From Elika To Ellie: Comparing Prince Of Persia And The Last Of Us

Game Informer - I’ve made it clear that I am a big fan of the 2008 Prince of Persia. It’s a fantastically underrated game, so ahead of its time that I think some people maybe weren’t ready for it, or just didn’t get it. Or, they didn’t like it, which is fine, too.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1797d ago

good article,i originally thought i was the only one that compared the prince of persia 2008 game and the last of us, and i agree with most of the points,both were pretty risky games,that could have either failed or succeeded at trying to tell their story,and personally i think they both have,is a shame for pop08 that well never get a sequel to continue the story,i dont know why ubisoft wont finish it.

TheAmericnDream1797d ago

I would love a PoP 2008 sequel :(

pr0t0typeknuckles1797d ago

alot of people do,but i highly doubt there ever will be a sequel,ubiosft just seems to not care,they released the forgotten sands,which wasnt really good,now their making a corny mobile game,they continue to milk AC,heck the next AC may be set in india,which has a similar design to prince of persia games,basically ubisoft is trying to kill pop

nirwanda1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Me too, the ending was amazing, the best ending to any game I have experienced.