NerdKO Episode 9: Microsoft's reversal, Good Video Game Movies, Last of us thoughts

In this episode of NerdKO, Josh and Muzz talk about the big Microsoft reversal on used game, DRM, and online connectivity policies. They talk about some of the bigger questions in everyone’s minds. Among them, Is a reversal enough to repair the damage already done to the reputation of the Xbox brand?
Then for a change of pace and little bit of fun, they talk about good video game movies. Of course, good is a relative term and on the subject of video game movies, calling them “Good” is giving credit where none may be deserved! Lets just sat that they aren't as bad as all the others.
Lastly, Josh Gives his first impressions of The Last of us. and the crew lightly touches on the Ellen page/Last of us controversy with their own brand of humor.

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