Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag Preview | Ghost Volta

Molly of Ghost Volta: "Ubisoft showed us an exclusive demo of the open world found in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag’s single player followed by a playable demo of the multiplayer on the Playstation 4 at San Diego Comic Con. The demo started in a fisherman village located in the Caribbean. Edward was still an ‘assassin’ in training’ at that point in the demo, so that leads us to believe that the same groundwork of learning how to be an assassin will be evident in the game. We found our way to the trusty pigeon coop to get an assassination contract and away we went. The developers showed us the game’s map and holy smokes is this game going to be huge."

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Lwhit61823d ago

I'm speechless from that gameplay. This game looks gorgeous and it looks highly addictive.

MollyPopGirl1823d ago

Admittedly, it was incredibly impressive. Very beautiful.

Lawndart19811823d ago

Since E3 I've gotten more and more interested in this release. It'll probably be the first AC title I buy

Talamak1823d ago

This will definitely be the first AC I play as well...the demo was impressive