Enlighten: Real-Time Lighting effects Shown for Battlefield 4, Mirror’s Edge and more

Enlighten's new video showcases stunning real-time lighting for next-gen and current gen games.

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Need4Game1435d ago

Make Battlefield: Bad Company 3 pretty please.

1435d ago
Einhert1435d ago


make a proper PC battlefield again instead of slowly reintroducing features from that superior battlefield experience.

Geezus1435d ago (Edited 1435d ago )

so more lens flare on bf4!?

elhebbo161435d ago

I dont see what the big deal with lensflare is, yes it sometimes blinding but its not like you look at the sky the whole game.

plaZeHD1435d ago

I can't fly the jets and the helicopters for that reason. It's really annoying. And even though they patched the flashlight, it's still annoying. Battlefield 3 proved that realistic graphics can't always be a great thing.

MidnytRain1435d ago


All that flare WASN'T realistic...

cunnilumpkin1435d ago

but the bureau x com looks like absolute trash yeah?
why would they even mention that game in this video

I mean it honestly looks like a ps2 game

maybe its just me, but just looking at that game pisses me off

don't ruin the xcom universe with some crappy console pew pew game

elhebbo161435d ago

but what about the fish A.I?

plaZeHD1435d ago

If the campaign is just as dull as Battlefield 3, it's not worth 60$ in my opinion. If they aren't willing to work hard on the campaign, why even bother with it? Just drop the price and make it multiplayer only.

Hufandpuf1434d ago

because nobody cared about SP. Fans buy the Battlefield games at full price even without singleplayer:

BF Vietnam

^ all full price no campaign.

plaZeHD1434d ago

I don't know about Battlefield 2 and 2142, but Vietnam and 1942 were way lower than 60$.

Hufandpuf1434d ago

But they were still full price.