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Majin-vegeta1526d ago

Just saw this.Looks interesting.

iamnsuperman1526d ago

At least you seemed interested. I have no clue what I just watched. Seems a bit random

fenome1526d ago

Looks like some kinda tag-team battle or something, kinda like tekken tag tournament..

pedrof931526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Mother of god.

Can't... express... my...

Its not a new GOW for Ps4. Don't tease me like that.

zeee1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

If this is another GOW game then I don't know about you guys but I am sick of GOD OF WAR now. Seriously!? Is Sony trying to pull a Nintendo (Mario etc) or MS (Halo, Forza, Gears)?

Yes, GOD OF WAR 3 was awesome but they should have stopped there and they should give it a good 3-4 years of pure rest and come back with a bang!

EDIT: It looks like a DLC so I guess that's OK. Still, I really want to see Santa Monica and Guerilla come up with some brand new IPs!

FATAL1TY1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

God of war 4 PS4

Please Sony!!



Exactly, GOW fan here, played 'em all, even played through GOW3 like 5 times, it was that good, but Ascension was just too soon and too similar, so I kind of lost interest in GOW for now... This franchise could use a hiatus and SSM could work on a new IP and it's sequel or 2 new IPs before going back to Kratos.

kreate1526d ago

Call of duty comes out every year.
2 new god of war games came out for ps3. How can u get sick of god of war?

I expect 2 more god of war for ps4.

And expect call of duty every year.

abzdine1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

God of War PS4 with Vita remote play. Now make it happen!!
That would kick ass so bad

@bishop-br: i can't really feel the GOW fan talking! Ascension was weak compared to the others, but still a great BTA if we compare it to Dante Inferno or other BTAs in the same category.
The reason why they made it like that is that Rasmussen's team moved to another unnanounced game and another team took over. Now that unnanounced game could definitely be GOW 4 on PS4 for 2014.

I have said it b4, 2014 is the year of the 4:
- PS4
- Uncharted 4
- GOW 4

GOW4 will really be huge on PS4 i have no doubt about that and the ending of GOW3 was kind of a new beginning.

mewhy321526d ago

I'd say that this is going to be a PS4 game. I can't wait to see the Santa Monica team turned loose with the power of the PS4 baby!!!

Jaces1526d ago


Right there with ya man. They're milking GoW like they do with every franchise it seems nowadays. I'm a huge fan of GoW, but come on guys, let's get to making something else for a bit. It's seriously hard to top GoWIII imo, so everything after is going to feel less epic.

strifeblade1525d ago

please not another god of war game i have been doing the same combos with the chains for the last 7 games. Please have mercy!

LonDonE1525d ago (Edited 1525d ago )

I LOVED GOD OF WAR 3, and the first 2 games, but ascension just felt like a filler for me, i think it would have been better to wait for god of war 4 on PS4 instead, and i hope finally they can give us a god of war game with all the usual beautiful graphics Santa Monica are known for, but this time with a free fully 3d and player controlled camera, i will admit although i feel Sony Santa Monica are some of the best camera programmers in the business, i still felt disappointed that a PS3 game had a fixed camera,which the player could not really move or change like other action games,yes i know it works well, but fixed camera angles are so PS2 era,and we should have gotten fully controllable camera's.

However since the games frame rate most times ran at a blistering speed while still looking awesome, i forgave it,that and the awesome dynamic camera programming, the swoops, the zooming in, and zooming out way far, made the game awesome.
And then we had the epic battles with the titans, how can you fault that??

One of reasons why i wasn't impressed with ascension was the drop to 30fps,and still no controllable camera, that was a let down,and the drop to 30fps from 45to60fps of the older games was not good, the control's for me instantly felt more sluggish, god of war 4 better be locked at 60fps!!!

I hope for god of war 4 on PS4 they finally give us fully 3d and fully controllable camera,i think i remember reading some where it was the most requested thing, and since Sony Santa Monica create some of the best art i have ever seen, to be able to see the art, and beautiful environments up close, and in full 3d,in all angles will be great, i see no reason why the new god of war in the future should have a fixed camera again, that would be super disappointing! lets hope!!!

