Ubisoft Singapore's Hugues Ricour on Assassin's Creed IV's naval battles, stealth and assassinating

Stevivor - "According to Hugues Ricour, Senior Producer at Ubisoft Singapore, the Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag development team is listening closely to what fans want in the newest iteration of the popular series.

"'Following Assassin's Creed III, we got tons of feedback from our fans,” Ricour said. “We have tools to track what people are doing; what they like, and what they did, and we’ve taken all of that into account to shape the next iteration of the game as much as possible.'"

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0pie1851d ago

what? they still say its a stealth game? Assassin creed has nothing of a stealth game god dammit!! You cant even crouch... if its a stealth game, bravo ubisoft, you just created the worst stealth game ever with the worst stealth mechanic ever.

1851d ago
JunioRS1011851d ago

The AC series is a staple no doubt, but I wish they would take a year or two off so that they can really "wow" us with something new.