BEYOND: Two Souls & Quirky QTE's

BEYOND: Two Souls has a great concept. The main character is a woman named Jodie, who is in control of Aiden, a mysterious force that has the power to physically act on humans, sometimes taking control of them. The execution, however, could use some work. When I played the exclusive San Diego Comic Con demo, I was intrigued but confused with just exactly how the gameplay works.

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thelaughingwiseman1640d ago

I think it is a very useful tactic to have in games such as these. Some times I get really stuck on what's going on story wise that I think actual game play is part of the cut scene. This happened to me in Heavy Rain and Uncharted 3. I totally forgot I was playing the game and the QTE's helped me get back into it really quick

vgcgames1640d ago

I agree, QTE's are very cool, Heavy Rain did a great job. Like Heavy Rain, I believe Beyond Two Souls will have a learning curve to it's controls.

kratos_TheGoat1640d ago

some qte is successful and some qte is not like re6

DigitalRaptor1640d ago (Edited 1640d ago )

Oh god, don't even start with RE6.

Such an awful game with shoehorned crap in there for the sake of mass appeal. Never has Jim Sterling written such a spot-on game analysis up until he wrote his The Last of Us review.