Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII Won’t Let You Use MP To Heal

In past Final Fantasy titles, the Cure spell has always been a magic or ability that recovers health in exchange for a short amount of MP. In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Cure and other spells will be a little different than before.

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Mr_Nuts1704d ago

Yup...keep changing it piece by piece into a game which isn't FF. Not like you hadn't done that enough in FF13 and FF13-2 ¬¬

Shad0wRunner1704d ago

Talk about game changers...have you seen the trailer for FFXV? I saw that at E3 and was like O_O

That game dont even LOOK like a FF game AT ALL.

You can definitely tell SE is trying new stuff. Changing it up. Going outside the box with their ideas. It's no secret, SE is attempting to reshape FF and take it in a whole new direction.

One thing SE isnt doing with FF - going back to it's roots. Bold moves, SE...bold moves.

Mr_Nuts1704d ago

I think the difference with the FF15 gameplay is's not traditional FF but it's a hell of a lot better then FF13's system.

I mean it's basicaly Kingdom Hearts battle system and that fits more with FF then the one in FF13. So in a way I'm ok with the FF15 changes

Still hope turn based will come back one day though

helghast1021704d ago

What's with everyone saying this about XV?

Before E3 it was "Versus XIII is a real FF!"
Then they show a trailer that looked just like any other Versus trailer and people are saying otherwise, even turning on it, do people just hate things for the fun of it?

rdgneoz31704d ago

15 was suppose to have a style of gameplay that is similar to Kingdom Hearts, because it was being made by the people who made kingdom hearts originally. It was Final Fantasy 13 Versus, a spin off originally.

N4GDgAPc1704d ago


It doesn't change the fact that everyone was praising the game as a true Final Fantasy game before it changed to FF15. Not as a spinoff like Kingdom Hearts.

Godmars2901704d ago

This is Square Enix showing that its not Squaresoft several years after the fact of the merger.

They'll see new fans because of it, but they're losing some as well.

GrumpyOla1704d ago

@helghast102 and N4GDgAPc
I think the main reason, which no one talks about openly, why FFversus13 (or FF15) was praised as the true FF before E3 is because it was supposed to be an exclusive and once it went multiplat after all this waiting ...well I'll leave the rest to you to ponder on.

N4GDgAPc1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


Well maybe for some but I thinking more fans are ok for being multiplatform this time around. Porting it over won't be as hard compared to ps3 and 360. Really I don't hear much people complain at all being multiplatform.

Just its not final fantasy because it isn't turn base rpg. There people complaining that the game will only be hack in slash game. I guarantee like any other Final Fantasy game it will start easy and gradually get harder and if you want to challenge yourself there will be those side quests or extra bosses that are extremely hard.

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Funnymonkey0131704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Agreed yo its sickning that all these years sense 2009 when the shitty X13 came they wasted making x2 and now 3 that nobody fucking cares except 4 new players or JRPG players but never played the gold days of 2001 and under and SE could of made 2 new FF games over the years that they could of made us fans happy agian with them but no lets keep pissing our fans with the failerX13 series god I can't wait 4 the new shit FF game to fail even worse then X2 and maybey make them realize that as a whole X13 series is a complete failer think god 4 FFXV now that is what I call a true FF game with what looks like to have an amazing story and chars. Cause X13 OMG the most annoying and shittest chars. Ever in a JRPG game to date can't stand every single one of them and the story is freaking crap makes no fucking sense and boring .

N4GDgAPc1704d ago

I like people like you think just because someone likes 13 they never played the past games. Believe it or not I like ff13 a lot and played past games. guess what is on my top 5 games for ff? FF13.

There is a lot of people that do care about 13-3. But final fantasy fans that hate the game are so blind hated they don't realize that. They only care on what they want and when it doesn't satisfy there needs they get mad. They don't care that there are others that want it to continue. But I already know you don't care.

And yes FF13-2 did half the sales of ff13 but it still sold 3 million. There isn't much games that come out that even get close to that. They probly made good profit off of it because it was a lot cheaper to make it compared to the first one.

And now there complaining about ff15 not being a true ff game. Square-enix can never satisfy everyone. There's always someone complaining. The bigger the fan base the harder it gets to please everyone.

Godmars2901704d ago

FF13 fails because it fails to tell it's story. Fails even further because of its poor connection to FF13-2. Explaining why and how they fails, like asking why NORA even exist for instance, to those who like it has become an utterly pointless exercise.

It had been worth offering an argument, of saying something in regards to the level of exploitation Square took not only with fans but with narrative license, but with FF13-3 and the news that what's now FF15 will also be seeing at least two sequels, that is no longer true.

Enjoy the games. Focus on how many copies sell.

After all, that's why you buy them. Right?

N4GDgAPc1704d ago

Whats no longer true? ff15 isn't 3 games? I remember an article talking about that but square never really specifically said it would be multiple games. More like it was suggested because on how big the game is.

I wouldn't be surprised if that was translated wrong though.

slayorofgods1704d ago

I sure miss old school jrpgs.

chikane1704d ago

day one -_-

Still only buying this game if Vanille makes a appearance -_-

TongkatAli1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

Lightning needs to smile more. Emo main charactesr are the worst cause they put a negative aura on every little thing they do. Balanced characters are the best cause you get more depth with them and more writing.

Shad0wRunner1704d ago

Uhhh...Cloud and Sephiroth says hi.

Seriously, Cloud was so friggin emo in FF7...I couldnt tell if he was gonna save the day or commit suicide. And Sephiroth, well...good ol Seph just wanted to watch the world burn - Joker style. LOL

My point is - These 2 guys are the most famous as far as FF7 goes and the game wouldnt have sold as well as it did if they were all full of smiles and rainbows. ^_-

TongkatAli1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

True, but there wasn't all that going in Cloud's storyline, spoiler alert he is slightly boring and got all his fame cause he was the first in a new generation.

I'm not saying he isn't a good character, but their isn't a whole lot going on.

Funnymonkey0131704d ago

Lol wow so u don't like cloud because he won't smile dude try to be in his shoes with all the shit that's going on with his life plus he does smile once an a while just not every freaking time heck him being emo is what made him so popular cause we can all understand his suffering I'm guessing u really haven't played or understand clouds story at all there 3 things u should do if u want to really understand cloud play the crisis core on psp or vita then download FF7 on ps3 PC or psp and vita then watch the movie advent children.

N4GDgAPc1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )


Wow I think that was the longest sentence I ever read. Tried to read that without taking a breath. Almost didn't make it^^


Actually i'm wrong. I didn't realize it before your first comment surpassed this.

By the way crisis core was great. And I was one of the few that actually liked Dirge of Cerberus: ff7

vakarian751704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

I see that according to many final fantasy fans a final fantasy game is only really a final fantasy game if it's turn based.

DarkBlood1704d ago

well when you strip the gameplay out and just leave it at the story in a way it is really no different then any other stories.

the turnbased gameplay is what it was always known for up till ff11 i think but really if i wanted to play something like ff13 gameplay wise, there are already games out there that does that similiarly.

i mean i dont speak for everyone but i want to level up before fighting a boss and explore within the limits to find hidden weapons that give you an advantage and to be able to take my time making a decision before commiting an attack

you cant do that in the newer games where its making you act on the spot immediatly because all that does for me is go right down to the basic and just slash away like its an action game with no variety.

thats just my take on the matter.

AiirJordann231704d ago

I'm ok with change nothing stays the same anyway. If everything stays the same, then you're just playing the same game. I'm ready to see how this game turns out

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