Top 7... Most frighteningly overpowered weapons in multiplayer

GamesRadar - Transcending gaming history and the world, this is a tale of weapons, eternally overpowered. These are items that can change the entire course of a multiplayer game in a second, either by strategically altering the landscape of the match or by wreaking havoc throughout the digital arena. When playing these games, the items listed here should be desired--and feared--above all others.

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iamnsuperman1672d ago

The blue shell is probably overpowered but that is what makes it fun. Anyone in the race can ruin you win

JunioRS1011672d ago

The article list sucks. I'll give you a better list.

1) Halo 1 pistol
2) FAMAS in R6V 1&2
3) Sawed-off in Gears 3
4) M16 w/Red Dot/Stopping Power in COD4
5) Host shotgun in Gears 1
6) F2000 w/ Infrared Scope in BF3 (PRE-UPDATE)
7) Semiautomatic Pistol in Red Dead Redemption

minimur121672d ago

The Halo 1 pistol was tweaked by the boss just beforeitwas sent off for manufacturing, haha

What I mean is, after Halo was done and dusted - everything was finished - the boss decided to open thosse files up again and tweak the pistol just beforeit was sent off without anyone knowing xD


Reverent1672d ago (Edited 1672d ago )

Really? The best you can for Battlefield 3 is the F2000? How about the USAS-12 /frag rounds, the Mass underbarrel attachment on Assault Rifles, or the Stinger/Igla?

Come on, man.

Also, how about in MW2, the Tactical Knife+Commando+Lightweight (whatever that perk was called)+Care Package Glitch?

HeavenlySnipes1672d ago

The USAS+Frag rounds pre patch

Good Lord shit was unbearable

CaptainYesterday1672d ago

I love the Energy Sword from Halo I really need to go replay Halo 1 :)

ShabbaRanks1672d ago

You can't use it in Halo1 only in Halo2 & after...

Einhert1672d ago

ahhh the fated blue shell

used to drop back into second place when that bad boy was fired

Wni01672d ago

1. Marines - Starcraft 2
2. Shotgun - Medal of Honor: Heroes
3. Monkey - TimeSplitters 2, 3.

RDF1672d ago

Commando Pro....that one still gives me nightmares

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The story is too old to be commented.