Nintendo giving out eShop credit for those who stock up on Wii U funds

Nintendo wants Wii U owners to stock up on funds beforehand, and will be rewarding such users with a special offer.

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muffinbutton1797d ago

so basically your game will be 5 bucks off or if you want to buy two games its ten bucks.

deafdani1797d ago

Not exactly. It's not a discount, it's bonus credit which you can use on other content available on the eShop.

Either way, it's a nice incentive.

Xof1796d ago

I don't think it's a nice incentive at all. Nintendo has had a lot of very nice promotions in the past (like that SMT4 x FEA one that's still going on) but this sure as hell ain't one of 'em.

Basically, you have to add $100 to your eShop account to get $10 back.

That would be asking a lot if the WiiU eShop had the same amount of content as the PSN or even 3DS eShop... but it doesn't. That's a lot of money to add to an account for too little in return, especially considering there's so little that's actually worth buying.

RedHawkX1797d ago

meh since its download only its cheaper for nintendo and they dont have to give retailers a portion of the money and they dont have to make game case, cd and book for it. they basically giving you a small share of the extra profits they make from DD. i honestly dont think its a good deal for consumers as they dont have an account system and you will have to buy a external hardrive buying retail games on the eshop

exfatal1797d ago

wow.. seriously Nintendo is basically giving you money for putting money on your console.. yet still people complain.


what do you expect its N4G...

Kevlar0091797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

So Nintendo cuts out the middleman and I get "money" for buying stuff I was probably gonna buy anyway?

Seems like a good idea to me, seeing how both parties end up winning

1797d ago