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guitarded771526d ago

Looks like mp addition of some sort. Which is fine, but my mind automatically went to "GoW for PS4"... so it ends up being a letdown.

dcj05241526d ago

I want a god of war on vita. Thats it.

Skips1526d ago


Ascension would've actually fit the Vita better imo...

3 main games made for consoles and 3 prequel/spinoffs made for portables.

guitarded771526d ago

@ dcj0524

The HD collection is coming to Vita (it already has remote play with PS3 and Vita), and PS4 will have remote play with Vita for a PS4 installment. I know it's not exactly the same as a new Vita installment, but it's something. I want to see what GoW will be like on PS4 personally.

Mounce1526d ago

Is maybe something like.....a God of War + Mortal Kombat game?.... Not like Super Smash or All Stars but Tekken/MK.

Maybe :l

Blaze9291526d ago

another one? Really? I don't understand how after Ascension, any true God of War fan would want another...

Majin-vegeta1526d ago

Where the f*ck is everyone getting that this is a new GOW game??It's a freaking add on for Ascension.*Facepalm* to all the people who think it's a new GOW game -_-.

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fermcr1526d ago

God of War series were good games, but it's time for Santa Monica to move on. They should give this series a rest. I would like a new IP from Santa Monica.

andibandit1526d ago


ravinash1526d ago

I would like to see what else Santa Monica can do.

Pinkdolphinyfg1525d ago

Hopeing ready at dawn is making a vita gow. We could wait on a console gow for a couple of years.

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Skips1526d ago

Looks like more DLC...

GamerGuy1531526d ago

To me the video just looked like a tease of concept. Perhaps a coop single player as the two characters on the left worked together to take down the right? Should be interesting.

Sy_Wolf1526d ago

As much as I love God of War, which is at a level some have called unhealthy, I'm not sure I want another game any time soon. It's starting to feel kind of stale. Although it could just be that the combat in Ascension made me kind of mad.

king_george1526d ago

I gotta agree. I love the series and have played every entry but id rather see god of war go on a break. Then when SM feels truly ready... BAM! God of War 4 on the ps4 baby :)

HeavenlySnipes1526d ago

If you opened the link you'd see it was for a Mp extension to GOW Acension

TheFallenAngel1526d ago

The combat in ascension was awesome! It was better than any other gow. The story was lackluster in ascension.

PSVita1526d ago

What's starting to get stale? There's 3 main games and all are amazing.

Skips1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

Agreed, the main series of GOW are one of gaming's most epic masterpieces...

But Ascension should've been made on you IMO. Great game, 8 - 8.5 outta 10 for me...

But I think it would've been better received if it was made specially for you. Like the other two prequel/spin offs made for PSP...

Concertoine1526d ago

Yeah, 3 main games but also 3 prequels (the 2 on psp and ascension) and they all play the same.
I mean not exactly the same, playing god of war 1 is different than 3, but compared to the kind of evolution in devil may cry 1-4 where entire systems and new innovations came with each installment (except dmc 5) or even just other action titles like bayonetta the god of war games dont compare as well, and i think its because the gameplay is getting too samey.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1526d ago

God of war ps4 announcement :)

j-blaze1526d ago

no thanks
i prefer Sony to spend money on making AAA JRPG or survival horror by a Japanese dev for PS4, instead of wasting money on milking Killzone, GoW and their other overrated exclusives

thekhurg1526d ago

No thanks. Kratos is amazing. Let Japanese studios make JRPGs, let Santa Monica studios make what they're good at.

Eyeco1525d ago

You know you would have had a very valid and fair point, but the troll in you couldn't resist, I dismissed everything you said at this point.

"... wasting money on milking Killzone, GoW and their other overrated exclusives"

You blatantly tried to push buttons.

Skips1526d ago

Not sure why you're getting disagrees... lol Or why I got them.

They linked a vid to Ascension MP gameplay. -__-