DLC want R* talking about a PC version?


PC version will arrive a year later at the most with all DLC included, extra features, and of course those wonderful MOds.

anyway I'll be too busy playing StarCitizen or Elite Dangerous or X-rebirth to worry about not having GTAV.

also when PC Gamers speak things happen so this petition may force R* to address the situation some kind of way to ease PC Gamers minds but 200k means not very many PC Gamers are worried. (we got too much to play as is)
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skept3k  +   932d ago
There is no way in hell they wont eventually bring the game to PC. It's not that hard to port to PC, and they would lose a lot of sales.

I think what they like to do is get as many people to buy console release, then around 6-9 months release on PC with some small updates to get some to buy it a second time.

It worked on me with GTA 4, I bought it twice.
koh  +   932d ago
GTA will come to PC at some time, and this petition will have zero effect on when that is.
vishmarx  +   932d ago
Free GTA v !coolio
cunnilumpkin  +   932d ago
gtav on pc will come for sure, and it will be THE next gen version to own!

its not like ps4 or xbox1 can do even close to what a 3 year old gaming pc can, so even if the ps4 or xbox1 get a port of the pc version, its not like it would be close to as good as the pc version
Furesis  +   932d ago
what are you on about? lol so random
BeAGamer  +   932d ago
Afghani Kush
H3ADWOUND81   932d ago | Personal attack | show
HammadTheBeast  +   932d ago
Still waiting on Red Dead Redemption huh?

It's cute though, keep making useless petitions.
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FlyingFoxy  +   932d ago
2 words, Rockstar north.

This game will come to PC, and the multiplayer (if R* know what they're doing) will be much much better than the console versions, hopefully on the scale of SA-MP at least.
starchild  +   932d ago
Still waiting on Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2, Alan Wake, Mass Effect 1, and The Witcher 2 for your PS3 huh? Oh you sad, pathetic little gokiburi.
George Sears  +   932d ago
Mass Effect 1 is on PS3 though
starchild  +   932d ago
Oh, you're right, Mass Effect 1 finally did come to the PS3. It took so long that I kind of forgot about that.

My point is that ALL platforms miss out on games, and ALL platforms sometimes have to wait a little longer to get certain games.

I have no doubt that GTA5 will come to the PC just like all the past games.

@HircusCapra below..

You can't compare TFLOPs across different architectures. My HD 7950 has similar FLOPs to a GTX 680, but the 680 wipes the floor with my 7950. Don't try to compare FLOPs numbers that way. It isn't accurate.

Within the GCN family of AMD GPUs you can reasonably compare FLOPs, but remember that FLOPs are not the only measure of a GPU's performance capability.
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arjman  +   932d ago
Why does it matter to any of you which platform it releases on? Is it really that much of a win for you if a PC gamer can't play GTAV or if a PS3 gamer can't play Left 4 Dead?
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cyril sneer  +   932d ago
How are they useless as i already said above a petition got dark souls on pc so they do work.
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teraflops  +   932d ago
Okay then, let’s have a look at the new consoles and 2-3 year old hardware.

Xbox one = 1230 GFLOPS + 5GB DDR3 (allocated for games)
PS4 = 1840 GFLOPS + 7GB GDDR5 (allocated for games)

GTX 480 = 1345 GFLOPS + 1.5GB GDDR5

GTX 580 = 1581 GFLOPS + 1.5GB GDDR5

The Xbox One sits slightly behind older top of the line hardware, but has much more ram. While the PS4 is way ahead these 2-3 year old high end cards, I believe these next gen console wouldn't have any problem running GTA5 at 1080p/60fps. Even John Carmack said that GEN4 could run GEN3 games (which are in 720p/30fps) in 1080p/60fps without problem.

