More Information, Screenshots and a Gameplay Trailer for MIND≒0′s Battle System Has Been Revealed

Another update has been released for Acquire’s MIND≒0, which is coming for PS Vita on August 1st. Today’s update goes in depth about the battle system, topped off with a 12 minute gameplay video for MIND≒0, courtesy of 4gamer.

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CaptainSheep1698d ago

I'm actually really interested in this game. Is this getting localised? Looks great.

Dagobert1698d ago

I hoping it gets localized as well but I kind of doubt it will unless they feel that it can reach Persona's popularity and localize it.

jonatan2211698d ago

The guy with the gray hair looks like Gokudera from Reborn!

JetP06191698d ago

actually does, like an older gokudera.

user55757081698d ago

yet another title that won't leave japan. what a shame looks good too

jonboi241698d ago

Looks like old school first person Shin Megami titles. I get a Persona 1 vibe.

Whxian1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

yea looks like persona 1, or persona 3/4 just with exploration being first person rather than thirdperson.

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