Don't Expect Anything New From the PS4 or Xbox One

Each new generation of games consoles brings with it new ideas and new innovations. For example, the original Playstation popularised the idea of disc-based games, and the Nintendo 64 which followed it not only introduced an analogue thumb-stick controls, but was also optimised for people with three hands. And of course in the last generation we saw the Wii introduce motion controls, and the subsequent scramble by Microsoft and Sony to half-heartedly match Nintendo's offering

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Kingthrash3601798d ago (Edited 1798d ago ) negative.
xbox t.v. bs is new
ps4 share button new
wiiu tablet conteoller new
lastly I just want new fun games.....not gimmicks.....the most significant things mentioned in article is n64 thumb stick and disc introduction. thos were game changers but motion controls 3d even voice commands are gimmiks no I dont want gimmicks I want great engaging games to satisfy my gaming needs. note on motion controls: it was a gimmick to me because I got tired of swinging the controller around like a light saber......loved zelda, hated swinging at air.

jujubee881798d ago

VITA/PS4 remote play is new. The previous remote play was okay, but the new console hardware and software is built from the ground up to support that for VITA.

(Just being a geek and butting in to your list!) :P

JokesOnYou1798d ago

"These commonalities are no bad thing as it means you can more quickly pick up a new game - so when you load up Far Cry 3 for the first time, you immediately know the gist of what you have to do because you've played Call of Duty. But if we added cameras into the mix - I wonder what this would add?"

"Perhaps we'd see gesture-based controls - maybe nodding your head up could bring up a HUD-type menu, maybe leaning a bit (whilst still sat on the sofa) will change the parallax and enable you to peer around corners or over cover, perhaps narrowing your eyes and holding the controller closer to your face could stabilise your aim? That sort of thing."

-He's sort of rambling, first he basically says all peripherals are gimmicks, then he thinks games would be better if devs know everybody has a camera, but because ps4 doesn't he's suggesting that nobody will making AAA game will take advantage of it, but he wants to see different gameplay mechanics(actually as long as he isn't expecting "spectactular" game changing stuff AAA devs are using Kinect)....but of course we won't see anything new according to him, as if this gen is already over.

nukeitall1798d ago (Edited 1798d ago )

I think Remote Play is stupid, because todays internet connection cannot support it well as internet upload speeds are atrocious for most broadband users. It's a gimmick for the vast majority unless you are limited to being on your own network, which completely negates remote play!

Essentially, it becomes a Wii U playing off screen with a little bit more lag to boot.

Why would you not play on your big screen when you are home? Hence the stupidness of it.

I personally think the only new arena with the way consoles are now, only Kinect is the wild card.

Wii motion control style has been well explored and it's limitation is blatant. It can only detect motion. The PS Move is practically identical with Wii Motion Plus.

Kinect on the other hand relies on voice and full body tracking, facial tracking and gestures. This is how you communicate with the world normally, albeit more crude with Kinect.

Pair Kinect One with Oculus Rift like device and virtual reality is achievable.

In the meanwhile, I think a interactive heavy story based game using Kinect One could be very compelling something along Milo interactivity and Bioshock world. Use the cloud for some crazy AI and you got my money!

user55757081798d ago


remote play is for parents who want to watch tv but their kids want to play games. it actually makes it so everyone gets their way and people can enjoy media and gaming at the same time.

kind of weird that microsoft doesn't have it though considering they advertise as an all in one media hub yet they're missing one of the best family oriented features

mcstorm1798d ago

@nukeitall I agree for me Kinect is the most interesting one out of the 3. I love the Wiiu but its not new as I've had a 3ds for years and its kind of the same things.

As for Kinect the devs are coming up with some interesting ways of tracking you like the KI devs have come out as said if you swap controller with someone else with an account it will automatically change the controller to fit there style of play.

For me all 3 have something to offer but at the moment its all about the Wiiu and Xbox one for me.

malokevi1797d ago

"kind of weird that microsoft doesn't have it though considering they advertise as an all in one media hub yet they're missing one of the best family oriented features "

Xbox One will have remote play on a second screen. It can be done from any Smartglass device... which is awesome.

