The Last of Us Multiplayer: An Overlooked Mode Sets an Example in Smart Level Design

iLLGaming writer, T.Ray writes:

"Following my Review of The Last of Us Multiplayer and my Guide to The Last of Us Multiplayer Survival, I’ve spent countless more hours with the game, and one fine Sunday I had to sit down and pen my thoughts down on the amazing level design The Last of Us brings to us in its understated and underrated Multiplayer More.
Whenever I beat a single player story I do not always look into the prospects of extending my unique experience on the online mode. Majority of the times I’m shown the ground thanks to the existing masters of the game and other times I’d feel it’s just a namesake multiplayer mode. At times, even the word ‘online’ appalls me. Why? Because I usually like to play my style and not fit into an alerted and fast paced mode that almost every multiplayer mode compels me to take up. 2013, year of big online games, including Crysis 3, and soon to be revealed Watch Dogs and GTA V, but before all that takes place, let’s take you deep inside a personal favourite of mine from this year, and how it has lived up to its Multiplayer mode despite the limited play modes and simplicity in style, The Last Of Us Factions. This article will re-establish the simplicity and pure level aesthetics that the game mode delivers and sets a benchmark in, while being still at war with some of the big boys of the genre"

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refocusedman1767d ago

I definately agree, the multiplayer mode in this game is great fun and tense! Team work and strategy is def a must, if one person isnt on the same page your day will be long (from experience). This game to me is a breathe of fresh air; a break from the new established norm of FPS's. Now if we can get a new MGO my gaming needs will be complete.

Septic1766d ago

I'm proud to say I've laid waste to a whole team of communicating players on my own as my team mates quit. Ah, share function where art thou?!

But yeah, I have no qualms about the level design. The balance on them is brilliant and there are strategic points in every map.

Its a great game but I haven't been back yet.

Also, the whole feature about survivors is actually a genius addition. It really prevents people from rage quitting. If you do, your survivors take a big hit.

ArchangelMike1766d ago

I completely agree, the clan building meta narrative of the multiplayer is one of the main reasons why I still play the multiplayer. I'm trying to get my clan to 100 survivors.

The weekly objectives also have a major impact on what boosters and perks you choose. The healer and reviver perks are the main ones my clan survives on. You get the most parts. Here's hoping ND don't ever nerf it :)

thorstein1766d ago

One of the coolest experiences I had was while playing on the University level and I had just taken someone down melee style. I looked around and my teammates were all in various stages of doing the same thing. Rewarding to say the least.

Salooh1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Actually , the multiplayer for both solo and team players , that's why i love it. When i play a lone even if my team sucks i still kick ass because i'm a good player and enjoy the challenge and when friends invite me we still have fun playing together as a team ..

I prefer the solo because it's intense , i even hear my heart sometimes when the other team are only fighting me xP

Donnieboi1766d ago

MGO?! U said the magic word! :O

My heart unlocked.

OT: But seriously though, I hear TLOU multiplayer is like TSNE in MGO, minus the stealth camouflage. Sounds sweet to me.

Donnieboi1766d ago

@Ted: No I borrowed it from cousin. Money was really tight. We just moved, got 3 air conditioners, and had to hire a plumber for a repair. A new 56 inch tv and put $100 down to preorder ps4. New Games are not top priority for us atm. And I can't borrow it again now that I moved away.

TechnicianTed1766d ago

So you put a $100 preorder down on a console which won't launch for many months, but one of the best games ever made is not down on your priority list?

Ok, whatever.

Donnieboi1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

@Ted (again). Yeah it was more important to put $100 down on ps4 because the store had it's last ps4 preorder. Had I not done it, I would not get chance at having a ps4.

Stores are stocked full of TLOU copies. I can get one anytime. So with the limited time I had to secure a ps4 (which is of limited quantity/availability), I made a decision to get ps4. It's called time and resource management. It's what smart, THINKING people do. And besides, what's it matter to u? Quit wasting my time. Mind your business, and quit the cryin'.

TechnicianTed1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

Sorry, I forgot you were quite a boring person to talk to, I'll remember not to talk to you again.

'Had I not done it, I would not get chance at having a ps4.'

Lol. You actually believe that crap.

Septic1766d ago

Technician, why are you acting like a jerk?

And Donnie, that sucks man. I'd let you borrow my copy but you're in the States. Still.....some fanboy you are lol. Can't believe you haven't got TLOU yet.

TechnicianTed1766d ago

I asked him a simple question Septic and I responded, there was no need for him to get defensive, he could have answered me in a decent manner, but he didn't. So I replied likewise.

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kingmushroom1766d ago

i hate that head shots bring enemies to they knees...they should just die.

LoaMcLoa1766d ago

That wouldn't work when you have a Special Execution-mission.

Atleast it would be hard as hell to complete the mission

Inception1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I've seen people who headshots a couple of enemies with military rifle and it's instant kill. But the enemies not using armor though...

trenso11766d ago

sometimes they depends on how much health they have and upgraded burst rifle will pop their head off if your accurate enough

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ger23961766d ago

I agree mp is awesome, one thing they should add is the ability to defend yourself while your wounded. Once your wounded you crawl around waiting to be healed or executed.

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