Marketplace Back to Norm. PS3 in Focus. PC Rising

fourzerotwo writes: "Just a heads up that it looks like Marketplace is back on it's feet and running as normal. You should have no problem buying or redeeming the new Variety Map Pack. If you tried yesterday when it was down and received an Invalid Code error, be sure to retry today with the same code. If you received the Error Message that your code was already used while it was down yesterday, just attempt to re-download it via the "Download Maps" option in-game or on the marketplace".

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DiabloRising3879d ago

Hopefully one of the focuses is fixing the horrid lag and terrible hit detection the new patch brought to many players. This is a great game, but man, we deserve a little more in the way of quality online experience.

DrPirate3879d ago

I'm still waiting for Rumble to be patched in. :(

Mc Fadge3879d ago

Can't wait for the new maps! I have also noticed bad hit-tests occasionally, very annoying when you do encounter them, so I hope it gets fixed. As for lag, I live in Australia, it can be pretty awful unless you're hosting sometimes :P

Any word on how much the maps will cost? I'm guessing equal to the 360 prices, but just to be certain :3

jackdoe3879d ago

So the PS3 is still an afterthought to IW huh? Whatever. I'm not buying the mappack either way.