Is the Legend of Zelda Racist? Why Can't I Change My Skin Color in Animal Crossing?

In this episode of the Polygonal Slant show, I finish up my talk with Dr. Cicchirillo about Race in Games. We discuss topics from skin color in Animal crossing, how people of Asian descent reacted to playing Homefront, to cultural voyeurism in the Grand Theft Auto Series.

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Mr_Nuts1796d ago

Maybe that version of the human race in Animal Crossing are only white...basically what I'm trying to say it shouldn't be a massive issue

If they included skin color in the next game great but we shouldn't play on it. Hell it's made by Japanese developers, you can't really call them racist can you, not like the characters in AC are Japanese

matgrowcott1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

It's not so much that it's racist, it's just a massive oversight.

If I'm black, and the only way for me to make my character black, in a game that's literally about crafting a world in exactly the way I want it to be, is to sit out in the sun too long, there's something wrong.

-Mika-1796d ago

Animal crossing is a japanese developed game. Im guessing they honestly did not think about different skin colors since most people in japan are pale.

TongkatAli1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

They're either lazy or don't give a f, pick one. In a create a character you should always have different color skins. I don't give a f what the excuse is.

That disagree can say i'm saying its racist, but i know its not.

matgrowcott1796d ago

" Im guessing they honestly did not think about different skin colors since most people in japan are pale."

Most people in the world aren't. They're releasing worldwide. They have offices in countries around the world.

Not a single person said "Hey, how about some black characters?"


It's an oversight. It's an oversight they've been making since the series began. If you only just got angry, when someone actually told you that it a thing, YOU'RE the problem.

3-4-51796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

ahh so every game where you can't be multiple colors must be racist...

What dumb logic and a stupid video. Won't even click on it.

RedHawkX1796d ago

japan was on the nazis side in world war 2. they are not gonna get a pass for this. they need skin color option in this game. they better patch it in as dlc.

matgrowcott1796d ago

Japan were on their own side in World War 2. That's why their little portion of the war began two years before anybody else's.

DarkHeroZX1795d ago

Even Pokemon X and Y are trying to diversify a little. There is no excuse for a game like Animal crossing.

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ExCest1796d ago

Is the playable character even human? It's (his/her?) species is quite questionable.

Every other character is an animal so...

kingdip901796d ago

Personally I am visually white, my father is black and my mother is white. I say this so my comments are not interpreted as racist as I don't want to offend anyone.

Creating a videogame world thay may not be earth with no black people on it is not racist, black people may not exist their. If everyone were blue no one would bat an eye as that's just the color of that worlds people and its just not as varied as our world in that respect

I get that everyone wants to feel that their "race" is represented in game and they want a character they can identify with but some people create these imaginary world with very specific idea's about how their characters should look and to suggesting that someone is racist because of what they create without knowing the intentiom behind the idea's in a game is a little silly.

Now if nintendo said that link was always white because he is a hero and we all know the hero is white that would be an entirely different story but unless that day comes we can't begin to presume why nintendo made that choice.

I honestly don't think I ever saw a black hylian in any of the games... black people mayne but never with pointy ears ect

admiralvic1796d ago

Part of the problem with ALL of the sexist / racist /discrimination topics today, is the fact that they're usually founded by someone going into an experience looking for it.

One game I love to reference is The Saboteur, where you play as a drunk Irishman who does various missions for the French in exchange for liquor (even your main base was a strip club if I recall correctly). Now this could easily be an attack against Irish people if you WANT to look at it like that or you can look at him as a single drunk who just so happens to be Irish. That's how a lot of these things are founded and the irony is that these people only think in their bubble.

Nintendo is a Japanese company and in turn are not really applicable to what the US or EU considers politically correct (see Captain Rainbow...). Considering the Japanese are xenophobic people, it isn't uncommon to see why Nintendo (a very traditional Japanese company) would shy away from implementing these things. Not saying adding a skin tone would kill them (as it's fairly simple to add and would shut people up), but again, that doesn't show any respect to their culture, so why should they respect yours?

kingdip901796d ago

Yeah I agree with what your saying. Like I said in my original post we would only ever know if something in a game was racist is if we knew the developers intent with the game. If the devs intent was racist then its racist if not it isn't.

People will find racism everywhere if they look hard enough and if they are so insistant on believing they are percieved by anyone as less because of their race based on the race of the person accused of racisms race then that is racism (sorry if that was hard to follow :/)

I think people should see just one race, the human one :p but I can't control that

AWBrawler1796d ago

ummm Gannon is black.... no wait he isn't hylian tho. Gerudo

Dan_scruggs1796d ago (Edited 1796d ago )

In other news. Is Nathan Drake a racist for being white and killing lots and lots of non white people? Is Sony racist for casting a black man to voice Kratos then turning his skin white like Micheal Jackson? Probably. Parappa the Rapper seems pretty racist too. Why? Hell if I know. It's the internet I can write whatever I want. How many of the Wonderful 101 are not white? Answer. Not enough.

matgrowcott1796d ago

There's a big difference between the stuff you're saying and making it a requirement for people who want a black character to have to go sit in the sun until they "tan" enough.

Len1796d ago

My shirt is white.I must be racist.

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