Artdink is Developing Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z? Perhaps That's a Good Thing

KaboomShark writer Joshua Hugo writes - "Making the gaming news circles lately was the reveal that Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, a new fighting game of our dearly beloved DBZ franchise, would NOT be developed by the usual suspects of Spike (now Spike Chunsoft). Instead, the honor itself would be going to a company that many may not be very familiar with--Artdink. Spike has been the developer of many a Dragonball Z video game going all the way back to Budokai Tenkaichi to the recent Dragon Ball Z Kinect (which I probably shouldn't have mentioned because of its unholy nature). While it's quite sad to see a company that spent so long developing a popular fighting series go, this could be for the best if you think about it."

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Shadonic1765d ago

Really DBZ kinect could of been great they had a series that everyone loved and the premise of having the player reenact the characters moves and actually doing them in game going for them but that's all they went on and they just left everything else go off of the previous DBZ game for the controller with its all ready crappy gameplay. Literately I played both and the only difference between the 2 was multiplayer, story length, and that use use the kinect.

DBZ kinects failure rests on Spikes laziness and there pursuit to make money off of the name and not the game.

TongkatAli1765d ago

Motion controls are a joke. DBZ to me needs a fighting game like Blazeblue, 2D sprites and a story mode. I wanna see a DBZ game in Evo for once.

GenericNameHere1765d ago

I remember there being a 2D DBZ game. I had one for PS1 (DBZ 22 and 29 or something like that), there was one for the Gameboy Advance, and I remember playing one in the arcades. I thought they were pretty good, but you gotta add in flying. How is gameplay going to be affected by flying? Will it break the gameplay, or enhance it? Is there any benefit to fighting in the air instead of on the ground? Are you going to add in characters who can't fly, like Mr. Satan (Dragonal Budokai 3 i think), Chi-Chi (Super DBZ), etc?

Shadonic1765d ago

And that's your Opinion, Yes as we've seen with most of Kinect's games they have bombed but that doesn't mean that all and everything that even has a motion control component is and will be completely and utterly useless far far into the future or even today to just say that motion controls in general is a joke is a bit much.

I know I sound like some Kinect nut but if you really just open your eyes and do some research on what im actually saying you will see that im stating a something that actually has some truth to it.

In my comment I expressed my disappointment with DBZ kinect and the developers previous DBZ which again was controller only. Both of these were both badly received by fans ( not by many reviewers because apparently having bad gameplay and being different from the rest counts for everything).

Now I'm not sure if you played both are not but really DBZ kinect and DBZ ultimate tenkaichi are basically a carbon copy on the gameplay front just with different devices to control the character. This is not only lazy but it is unacceptable and lazy I mean how would you feel if you bought Blazeblue on a console and got it on a handheld only to see that developer just plastered the game on there with literally no hint of tuning or changes to accommodate for the handhelds controls.

I don't really care if you hate the device but really can you really just accept the crap that they pulled ? Not as a question of whether your for or against motion control or not but as a question of whether or not you believe that Spikes complete and utter laziness as a developer was OK or acceptable.

TongkatAli1765d ago

I agree with you, but so far its a joke. I'm oldschool, gamepad is gaming to me. Yes its my opinion, no shit. I never stated it as a official fact.

NovusTerminus1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

Its fine overall, Spike has had many chances to try, time for some new blood to give it a shot.

And Spike Chunsoft needs to hurry up with Zero Escapse Vol.3.

KingKelloggTheWH1765d ago

I miss the real Tenkaichi series.

Shadonic1765d ago

As do I I died a little inside after Ultimate Tenkaichi.

KingKelloggTheWH1765d ago

I died a lot inside with ultimate...

Williamson1765d ago

Ive been wanting a burst limit 2/ another budokai type game for so long now. Guess I'll be waiting even longer.