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Stephen of Greenlit Gaming writes: "Japanese RPGs have become quite the cliche in the last decade. From the spiky hair to the laughably haunted pasts and angsty demeanour, many of these motifs have been absolutely done to death. But even still, I go back and replay through the final fantasy series (anything below X, to be honest) because these games are still a hoot to play, even though you’re basically grinding your way through levels, not unlike an MMO. That kind of makes you think, ‘What’s so special about these turn based fights that makes me want to keep grinding my hours away?’ I honestly can’t tell you, but what I can say is that Cuve Games removed anything and everything in your way of hours of turn based combat with Quest Run."

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kalkano1825d ago

Sounds like an atrocious attempt to make a quick buck. No, thanks.