Want to shoot Nazis' balls off? Play Sniper Elite V2

GamesRadar - Ever had one of those long days at the office (or school, or whatever), then you get home and just want to blow off some steam? Sure, some people like to hit the gym, eat a nice dinner, or just lounge in front of the boob-tube. But I guarantee you that nothing will lift your spirits more than firing a supersonic projectile through an X-rayed sack of nuts. Yup, like the title of this article suggests, shooting the gonads off a Nazi soldier is entirely possible in Sniper Elite V2, and that's by far the coolest thing you can do in the game. But enough about Nazis and balls; Sniper Elite V2 is totally a game that you should play.

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InMyOpinion1825d ago

Looking to pick this up. Loved the demo.

Mikeyy1825d ago

This is a very old repeat post. I know because this made me play the game way back when it first came out.

Its a mediocre game. The sniping is great but after the first few kills hordes of enemies charge you and you have to switch to your SMG and it just becomes a really bland shooter.

MajorLazer1825d ago

The title reminds me of Inglorious Basterds; 'Say goodnight to your Nazi balls'