What Does the Future Hold for HD Re-Releases on PS4?

The humble high-definition remaster proved a popular revenue stream for publishers on the PlayStation 3. Starting with the excellent God of War Collection, and spawning several retail compilations thereafter – including Tomb Raider, Metal Gear Solid, and more – the concept of refreshing previous generation favourites made plenty of sense for all of the parties involved.

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jc485731825d ago

they only make sense if they are HD collections of games we want to revisit, which they have done good so far. My only concern is that a few of them are done poorly.

Gamer19821825d ago

Well whats even better is not the HD remakes but perhaps the PC porting. They could port PC ports of say Borderlands 2 which would take them 2 months bringing great games like Crysis 3 and Borderlands 2 to next gen consoles early in its life cycle for next to no cash and making them look simply amazing with bigger maps for games like crysis and better graphics features.

3-4-51825d ago

Suikoden 1-5 HD re-release package containing all 5 games !

jc485731825d ago

unless Konami finds some way to convince people to buy, maybe.

DarkBlood1825d ago

i heard its an rpg so they got a sale from me if that happens lol

levian1825d ago

This makes me curious about the games that haven't been remade in HD yet. FF7-9, and FF12, KH2. Will they be remade for the PS3, or next gen? If its next gen, that means we will have our HD collection of older games spread between tow different consoles. Will they port the PS3 HD collections onto the PS4?

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Kingthrash3601825d ago

its a good point the article makes imo....but...I dont think they will die.....why you ask......the vita I say.
it would be a bold but imo great move to make hd remakes vita exclusive when tge ps4 becomes main only concern is the quality of these remakes....the jak and dax was a bad port....I love it because its jak and dax and you kind of get used to it but it deserved a better effort.....while remakes like ffx look to be great and im sure will be the port that shows how hd remakes should be done, time will tell if other devs follow suit.

LOGICWINS1825d ago

HD re releases would make more sense on the Vita, not the PS4.

starchild1824d ago

How can you do HD re-releases of PS3 games on a handheld that is weaker than the PS3?

XboxFun1825d ago

HD-collections, one of the biggest rip off this gen has seen.

fattyuk1825d ago

Probalay because the Xbox hasn't got any games that warrant a HD remake... unlike sonys first party games they do warrant it + Sony have the advantage of HD remakes for the vita.

Still need me some GTA HD'ness which is sure to happen one day as they spruced up the titles for tankers.

XboxFun1825d ago

Yes you are correct, Sony is more inclined to re-re-release games multiple times with minor graphic updates for people to purchase. They'll probably re-release them for gaikai also. Of course only if you have the PS+ membership.

I do agree with Master-H below...a Tenchu collection would be boss. I might consider getting that.

Williamson1825d ago

Not If people like me didnt get around to playing the games on the ps2. I never played gow 1&2, sly1-3, jak1-3, and ico then but I picked up the collections and got a lot value from those games.

BlaqMagiq241825d ago

So I'm guessing you're mad because they barely released any worthy titles from the original Xbox to remaster in HD aside from Halo 1 and Fable when it comes out.

XboxFun1825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

Yes, so mad, ARRRGH! Very Angry! ARRRGHH! HULK SHMASH!

Wait... no I'm not...why would I be mad at that? HD re-masters from both sides are a rip off, why would I accept one and slam the other you silly.

Sorry if I took the wind out of your comment by not being a fanboy.

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