Apple refunds dad over girl's £4k in-game bill

Eight-year old British girl Lily Neale loves her dad's iPad. She plays games on it all day: My Horse, Campus Life and Smurfs' Village are among her favourites. She loves these games so much she happily racked up a real-world bill of more than £4,000 in in-game purchases (more than $6,000), tapping away at prompts to buy more jewels, coins and upgrades. Her father is somewhat less of a fan.

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RmanX10001677d ago

I wouldnt refund him anything. Idiot should've either put a lock on downloads or not given it to her in the first place.

CaptainYesterday1677d ago

I do agree with you but I'm sure he didn't realize at the time, don't you need to put your password in before you buy anything though?

Smoey1677d ago

I did not realise giving my creditcard to my 4 year old daughter on the internet was stupid can I have a refund on the £35,000 car she just bought? NO because I'd be an idiot to do something like that. The guy clearly is an idiot and should not have been refunded. If he does not look into the products he is giving to his 4 year old daughter that contains all of his credit information then it is his own fault.

xHeavYx1677d ago

What ever happened to kids playing outside with their parents?

hesido1677d ago

An important part of the problem lies within the store system. The default behaviour should strictly be a password screen for each transaction, or maybe something along the lines of a screen unlock motion to remove barriers while providing some security. However, that's not the default behaviour. Once a password is entered, it's valid for a good while.

I sometime give my cell phone to my baby, and there's a lot of potential to buy stuff everywhere even by randomly pressing without any conscious effort. Free to play games with ad popups, in game store screens everywhere. Luckily, I use a virtual card with a cap of 0. I'm immune to these silliness, but not every card has that feature.

dredgewalker1677d ago

agreed they should implement some kind of password protection to ensure that there would be no accidental or unwanted purchases.

Stsonic1677d ago

all these games should come with password transactions just like the store.

hesido1677d ago

This. As long as the default behaviour is to not protect the customer, the companies share some responsibility, not because its their fault but because they make it so easy to buy stuff but then bury store preferences deep and don't remind people of their options.

Old_Prodigy1677d ago

Apple has a heart? MINDBLOWN!!!

tigertron1677d ago

This story just keeps on repeating itself.

Parents need to realise that iPads are not toys and if they are going to let their kids play with them, then they need to watch what they're doing.

jimmywolf1677d ago

no the ipad is fine, parents need too learn the free too play, is not free. an their be chance things like this can happen with kids if your not watching.

bub161677d ago

two things.

The article says £2k

and the game developer refuneded him, not apple

dotarray1676d ago

£4k over several months, £2k in a week. The refund came from Apple :)

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