Policenauts: Moving Beyond the Cradle An Interview with Artemio Urbina

8bitfix writes:
A few months ago, I spoke about the Policenauts translation patch going live in late 2009. While I feel that piece articulates my own appreciation of the game, it certainly could neither convey nor stress enough how big a deal this project has actually meant to the gaming community at large. Today…to drive my point home, I went out to meet Artemio Urbina, one of three key members of the Policenauts translation team at We talked at length about being in the throes of that chaos, its homebrew hurdles, and tips on how to become game coding deities. My endless thanks to Artemio Urbina, Michael Sawyer and Marc Laidlaw for translating Hideo Kojima’s lost art-house print.

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ifritAlkhemyst1793d ago

Is that THE Marc Laidlaw, of Valve fame?

thisheat11793d ago

No...Pics are hard to come by of Marc, there were pics in Gamestm a few times. :)