Ten Reasons To Get Excited For Tales of Xillia

GameInformer: "Tales of Xillia's August 6 release date is on the horizon, so what better way to get excited than share what you can anticipate for the next entry."

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rextraordinaire1819d ago

To sum it up: It's a Tales game. :)

TwilightSparkle1819d ago

I only have one reason that its coming to north america

izumo_lee1819d ago

It's the first Tales game specifically made for a Playstation system since Abyss almost 8 years ago. For Tales fan on the Playstation it is a long time coming.

A shame it took 2 years for the game to get localized, hopefully with Graces F success & so far it looks like Xillia will be the same, it won't take that long to get games localized.

tiffac0081813d ago

I have never missed a Tales game that was localized and I am not about to start now, especially when Baba is working hard to get brand recognition.