Forza Motorsport 5 Developer Interview

Turn10 Studio’s, Forza 5, has quickly become one of the most anticipated racing titles on the Xbox One. Recently the guy’s at Xbox released an interview from this year’s E3 with the games Creative Director, Dan Greenwalt.

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Sitdown1739d ago

"Forza 5, has quickly become one of the most anticipated racing titles on the Xbox One"

Ummmmmmm, did I miss the announcement of another racing title?

kingxtreme811739d ago

Guess you did.

The Crew and Need for Speed have also been announced.

Colzer011739d ago

Playground games crew are making another racing games for Xbox One too, it's either PGR5 or another Forza for next year

Sitdown1739d ago

Ohhh okay.......I sure wish they would bring our another project Gotham.

Boody-Bandit1738d ago (Edited 1738d ago )

Playground Games is working on a sequel for Forza Horizon. Hopefully they will add ice and snow in the sequel and a bigger overall area to explore. I kept hoping one of the DLCs would expand the map into the mountains so we could have ice and snow.

Forza Horizon was an excellent first offering. I can't wait for their next iteration. But seriously, ICE & SNOW please. If PG does in fact include all weather conditions and surfaces, Codemasters will have to seriously raise their game with DIRT 4 to stay competitive. DIRT 3 was good but not great and Showdown was an outright disappointment.

I want a new PGR as well but leave Playground with Forza Horizon. Find another developer to bring back PGR.

3-4-51738d ago

There are 3 other huge racing games about to release besides Forza, where have you been the last year?

* PS4 & Drive Club, the one for PC releasing in late 2014/2015, Forza 5, Grand Turismo 5/6

Sitdown1738d ago

You do realize this is an xbox article, and the quote was concerning the xbox where have you been to think the games you mentioned are relevant to the post?

Mkai281739d ago

Not much of an interview, but did I read the article correctly and see the words " unique weather system"?

CRAIG6671739d ago

but but but, only GT is allowed weather duh!

Jakens1739d ago

Weather system might have to be downloaded. I don't know but kinda wish they would say something that's more exciting than "unique weather system"


Mkai281739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Could be something through the cloud, guess we'll see.

KUV19771739d ago

Rather something with clouds, seeing as it is a weather system they are talking about!

IRetrouk1739d ago

Did any of you watch the video? Not once is weather mentioned in the video

KUV19771739d ago

Nah, I was just answering to the comment. I don't see a weather-system coming to this Forza but you never know.

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xjatsx1739d ago

check it at 1min 10secs is that a new thrustmaster wheel. oh well looks like the fanatec wheels are not compatiable

Supermax1739d ago

They might mean weather system to what's happening in real time at the actual track.

Mkai281739d ago

Now, how about those custom race tracks like in PGR4'?..

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