Are Video Games Art? An Alternate Take

Yet the debate about video games as the artistic cousin of movies and such lives on. Recently, a satirical article "reported" quotes from film director Steven Spielberg about the subject. These quotes were best summed up as "games can't be art." Unsurprisingly, this article was taken literally by a lot of pissed off people. One part of me thinks some gamers overreact to suggestions that video games aren't art, but I also have to admit that satire like the aforementioned article is dumb in the first place.

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Number-Nine1703d ago

The game itself may be entertainment, but everything that makes a game is art.

jc485731703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

rarely do I hear people say "Game is design" nowadays.

Wni01703d ago

If the most important and influential artwork of all time is a commercial built toilet, (Duchamp.) Then I'm sure we can squeeze Videogames in there somewhere.

Inception1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

Yes, video game is art. Every dev used a lot of artist to draw characters, landscape, etc when making games. Even programmer this day called as an artist.

Btw, i loved Akiman's drawing for SF Alpha, II, & III. I really missed his artwork in SF IV that i think the artist, Daigo Ikeno, are too exagerated when drawing the characters. Hopefully Capcom hire Akiman back for SF V.

dcj05241703d ago

Look at journey. You'd have to be blind and deaf to say its not art. Its visually entertaing. Thevmusic is fantastic and the gameplay its self is a art. Even call of duty is art ( a really bad one) the music, the storytelling and the mindless shooting is all art.

Heie241702d ago

Red Dead Redemption Jose Gonzalez song in Mexico, one of the most achingly beautiful and artistic things ive ever seen or heard

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