Microsoft looking into inappropriate Xbox 360 dashboard ads in light of creepy Evil Dead ad

On Reddit, a parent complained that a creepy Evil Dead ad, which managed to scare his/her daughter, appeared on Xbox 360′s “Home” screen despite the console’s family settings being turned on. In response to this, Xbox Live’s director of programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb said that the ad team is now looking into it.

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neoMAXMLC1490d ago

Here's an idea:


Snookies121490d ago

Especially when you're a paying customer signed up for Gold service... There should be NO ads whatsoever in that case. Ads are there to make money, so essentially they're making double profit by plaguing ads on the system as well as taking Gold fees.

It's a shame too, I loved my 360 back in the day... Microsoft just made a lot of bad choices in the last few years.

DarkBlood1490d ago

does the ads even work, i mean i dont even go to them or get anything from it so are they even making money in the first place?

zerocrossing1490d ago

This is what gets me with Xbox Live, if they're going to throw ads at us anyway then why make us pay? one or the other please.

sentury1111489d ago

Does PS plus still have ads if you are a subscriber?

I personally find there ads more distracting because they are constantly moving compared to the one small ad on the Xbox in the lower right corner.

MysticStrummer1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

"does the ads even work, i mean i dont even go to them or get anything from it so are they even making money in the first place?"

They must work well enough or companies wouldn't bother with them. I'm with you though, ads don't make me want a product. If anything they make me avoid spending money on whatever it is.

@dedicated - Definitely true.

dedicatedtogamers1489d ago

What people fail to understand is that Microsoft makes far, far, FAR more money per person from ads than they do from that person's Xbox Live subscription.

coolbeans1489d ago

"Especially when you're a paying customer signed up for Gold service... There should be NO ads whatsoever in that case."

We still act as if having a subscription saves us from seeing any ads? I certainly don't like ads, just pointing out how that rationality fails if you've ever subscribed to a newspaper or magazine.

Snookies121489d ago

@coolbeans - I get what you're saying, and I do realize some paid things do have ads. That's not what bothers me. It's when competitors in the same field give you the same services without any ads. That's when I have a problem with it.

kreate1489d ago

I think we should all complain to Microsoft.

Maybe they'll hear us out.

andrewsqual1489d ago

@sentury111 Lol what ads? No forced ads on Playstation devices with or without PAID membership to ANYTHING.

sentury1111489d ago

@andrewsqual then what's the thing on the PS when you start it up. When I turn mine on I see a ribbon of ads for games, movies and TV.

Not to mention the most distracting one, the ticker in the upper right corner scrolling no matter what page you turn to on the XMB.

Those aren't ads?

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1489d ago

I'll remember this post from Snookies12 when the PS4 dash has ads on it, while you guys are paying for PSN+

darthv721489d ago

For the most part, the ads are generally for things that are available through the live service. so in this example of the evil dead movie, they are promoting it on the home screen as being available to watch from the movie marketplace.

some ads are just oddball ones that have the potential to reward the viewer. Like the jack links ones or the current one for speedstick (i think it was) where you earn Ms points for watching/playing.

There is a difference between intrusive ads (ones you have to watch) and user initiated ads (ones you have to select to interact with). for the most part the ads on live are user initiated ones.

We can all agree that we hate ads but i dont mind them if they offer something in return or help to promote something I wouldnt have gone searching for elsewhere in the live marketplace.

dlocsta1489d ago

I have to ask, do you have a Hulu subscription or complain about Hulu? I ask because it is the same service as NetFlix but requires that you watch COMMERCIALS even though you are paying for the service. If this is not a huge problem for you then how would Microsoft's situagtion be any different? Just so you know I do have a gold membership but dropped Hulu for this very reason. I can move right by MS adds but I cannot skip a Hulu commercial.

plaZeHD1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

To be honest, it isn't annoying at all. The ads don't even pop up, you have to open them in order to watch. People are making a big deal out of it, even though they shouldn't. It didn't change a damn.

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NegativeCreepWA1489d ago

Not that I like the ads, but when you pay for cable you still get adds.

Baka-akaB1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Cable's tv ads actually pay for content we may or may not like .

What content do you even receive from XBL that requires ads benefits ? Free services that are free elsewhere , and services with subcriptions also available everywhere else ?

Seems to me that's just more money funneled into a juggernaut that doesnt exactly reinvest a lot in terms of content for the console . At least lately

HarryMasonHerpderp1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

This a videogame console though, not a cable box so you shouldn't have to put up with all of these ads. If you want a cable box make sure to pre-order the Xbox One though. I'm joking I'm joking!

scotchmouth1489d ago

Originally cable was meant to be ad free which was why you were paying for it. It ended up going down a different path than originally intended

s8anicslayer1489d ago

Funny thing is when you normally pay for a service the incentive usually is to pay the premium to go ad free. Microsoft should clean up the dashboard from all those ads and only to hear that they want to implement more ads with the xbox one is even more discerning.

JunioRS1011489d ago

They managed to scare off gamers, but that wasn't enough to satisfy their thirst for blood.

Now they're even trying to scare small children.

That's what the article's about. About scaring children under the age of 5.

Blaze9291489d ago

you all are talking as if Ads completely run the Xbox 360 dashboard when clearly you see, there's usually only 1-2 per section in a small box.

From Major:

"”If the slot is an ‘Advertisement’ (paid placement) then it is labeled as such. All other spots are for marketing/merchandising other store content"

This Evil Dead spot was not an "advertisement", it was Marketplace promotion. So when you say "GET RID OF ADS" - you really, didn't change a damn thing. But you wouldn't know that...

NeoTribe1489d ago

A market promotion is just another word for advertising... there promoting something not even related to wtf your doing. Quit being stupid plz.

neoMAXMLC1489d ago

Nah, I wouldn't. Sold my 360 due to the lack of games, paid online service and that cumbersome dashboard.

1 or 2 PER section is actually pretty ridiculous.

dale_denton1489d ago

thank god i don't pay for live.. ads can kiss my _ _ _ sony ftw

mewhy321489d ago

Getting rid of ads is a wonderful idea!! i mean you're already paying for xbox live and that's not enough for micro$oft. They want more and more so they sell advertising space on live. I think that if I'm paying then I shouldn't have to watch the stupid ads!!!!

XboxFun1489d ago

The ADS are promoting services that are actually on XBOX.

If you knew anything at all you would know this.

neoMAXMLC1488d ago

Oh, so I can save 10 minutes by switching to GEICO on the Xbox 360?

If I didn't already own an Xbox 360 before and if you weren't such an obvious Xbox apologist, I would believe you a little more easily.

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Jagsrock1490d ago

cut it! cut it! Cut those ads!