5 things about the PS4 that everyone should be excited about

Today, the Order A Game Blog Discusses 5 cool features about the PS4 that everyone should look forward to and why the PS4 will outsell the Xbox One.

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Need4Game1706d ago

Its easier to play games & make games for PS4 !

Fireseed1704d ago

Both are extremely easy unless you're using some proprietary tech.

andibandit1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

how is that not covered by the first point

"Great Hardware Design & Developer Friendly Architecture"

KingDon1706d ago

Easier than it was on the PS3

RobbyGrob1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

For which you receive games and rebates that outweigh the costs multiple times. If Microsoft can get away with it without giving you anything else but multi-player capabilities than Sony can certainly get away with it.

jeffgoldwin1704d ago

2 wrongs=1 right. They cancel each other out!

ravinash1704d ago

1 wrong + Bioshock2 + Battlefield + Demon souls + hitman + Xcom + many many more = oh so right!

Isis061703d ago

I want to choose my own games, I don't have time for all of those.
And Sony will get a way with it for sure but they won't get my money, I'll buy a new(used) CPU and a GPU for my PC and stick to my PS3.

skydragoonity1704d ago

I don't need any article to tell me why i need a ps4. Every true gamer will get a ps4 simple as that.

LoveOfTheGame1704d ago

And what, dare I ask, makes a true gamer?

Miraak82 1704d ago

you know, i never really gave it too much thought or consideration till now but remote play would seem really cool with vita seeing how anywhere I go where I live I can find like 5 WiFi hotspots nowadays . I tried doing it whit ps3 and psp forever go when it first came out and i was honestly underwhelmed at the time but now with time and advancement in tech it can really work wonders I believe

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The story is too old to be commented.