Gi - Dragon’s Crown E3 Impressions

Gi - With this year’s E3, the next generation was in full swing. Developers were feeding into gamer’s visions of powerful hardware that pushed the boundaries of graphical prowess. Dragon’s Crown wasn’t next gen. It wasn’t an open-world game with online features tucked into every corner. Realistic mocap actors were nowhere to be found. Despite all this, Dragon’s Crown was one of the prettiest (and best) games on the show floor.

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rextraordinaire1796d ago

Yes yes and yes, but why isn't it august 6 already?

Can't wait to hold that gem in my hands!

TongkatAli1796d ago

I wanna get high while playing this with friends. Vanillaware games are better high and they're already amazing somber.

TongkatAli1795d ago (Edited 1795d ago )

Yeah, I just got home from a bar : / I even do those mistakes somber so the f what bro, LOL.

Inception1795d ago

Be patient mate, it's just two more weeks until we can play this babe! >.<