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OXM: "Spartan Assault falls into 'good not great' territory within the franchise; it's entertaining, but it doesn't make a strong impact, nor should fans feel like they're missing anything essential if they don't own a Windows 8 device. But as a smaller-scale extension of Halo, it's quite stellar — and is especially important for Windows Phone 8, which has struggled to deliver worthwhile exclusives. Don't be surprised if we eventually see this on Xbox Live Arcade (or even Xbox One) after it's made its mark elsewhere."

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jeffgoldwin1819d ago

Want it, but I don't know if I wanna deal the hassle of going to Win8.

mcstorm1818d ago

Its a really fun game I have it on my surface RT. I would not get it for my Lumia 925 as I think the screen would be too small but it is a very fun game on my tablet.

For me Windows 8 on my laptop and Surface RT has been the best OS ive used in a long time I could not go back to Android or Windows 7 but we are all different.

vishant1011818d ago

I have it on the lumia 920 and its a very fluid experience no trouble at all on the smaller screen :)

mcstorm1818d ago

@vishant101 that's good to here I just think I am not a big gamer on my phone that's why I got it on my surface but good to here it works well on the 920 as it should run just as well on my 925.

malokevi1818d ago

Been loving this game. Luckily I got it on my Surface RT which came equipped with W8, so no need to upgrade anything.

Definitely the best game on my tablet. Don't know about replay value yet... but its looking good. No end in sight to the campaign, and I haven't hit the 3 star scores in most levels.

By far the best looking game on my surface.

mcstorm1818d ago

I agree same here by far the best tablet game ive played but that said im not a big gamer on my tablet or phone as I have a 3DS for that but with it being Halo I had to get it and so far im impressed and it gets better and better the more you play it.

malokevi1817d ago

Yeah I was skeptical after the first level but it picks up fast. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who thinks so.

ben_jamin01818d ago

i have it on Win8, so far its ok, it is kinda fun, first few levels are pretty easy but picks up however if you do not have a win8 phone or win8 then dont worry you arn't missing out on much

DeathScythe1818d ago

I hope they bring this to xbox live arcade I would buy it in a heartbeat.

CoLD FiRE1818d ago

Halo SA may not be anything special when compared to the main Halo titles but it definitely sets the bar for mobile gaming in terms of overall quality. There's a missed opportunity for online multiplayer though. It would have been awesome if they added a coop mode. Another low point is the Pay2Win model which while doesn't affect the whole experience that much it still sucks.