6 Comics That Should Be Games That Aren't About Super-Heroes Or Zombies

Six comics that Will from VGU thinks deserve their own games. From the last man on Earth to the Devil himself, what series that aren't about super-heroes or zombies could make their way into the pixelated realm?

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zeroskie1734d ago

Aww man DMZ would make a great video game. Good list.

Transporter471734d ago

I would love a new Punisher game loved the PS2 one.

Rhaigun1734d ago

I agree with all of these besides Sandman. Not sure what you would do in that game. The world is interesting, for sure. I'm just not sure you could make it an engaging game.

I think some better franchises would be Hellblazer, Fables (which TellTale is doing), Mouse Guard, Thief of Thieves, Peter Panzerfaust, The Sixth Gun and Morning Glories.

crazysammy1734d ago

Stuff of Legend could be a sweet 4 player coop brawler type game!