Final Fantasy VII Web Series Goes to Kickstarter

It started with a proof of concept trailer a year ago, now the group is tackling a full-blown web series to relive Final Fantasy 7.

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Lucreto1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

Wow looks interesting but I expect the Square Enix lawyers have already mobilised.

Here is the proof of concept trailer from 2012.

I would back it but SE won't let it happen. If it had an official nod I would back it now.

MirandaCB1768d ago

That's true, though if they've gotten this far, they've probably gotten in contact with Square Enix to cover some bases. I hope they get the chance to do it nonetheless.

Shad0wRunner1768d ago

I'd like to see this happen...and if it did I would watch it and back it. Im waiting for one more really good FF7 project, whether it be a game, reboot, movie, cartoon, whatever. And when its finally done and over, I want people to give a standing O applause, appreciate it for what it is, and move on.

FF7 was a great game, but if SE has absolutely no interest in pursuing a reboot, sequel, spin-off or any kind of continuation of the game...then people need to let it go and enjoy the other FF games.

MonChiChi1768d ago

FF7 remake is SE's trump card.

Chrono1768d ago (Edited 1768d ago )

I think Square Enix won't let them. It's a commercial use of their intellectual property.

jimmywolf1768d ago

was slightly interested in tll i read " unofficial " so don't mater even if it gets funded, if SE want sue, shut them down, etc, etc your out your $$$ an the project stops.

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