You're probably a typical PC elitist roaming on N4G spouting your inflated opinion and trying to convince everyone that GEN4 consoles are utterly weak, awful, redundant and everyone should be building a "beastly" PC...classic!
wtopez  +   932d ago
You are comparing the total ram of the consoles to the ram of the PC video cards only. Not exactly a fair comparison.
Autodidactdystopia  +   932d ago
OMG dude you forgot to include the processor in those "flop" calculations.

you seem to have only counted videocards themselves vs a whole system....

also for shts and giggles, lets check how many "flops" my 680 has.


not because those flops mean anything at all but because its interesting to see knowing that the 680 is only about 30% faster in real world performance than the 580 despite its double "floppy" flop flip count.

also you forgot to mention that ati cards always have a higher estimate flop count than comparative NVidia chips even though they are known industry wide to be slower...

my 6970 had 2.7 tflops of compute performance,

but ill tell you one thing is is literally half as fast as a 580 and about 40% as fast as my 680.
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gamernova  +   932d ago
So many people criticizing the petition. This is how PC gamers are letting their voices be heard. Why criticize the effort amassed by several hundred thousand people as unnecessary or pointless? Since when did it become pointless to make our voices be heard? This is just gamers trying to secure a game they love on their platform of choice. It will never be pointless to make your opinion known. Especially when several thousands of people share your opinion.
steve30x  +   932d ago
You didnt see the petition to get a better ending to mass effect get criticised this much. You know that if there is any mention of PC on here the Console only people make out that all PC gamers are the same so hate on PC gaming.
starchild  +   932d ago
What's funny is that the real reason most of them hate on the PC is because they are fanboys of one console and they want to hate on the other consoles nonstop and the PC gives a different context and kind of reminds them that there is something that makes all the petty graphics and features squabbling between consoles look pretty silly.

In other words they hate the PC because it gets in the way of them hating on other consoles. Pretty ironic if you ask me.
Seafort  +   932d ago
They can't really hate on PC gaming anymore though as that's what the new consoles are. They might as well bitch to themselves in a mirror.

With the x86 architecture, AMD graphics card and cpu it's the closest thing to a dektop PC the consoles have ever been hehe.

It's like buying a store bought PC (console) compared to someone who built his own PC (gaming PC).
aliengmr  +   932d ago
The issue I have is that we should even "have to" let our voices be heard.

I am not for begging Rockstar to do something that they should do without having to be begged. If they don't want to release it, fine, but they ought to have the stones to say that up front.

So its the principal of the matter. They are either completely out of touch with a portion of their fanbase or just being douchebags. We shouldn't have to petition them, they should have the respect to tell us one way or the other.
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VonBraunschweigg  +   932d ago
Previous petitions remained unsigned on the storeshelves for years while millions were playing the games on PC, I can imagine R* will decide one day that enough is enough. They make their money on consoles, why try to sell it to only a few hundred thousand when you know millions are going to steal it. After 5 years of hard work...

Only 200k. Wonder how many pirates are among them. You can also still sign for RDR.

Anyway, someone may hope. We will let you know in september if it will be worth the wait.
Oxygene2o3  +   932d ago
you will only add mods -.-
FlyingFoxy  +   932d ago
Wrong, GTA V's multiplayer on PC has the potential to be aboslutely huge unlike the console versions. Hopefully R* won't gimp the PC version to make the console versions look good.

64+ players, editable game modes, total freedom of the whole map, dedicated servers and steam works = ultimate GTA game.
TheOneYouHate  +   932d ago
Yea they just want to pirate the game.... lets be honest here

I know because I own a PC and my friend allways has the games on his PC before I can even buy it on STEAM. Bioshock infinite for example he was half way through before the game was even released. So I know he would get GTA 5 before me as well. He wants it on PC to "get it for free, why pay"
#8 (Edited 932d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
BeAGamer  +   932d ago
you are so closed-minded LOL
gamernova  +   932d ago
This is incredibly rude! Especially when I have over 100 games on my steam library. Not all PC gamers pirate. How ignorant...
papashango  +   932d ago
steam is the reason i stopped pirating.
FlyingFoxy  +   932d ago
Pirating is largely useless on PC, i pity the people who do it because they miss out on multiplayer, which on some games is the main and best point.
starchild  +   932d ago
I buy all my games on PC, thank you very much.

I do have a couple cousins who have modded consoles and who pirate all of their games. It's as easy as downloading the ISO, burning it to disk and popping it in the console.

