SDCC 2013: Hands On Preview of Yoshi’s New Island writes "At San Diego Comic Con 2013, Nintendo showed off an impressive demo of Yoshi’s New Island. Yoshi’s New Island is the 3rd installment of the Yoshi’s Island series. In Yoshi and Baby Mario’s latest adventure the objective is similar to the pervious installments of the series but new and improved. We were able to get our hands on World 1, levels 1-3."

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TheSuperior 1766d ago

The original Yoshis Island was one of my favorites.

Link2DaFutcha1766d ago

Seriously, I'm getting my WiiU the day this comes out, Yoshi's Island was one of the best

evilkillerk1766d ago

I like the yoshi from the computer mario

josegallardo891766d ago

Any mention of multiplayer of any kind? I've grown acustomed to multiplayer games, and I probably won't get it unless it does, considering I'm on a budget :P