WWE 2K14: Additions That Make This a Must-Own Game

Bleacher Report: ''The release of WWE 2K14, the latest installment in the wrestling company’s video game series, is scheduled for Oct. 29, 2013, and the excitement is through the roof about the new changes to the franchise.''

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showtimefolks1793d ago

i am waiting for the next hopefully which will hopefully be on next gen consoles and won't be so damn limited, its amazing to be how the best wrestling and NFL game both came out last gen and even with better tech developers haven't been able to even just copy the greatness

give me a HD collection

no mercy
shut your mouth
here come the back
day of reckoning

hopefully next year's game will be under the real 2k banner, since this time around the game was already in development by the time 2k got the wwe rights

roadkillers1793d ago (Edited 1793d ago )

I don't want a HD collection I just want a good wrestling game. It is unbelievable that they end up fixing something, but in turn something else turns out terrible. We gained Universe mode, but in turn we lost career mode. We gained better CAWs that are fun to play offline, but online they are horrible. Speaking of online, lets get something that can actually run with zero lag... I press the punch button and it takes a good three seconds if I am in anything other than one on one.

In essence they need to stop, think, and make the wrestling game we all want. Tons of bonus content, career mode, flawless online play (including champion bouts), and more customization options. We are not too picky, we can handle average graphics if the game plays incredibly well... We just want a good up to date wrestling game, ones that can live up to the games last two generations.

showtimefolks1793d ago

i think some of these yearly games need to look at UBI and Activision and have 2 teams doing games so each will get 2 years to develop a game against of 10-11 months

i want a career mode where i start with NXT and get slowly called up to smackdown against competition i have no chance to win, to slowly build up for raw than mid carder than main event

along the way do away from the ring activities like have interviews,sign autographs,have a open world atmosphere without loading screens backstage

man so much could be improved, but like you said they improve one thing and loose another

Goro1793d ago

I think i'll skip this game, i'll wait for 2K15 which will be a proper 2K game and on PS4!

Trunkz Jr1793d ago

I only got last years game only because of the old school wrestlers, if they have a good slice of them back I might consider it, I don't care for any of the news ones since I don't watch it anymore, I only watched from like 1990-2002 or so.

showtimefolks1793d ago

you should check out Daniel Bryan, he is the best wrestler in wrestling today and had 3 matches in one night at tonight's raw

Goro1793d ago

and got powerbombed through a table...

sephiroth4201793d ago

i think im just gonna go back to playing wwf warzone and attitude, i agree with showtimefolks a hd collection would be good idea to release whilst they try to make a good wrestling game, how could they have gone so wrong from smaackdown 4 and 5...

myles1788d ago

put new moves in 2k14 game

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