Pirates are thieves and thieves exist on all platforms.
wtopez  +   932d ago
You don't sound like you own a gaming PC at all. I think your pirate "friend" is imaginary...
TheOneYouHate  +   932d ago
Ill be happy to prove you wrong. But here are my PC specs just to start.

Dual GTX570's
8GB of ram
aliengmr  +   932d ago
So your friend is a douche, what's your point?

You aren't statistically claiming that based on the sample size of "your friend" that all or even a majority of PC gamers pirate their games, are you?

Because that's kind of dumb, no offense.
SlapHappyJesus  +   932d ago
It's a pretty sure thing that the game will come to PC sometime down the road anyway.
CaptainYesterday  +   932d ago
I think Rockstar learned a good lesson from Grand Theft Auto 4's poor port they are most likely making sure that all of the versions run great on each system.
RockmasteR  +   932d ago
relax, it's going to have a PC release after all
George Sears  +   932d ago
What about a petition to make GTAIV playable for Windows 8? Sheesh. Steam account, GFWL and R* Social Club account and yet the damn thing refuses to load.
Autodidactdystopia  +   932d ago
my suggestion is that your OS is broken.. not the game.

use the best OS windows 7. :)
R_A_LEE20  +   932d ago
Sod that, were's the petition to bring it to the Wii U?
marcoskids  +   932d ago
The majority of PC players will just pirate it anyway.
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Firan  +   932d ago
It will eventually come to PC like every other GTA game. Releasing it first on consoles is probably their strategy to minimize pirating. This way those who would've pirated the game day 1 on PC needs to buy a console version if they want to play it early.

Of course a majority of PC gamers don't pirate, but nevertheless pirating is still big on PC.
The_Truth_24_7  +   932d ago
LMAO! So many butt hurt pc fanboys. #dealwithit
Einhert  +   932d ago
If anything dear sir you are clearly amongst the butthurt here.

to poor to afford all the platforms? oh such a pity #dealwithit
Einhert  +   932d ago
Envy really is rampant on this site, IF you come on and feel the need to bash something you are obviously insecure about not being able to experience it for yourself.

I would bet any money that all of the people here bashing PC have never owned a good spec gaming PC.

I pity such individuals who don't get to experience the best all platforms have to offer so they take out their estrogen fueled desires on opposing platforms.
skept3k  +   932d ago
There is no way in hell they wont eventually bring the game to PC. It's not that hard to port to PC, and they would lose a lot of sales.

I think what they like to do is get as many people to buy console release, then around 6-9 months release on PC with some small updates to get some to buy it a second time.

It worked on me with GTA 4, I bought it twice.
Krosis  +   932d ago
If it was anything like gta iv than I couldn't care less. San Andreas was the last gta I enjoyed.
Psychotica  +   932d ago
How long did it take for Rockstar to deny that Red Dead Redemption was coming to PC? I would expect the same for GTA V if it's not.
#20 (Edited 932d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
LiarasBoobs  +   932d ago
I want it for PC, but if they take a couple months to release it on PC after the September release, I doubt I can wait that long. Ill end up buying it for my PS3 because I'm impatient.
jjman5  +   931d ago
The only thing that both Xbox and PS users agree on is that the Wii U sucks.
thebudgetgamer  +   931d ago
Master race of beggars.
Audiggity  +   926d ago
@skept3k hit the nail on the head.

Why isn't Rockstar confirming/denying PC/PS4/XboxOne versions of the game? If they confirm it, current gen sales will dip. This is easy money for them... more importantly, easy money for TakeTwo investors.

If they deny it? Well, they'd have 3 petitions on their hands and a ton of pissed off fans.

A trio of next gen GTA V variations will be released. Likely with additional features to boost multiple sales per customer.

You want to know what would be amazing?! The ability to upload your saved games/characters/property/etc. to the R* Social Club, and use your saved games interchangeably between any/all versions. That would be epic.

I still bought GTA IV for the PC. And I played through a 2nd time. I'll do it again for GTA V, and R* knows it.

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