Player Gamer’s Ball #8: Why Pikmin 3 is Wii U’s Killer App

"Ms. Throwback breaks down Pikmin 3 in detail, explaining why its an absolute must have. She weighs-in on Microsoft’s new Xbox executive: Julie Larson-Green, and talks about the direction console gaming is going." -Play Legit

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bicfitness1823d ago

Don't do this to yourself. NPD will be the standard disappointment for Wii U sales next month. Pikimin 3 barely doubled sales in Japan and I bet they dropped back to 10k or less: we'll see tomorrow.

PopRocks3591822d ago

We certainly will see, won't we?

thomasmiller1822d ago

AAAAhhhh are we scared, nintendo is actually turning things around? yeah, doom and gollm all you want with Mario 3d, Donkey Kong, Zelda wind waker, Sonic lost worlds, wonderful 101, all coming out this year, mario kart 8, smash bros. Bayonetta 2, monlith's X coming out next year, among many more, ALL these titles will sale!! check your history, zelda games, mario games, smash bros. games, mario kart and donkey kong games, DO NOT BOMB!! THEY NEVER HAVE AND NEVER WILL!! this is just the beginning.. all of these games WILL SELL!! and make nintendo a profit... FACTS AND HISTORY ARE ON MY SIDE!!! CHILDISH RANTS FROM TROLLS ARE NOT!!! so yeah, nintendo can and will survive the next gen wars, whether they will be number one or not, well I am hoping, they can do it, but if you think the wii u is still going to fail, with the titles I just named coming out, then you better quit holding your breath buddy! or you'll suffocate to death!!!! just get over the I want nintendo to fail MYTH, wake up and enjoy your x, box, ps3, what ever and let us nintendo fans enjoy are machine, okay there sparky???

Tiqila1823d ago

its the killer app because there is nothing else?
I own a Wii U and besides New super mario bros. and MH3 there really is nothing there for me.

Will get Pikmin soon and cant wait for DK tropical freeze

Realplaya1823d ago

Exactly Pikmin 3 will probably have higher numbers here in the states as well. Plus Nintendo is ramping up the marketing.

Gamer781822d ago

How about indie games or maybe Lego City? Heck, give Need for Speed a try. I currently own those and a bunch of indie games and they are keeping me busy. Just a thought. Have a good one.

Tiqila1822d ago

Im not complaining! If I wanted to play games like Need for speed or lego whatever, I could aswell do that on my ps3. Its the exclusives Im after. Thats the only reason why I buy more than one console a gen.

Also I dont have much time for gaming these days, so Im fine with new wii u titles gradually coming up :D (as long as they are awesome, but Im not worried about that)

falcon971822d ago

There are tons of good games on wiiu....

yugovega1822d ago

lego undercover is an exclusive. if you want exclusives try it, or zombiu, or game and wario, which no matter what these reviews are saying, is not nearly that bad.

Tiqila1822d ago

Donkey Kong tropical freeze, Mario Kart 8, Mario 3D World, Smash Bros. or Zelda, those are the games I want to play.

Sure I also appreciate new Franchises like ZombiU, but there are also not that many of them out right now.

...which is why pikmin 3 is the killer app atm (at least for me that is)

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_QQ_1822d ago

Pikmin is not a "killer app"no matter how good a game,i doubt sales wii rocket untill mario and Smash release.
On Another note, People really need to buy Wonderfull 101, give platinum motivation to keep bringing games to wiiu after their 2 exclusives, maybe that will even give Nintendo motivation to buy them then they can make starfox.

Gamer781822d ago

I think Pikmin can be a "Killer App", but we will see. I totally agree with your side note though.

_QQ_1822d ago

Even mario alone wouldn't skyrocket sales but the accumulation of games that will be out by the time Mario releases will.
Nintendo's W101 teaser site just confirmed that it will have some sort of battle mode.

hatzwontfit1822d ago

I think it could be a killer app wiiu sales jumped from $6000 one to over $22000 the following week in Japan