Ouya game developers sound off on disappointing sales numbers

The Ouya has been on shelves for nearly a month now, and developers have had a chance to gauge initial sales numbers of their games. Gamasutra polled several developers on their earnings so far, and a handful obliged with straight sales numbers. Adam Spragg, creator of Hidden in Plain Sight – one of our favorite Ouya launch games – has brought in $4,381 on 1,900 purchases sold at a pay-what-you-want price (minimum $1). The port of Foddy's Get On Top has earned $728 off of 9,700 downloads and 520 purchases.

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Cmk01211797d ago

Did they expect better for a clumsy cheap console amidst the consoles already in the maker. Ps2 is better than the ouya minus hd and priced equally.

zerocrossing1797d ago

They thought mobile gamers would go for it based on the positive response the console was getting, but honestly I don't think mobile gamers are the kind of people who'd really want to play a home console.

Ju1797d ago

What positive response? You mean the "filtered-through-media&q uot; positive response? IMO it was pretty obvious this thing won't fly.

nix1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

the questions were probably like this:

Do you like Angry Birds?


Would you love it if you could play Angry Birds on your TV?

Hellll... yeah!


and here we are.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr31796d ago

They should be targeting luxury resorts. Actually all game hardware companies should probably look into that.

3-4-51797d ago

If they expected people to buy this they are not as smart as they think they are.

cleft51797d ago

What did they expect? $100 for a crap console is still $100 too much. Be glad the console even came to market at all.

zerocrossing1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

Is this really all that surprising? expecting a home console that exclusive plays games designed for a mobile phone to be popular was kind of asking a bit much IMO.

Mobile gamers are a different breed from console gamers, they want a quick pick up and play option that they can work around their busy schedule, the Ouya is a neat idea but possibly a little ahead of it's time.

ziggurcat1797d ago

those numbers will drop when hackers figure out a way to download paid content off of the store for free.

Bhuahahaha1797d ago

who would play mobile game at a console in home?

i would rather play a real console device (ps3/360/wii)
at home

brewin1797d ago

The OUYA seems like a decent idea, but I think for Android to really blossom and be taken seriously as a gaming platform, it should be available on current home consoles. What is stopping them from striking a deal with Nintendo to bring the Android game marketplace to the Wii U? Users would have the touch interface for all the games because of the Wii U gamepad and people who prefer physical controls would get their wish too. It would also solve Wii U's game drought. Since Square isnt releasing those sweet updated versions of FF games on home consoles, this would make sense in so many ways. Mobile games are becoming more and more popular, but to be embraced as a real, viable option for home use, it should be adopted to the current consoles already in the market.

porkChop1797d ago

The Wii U gamepad uses a single touch resistive screen. It wouldn't be able to work with most mobile games for that reason. Your idea would be possible, and would also make more sense, on the Vita.

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