All the new consoles can do it. Unless they are coming out with a PS4 app for tablet devices, your going to need a vita to do remote play on your PS4.

Makes sense if Sony is trying to spur sales of the Vita. But, in this case, MS definitely makes it easier.

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jammy_701798d ago

I can't see the step from this to next gen will be as big as last to this gen. Console gaming can only go so far...

Crazay1798d ago

I don't see the voice or motion control options as gimmicky. As long as the accuracy is there, I think that the more creative minds who make the money coming up with new ideas and concepts can bring us some pretty sweet game play additions.

jeffgoldwin1798d ago


You can share videos on xbox without a share button in the menu, so that's not really the end all be all (already that is semi-cool). As far as gimicks, Kinect is guility but so is the ps4 touchpad gimmick. Wifi direct is nice.

Can't just be a total fanboy here, gotta call em like you see em.

Hicken1798d ago

Are you saying YOU, personally, can't be a total fanboy here?

dcj05241798d ago

Extra controls/buttons is good. More pc games.

Kingthrash3601798d ago

jeff..look I just mentioned my positives and negatives. im far from a fan boy. I dont care about ANYTHING but great games.....thats all. I mentioned the positive for all systems including wiiu and the negative for all. BUT PLEASE UNDERSTAND that they are nothing but my opinion. if you don't agree then fine but just because you dont agree doesn't make me a fan boy.

Godmars2901798d ago

The Xbox TV BS is and has been done on the 360 and the PS3. Better on the PS3 in countries other than the US.

The PS4's share button adds nothing new to any actual game. As does - doesn't? - the WiiU's tablet other than an inventory or map screen removed from your TV.

If anything is really going to change then game development needs to step back from the gimmicks on controllers, the chase for realism and especially first person perspective. There needs to be AAA level arcade titles, but right now the only things which even comes close if Knack and Ratchet and Clank.

nukeitall1798d ago

Actually, if you want massive changes to experience then you have to look at Kinect full body motion control and devices like Oculus Rift. New ways to interact and be immersed.

Otherwise, you get just more pixels, more button hammering and maybe better story telling. That's it!

nirwanda1798d ago

The best new thing I see is persistent worlds like the division or all the various driving games or destiny.
Also dropping in and out with things like tablets too.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1798d ago

we have teh clouds baby true next gen 50 times the POWAH

madpuppy1798d ago

yeah! the power of the cloud here in Florida is really important, the sun can get really hot here so, clouds are a relief sometimes, and what we get back from the cloud...rain. good stuff.


cellfluid1798d ago

Your right.. Motion control was introduced with Nintendo as well but it was called the power glove!! Gimmicks.. Lolol

madpuppy1798d ago

This is mainly what I look for in a new console, more power to bring new or improved experiences that were not capable before. anything that is added to that formula is icing on the cake.

Rockstar_51798d ago Show
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1797d ago (Edited 1797d ago )

I expect new things from ps4 cuz sony has the devs..

Naughty Dog will blow most 1st party xbox devs away.


Halo can sell all it wants. I want ni no kuni 2 lol

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-EvoAnubis-1798d ago

I see what this guy is trying to say, but he's not thinking far enough ahead. The way we play games is changing; just not the way we thought it would be. People can say that motion gaming is the future all they want, but until I can step onto a holodeck and play Uncharted 3 as Nathan Drake myself, that just ain't happening.

This generation will be more about how we interact with games while we're not in front of our TVs at home. Ubisoft already has this one figured out; look at what they're doing with games like The Division and Watch_Dogs. Microsoft has their Smartglass as a base for it, and Sony has a app that interacts with the PS4 as well.

When more companies start thinking more along the lines of a persistent game world, we're going to start seeing some interesting things that yes, will change the way we play games.

PositiveEmotions1798d ago

Pshhh everything about those two consoles are new!!!

KwietStorm1798d ago

Expect nothing new. Got it. Because I get all my gaming news and insider opinions from Huffington Post.

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